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Driftwood, Jimmie - Americana
(Bear Family BCD-15465 Ger-91 300:-)

Justly renowned as the writer of The Battle Of New Orleans, Jimmie Driftwood was a true maverick. He was an Arkansas schoolteacher who wrote songs to illustrate his classes. He had a sure grasp of history, a rough untutored voice, and he played homemade instruments. His 82 RCA recordings (complete here) are a storehouse of American history and folklore, set to some of the catchiest melodies around. In addition to the complete and uncensored 'Battle of New Orleans', there's such folk and country classics as 'Tennessee Stud', 'Arkansas Traveler', 'Sal's Got A Sugarlip', 'Billy Yank And Johnny Reb', 'I'm A poor Rebel Soldier', and 'First Covered Wagon'. If only all history was this enjoyable!
Locklin, Hank - Please Help Me I'm Falling
(Bear Family BCD-15730-DI Ger-95 500:-)

One of the biggest hitmakers of the 50s and 60s, and one of the most popular country artists overseas, this set includes all of Hank's RCA recordings from 1955 to mid-1964. Those were Hank's classic years, and the roll-call of hits is as impressive as any from that era'Geisha Girl', 'Send Me The Pillow You Dream On', 'It's A Little More Like Heaven' and 'Please Help Me, I'm Falling'. In addition to the hits, this 4-CD set includes the songs from the RCA Victor and RCA Camden albums: 'Foreign Love,' 'Please Help Me, I'm Falling,' 'Happy Journey,' 'The Ways Of Life,' 'Tribute To Roy Acuff,' 'Irish Songs - Country Style,' 'Three Country Gentlemen,' 'Hank Locklin,' 'This Song Is Just For You,' and 'My Kind Of Country Music'.