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Anthony Hopkins
Signed Print 150:-
Billy Crystal
"Running Scared"
Signed Print 150:-
Block, Lawrence - Eight Million Ways to Die
Avon Books US 1993 PB 100:-)

A young prostitute who wanted to leave the business is found slain, driving New York private investigator and struggling alcoholic Matt Scudder to delve into the dirty secrets of her past and put his own future in jeopardy.

This copy has been signed by Lawrence Block.
Bravado Bravado - Bravado Bravado
(Hawk LP-2121 Swe-89 EX 275:-)

Anders Folke Rönnblom är en av pionjärerna när det gäller att kombinera visor och rock i Sverige. Under tidigt 70-tal tillhörde han de artister som ansågs mest lovande och intressanta för svensk rock. Rönnblom tillhörde aldrig den alternativa musikrörelsen, trots att han verkade under dess storhetstid och trots att många av hans texter präglades av samhällsengagemang.

"Bravado Bravado" från 1989 innehåller bl a en duett med Kajsa Grytt på "Vårregn".

Detta exemplar är signerat av Anders F Rönnblom på baksidan.
Dahlgren, Eva - En Blekt Blondins Ballader
(Sony/BMG 86971-235832 EU-07 175:-)

"En blekt blondins ballader" is a compilation album by Eva Dahlgren which contains her ballad hit songs between 1980-2005; this copy is signed on the front by Eva!
Dennis Franz
"NYPD Blue"
Signed Print 150:-
Dwight Yoakam
Signed Print 150:-
Entire Cast
Signed Print 175:-
Gary Oldman
"Immortal Beloved"
Signed Print 150:-
George Clooney & Nicole Kidman
"The Peacemaker"
Signed Print 175:-
Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious
(Burning Heart BHR-107-1 Swe-00 VG+ 275:-)

The Hives comes from the small industrial town of Fagersta, Sweden, where they were raised on a diet of Detroit's infamous rock insurrectionists -- MC5, the Stooges and snotty 1960s garage minimalists like the Pretty Things -- with a heavy dose of '80s New Wave archness.

"Veni Vidi Vicious" owes its very being to Detroit's punk genesis; they may be decades too late, but the Hives capture the zeal and fury perfectly!

Original Swedish pressing; signed by four of the members on the front.
Jack Nicholson
"Ride in the Whirlwind"
Signed Print 150:-
James Woods
"Best Seller"
Signed Print 150:-
John Travolta
Signed Photo 150:-
Juliette Lewis
Signed Photo 150:-
Kiss - Alive IV
(Sanctuary SANDL-195 EU-03 300:-)

In the Kiss universe, more is always, well, more. With this latest installment in the masked rock marauders' live franchise, they have gilded the already overweening lily even more by hiring the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony to accompany them on 10 tracks. Like those who have gone before them--from Deep Purple's coupling with the London Philharmonic Orchestra back in 1970 to Metallica's 1999 pairing with the San Francisco Symphony--Kiss's symphonic partners add a dimension and complexity hitherto absent from their hard-rock ethos.

Limited edition digipak with raised lettering and an exclusive poster. This copy has been signed by Gene Simmons on the inside!
Little Steven - Voice of America
(EMI America 1A-064-2401511 Hol-83 VG+ 275:-)

E-Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt left the band following the recording of "Born in the USA" to persue his own career. "Voice Of America" was his second album, after his prior release "Men Without Women", and he was again backed by the Disciples Of Soul. Van Zandt himself handled vocals and guitars, producing a straight-ahead rock record with punk underpinnings and strong percussive rhythms.

Original Dutch pressing. This copy has been signed by Steve van Zandt on the front cover and on the lyrics insert.
Lundell, Ulf - Slutna Rum 75/95
(EMI 24347-51662 Swe-95 225:-)

2CD collection, released along with "Öppna Landskap 75/95", which contained more well-knows songs. "Slutna Rum 75/95" contains more obscure tracks.

This copy has been signed on the booklet by Lundell!'
Mel Brooks & Anne Bancroft
Signed Photo 175:-
Morgan Freeman
"The Sum of All Fears"
Signed Print 150:-
Morse, Neal - One
(Inside Out 93723-01182 EU-04 175:-)

When Neal Morse described on his first album after leaving Spock's Beard his personal way towards Christian faith so he now deals on One the relationship between mankind and God. Packaged as a concept album with two central long tracks also One again offers prog à la Morse as you love it: intelligent songwriting combined with highly complex rhythm and classical compositional techniques such as the variation of leitmotifs and fugues. Guitars and keyboards were performed by the multi instrumentalist himself, on drums Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater / Transatlantic again provides the necessary heavyness.

This copy has been signed on the front by Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy!
Morse, Neal - Testimony
(Inside Out 93723-00502 EU-03 275:-)

Neal Morse is the former frontman of Spock's Beard, the California prog rock monolith. While not his first solo effort, TESTIMONY is easily his most compelling and provocative.

It is a concept album based around Morse's personal testimonial of his life before and after encountering his center, Jesus Christ. Before any of you reach for the mouse button to click off, it might be worth reading a little further to find out why this is musically one of the more engaging progressive rock records in particular and rock & roll albums in general this year. Morse's vision is still one that is sophisticated and sprawling. His attention to detail is even greater and he brings so many elements into his mix that it will make the punters' heads spin. Here, folk, prog, classical, and beautiful singing and arrangements entwine with a challenging, moving, and provocative story.

This copy has been signed on the front by Neal Morse!
Robin Williams
"The Fisher King"
Signed Print 150:-
Rönnblom, Anders F - Din Barndom skall aldrig Dö
(F-Records 350024-190496 Swe-08 275:-)

DIN BARNDOM SKALL ALDRIG DÖ är Anders F Rönnblom's debutalbum, utgivet 1971 på skivbolaget Decca. Albumet har fått bra kritik genom åren och innehåller kända låtar som "Din barndom skall aldrig dö", "Mamma hjälp mig" och "Har du sett min broder Josef".

Detta exemplar är signerat av Anders F Rönnblom!'
Sean Connery
"Five Days one Summer"
Signed Print 150:-
Sean Connery & Alec Baldwin
The Hunt for Red October
Signed Print 175:-
Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful how You Vote
(Airway AR-4279 US-83 EX 275:-)

Exhibiting truly amazing longevity that was commensurate with his powerful, imposing physical build, Albert Luandrew's status as a beloved Chicago piano patriarch endured long after most of his peers had perished.

This album contains a variety of recordings cut by Sunnyland Slim during 1949-83 on his private label Airway Records. As is typical of the pioneer Chicago bluesman, he allocated plenty of solo space to his sidemen (which include Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Taylor, Lurrie Bell or Magic Slim on guitar) although there was never any doubt about who was in control.

Original US pressing. This copy has been signed on the front by Sunnyland Slim!
Tommy Lee Jones
"Men in Black"
Signed Print 150:-
Uriah Heep - Travellers in Time
(Essential ESDCD-818
UK-99 300:-)

Spot-on in its selection and sound quality, this is desert-island Uriah Heep! This 2CD set is pure gold, drawing liberally from their best albums (SALISBURY, LOOK AT YOURSELF, DEMONS AND WIZARDS, and THE MAGICIAN's BIRTHDAY), while distilling the highlights from some of their less-inspired efforts. If, in listening to these discs, you think you've forgotten how good Heep was, you haven't.

2-CD Set in Slipcases with fold-out poster, which has been signed by Ken Hensley!
Vreeswijk, Cornelis - Ballader och Grimascher
(Metronome MLP-15213 Swe-65 EX 375:-)

Cornelis Vreeswijk var en nederländsk-svensk trubadur, kompositör, poet och skådespelare som har kommit att räknas som en av Sveriges största trubadurer tillsammans med Carl Michael Bellman och Evert Taube.

"Ballader och Grimascher" var Cornelis' andra LP och innehåller bl a "Sportiga Marie". "Lasse Liten Blues" och "Grimasch om Morgonen".'

Detta exemplar är signerat av Cornelis i röd tuschpenna på framsidan.