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Badfinger - No Dice
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-67563 Jap-05 225:-)

Discovered by Paul McCartney and signed to the Beatles' Apple Records, Badfinger was, for many fans, the next best thing to the Fab Four. But even if the band did start as a Beatles wannabe, it eventually forged a successful power-pop style of its own. No Dice, Badfinger's second album, exhibits a confident band with strong, melodic pop songs and a diminishing Beatles influence. Bandleader Pete Ham, with his distinctively tense vocals and guitar lines, carries the band through well-constructed melodies, well-conceived harmonies, and edgy instrumentals.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 5 Bonus Tracks
Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
(Universal UICY-76968 Jap-14 225:-)

Considering the quality of the original material on With the Beatles, it shouldn't have been a surprise that Lennon & McCartney decided to devote their third album to all-original material. Not only was the record the de facto soundtrack for their movie, not only was it filled with nothing but Lennon-McCartney originals, but it found the Beatles truly coming into their own as a band by performing a uniformly excellent set of songs.

SHM-CD VInyl Replica Paper Sleeve; First pressing, recognisable by its red front sticker.
Beatles - Beatles
(Apple 4968952 UK-98 275:-)

The Beatles at their late best! The WHITE ALBUM capped offed a period of intense creativity for the band, with a double set that's as freewheeling as anything they'd ever release. It's got raw rockers with wry lyricism, tender acoustic balladry, psych blues jams and some flat out weird bits.

Special Limited 30th Anniversary Edition 30-track 2-CD issue of the 1968 album in a mini LP-style top-opening numbered (#214238) and embossed gatefold card wallet sleeve replicating the packaging of the original 1968 vinyl issue, complete with four colour postcards, fold-out lyric poster and black inners in custom printed clear plastic outer slipcase.
Beck - Sea Change
(Mobile Fidelity UDCD-780 US-09 200:-)

Though 1998's Mutations was the closest Beck had come at the time to conventional (read: non-ironic) troubadourisms, he quickly declared the album a detour and swiftly followed it up with the Prince-influenced about-face of Midnite Vultures. It comes as something of a surprise, then, that he should focus his subsequent efforts on an unprecedentedly earnest singer-songwriter album like Sea Change, which finds him purposefully peeling away his multiple levels of irony. Trumpetedin the press as a post-breakup album, Sea Change has been called Beck's Blood on the Tracks, and it's true that he'd never been anywhere near this emotionally naked before.

Original Master Recording; 24K Gold Disc
Beck, Jeff - Jeff Beck Group
(Sony MHCP-584 Jap-05 175:-)

After a life-threatening car accident forced him to take an extended break, guitarist extraordinaire Jeff Beck re-emerged in 1971 with a new band, a new album (ROUGH AND READY), and an attempt to merge a soulful Memphis sound with hard rock.1972's JEFF BECK GROUP shows that Beck was already moving beyond his soul-rock hybrid and sowing the seeds for his exceptional mid-'70s jazz/rock fusion work.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Björk - Homogenic
(Universal UICY-93444 Jap-08 250:-)

By the late '90s, Björk's playful, unique world view and singular voice became as confining as they were defining. With its surprising starkness and darkness, 1997's Homogenic shatters her "Icelandic pixie" image. Possibly inspired by her failed relationship with drum'n'bass kingpin Goldie, Björk sheds her more precious aspects, displaying more emotional depth than even her best previous work indicated. Her collaborators — LFO's Mark Bell, Mark "Spike" Stent, and Post contributor Howie B — help make this album not only her emotionally best work, but her most sonically adventurous as well.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve featuring the high-quality SHM-CD format.
Black Sabbath - Complete Ozzy Years
(Sanctuary 5329697 EU-10 2500:-)

Complete albums set in exclusive vinyl replica sleeves with booklets, housed in Cross Box with Lid Cover.

Contains a complete 100 page Ozzy Years Discography Booklet “The illustrated Black Sabbath Vinyl Collector's Guide & Selected Discography 1970 – 1978” featuring rare covers from throughout the world.

3 Exclusive Radio Documentaries

Guitar Pick Set and Poster
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
(Strange Days POCE-9111 Jap-08 225:-)

From the grinding riff of the opening title track, this album showed that despite the band pushing back musical boundaries, Black Sabbath had lost none of their aggression. `A National Acrobat' and `Sabbra Cadabra' (the latter, which featured Yes keyboard player Rick Wakeman) were equally heavy, imposing tracks, whilst `Killing Yourself To Live' and the sci-fi themed `Spiral Architect' rate as some of the band's best tracks. And even if the excellent title track was curiously rarely featured in the band's live set at the time, the gentle acoustic guitar work of `Fluff' can still be heard as fans file out of Black Sabbath gigs the world over. Little wonder some claim "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" is the greatest album that the `classic' line-up recorded. This is an album that oozes class from start to finish.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Blues Creation - same
(Hagakure ISCP-1150 Jap-03 225:-)

Even by the flash-in-the-pan standards of Japan's turbulent late-‘60s/early-70s post-Group Sounds psychedelic rock scene, Blues Creation seemed to come out of nowhere and head right back there again faster than most anyone else. Like many of its contemporaries, Blues Creation was launched by a budding Japanese guitar hero whose mind had been effectively blown by the deafeningly heavy sounds of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath -- this being Kazuo Takeda, who had actually already spent some time playing in Europe and America, and was therefore a first-hand witness to the sonic events that spawned heavy metal's birth. But before going down that road, Takeda and his chosen bandmates recorded an eponymous 1969 debut filled with heavy-handed blues covers, as befit their chosen moniker.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Boston - Love, Life & Hope
(Avalon MICP-30055 Jap-13 250:-)

Thanks to the meticulous approach Tom Scholz takes when recording Boston albums, every album since their second one, 1978's DON'T LOOK BACK, has taken nearly a decade to see the light of day. It's no different with 2013's LIFE LOVE & HOPE, which follows cold on the heels of 2002's CORPORATE AMERICA.

Using a crew of vocalists including longtime collaborator Brad Delp (who tragically committed suicide in 2007) and cleanly processed layers of guitars, keys, and drums much the same way he always has, a majority of the album plays like vintage Boston -- especially the tracks that feature Delp, like the aching love song "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love," which borrows heavily from "More Than a Feeling".

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with a fold out 2014 calendar poster and 1 Bonus Track.
Bowie, David - Aladdin Sane
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-70145 Jap-07 200:-)

Stepping out of the Ziggy Stardust shadow (Bowie would announce his temporary retirement from the stage later that year), ALADDIN SANE was the aftermath of Ziggy's visit, a brutal memoir of the drugs, sex and glamour that a young starlet could find at the time. "Forget that I'm 50/'Cause you just got paid," Bowie croons, adopting the persona of a "Cracked Actor," and one wonders how far stardom had pushed Bowie. Was he indeed a lad insane?

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Bowie, David - David Bowie
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-70141 Jap-07 200:-)

An amazing departure for David Bowie – hardly the kind of record you would expect from his oboe-filled tunes of a few years before – and really the start of the groundbreaking, earthshaking, reinventionist era of his genius!

There's a spacious, soaring quality here that's every bit the kind of magical music you might hope for in a set recorded at the close of the 60s – a shift into new modes, new sounds that seem to suck up all the best influences in rock from the previous few years, but fuse it into a new cosmic vision for the next decade. And while others might stumble on cliche with the weight of such a task, Bowie pulls it off brilliantly – mixing his fuzzier feelings with some of his more personal leanings – and showcasing a newly deep sense of songwriting here that's really amazing. Some tunes have the sensitivity of work on HUNKY DORY, while others burn with the fire of MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD – all in a balance that never sounds schizophrenic at all.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs
(RCA Victor PCD1-0576 US/Jap-84 500:-)

David Bowie at his most sinister for the 70s – in a style that features some of the darkest, most political work of his career! There's a sonic complexity that's wonderful – as songs slide into each other with a deftness that never fails to amaze!

This US/Japan release of "Diamond Dogs" uses a different master to the German edition. Probably the better of the two RCA pressings, this edition also "wins" by having separate track IDs for the "Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)" section and "Big Brother/Chant of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family" (these are programmed together on the German edition).
Bowie, David - Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-70144 Jap-07 200:-)

Arguably one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time – and the key flowering of the partnership between David Bowie and Mick Ronson! The guitars here are heavy – so much so that the record's always crossed over big with crowds who are always suspicious of Bowie's artier work of the 70s – and represented a crucial moment when his groundbreaking music also found a large mainstream audience as well.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Brown & Piblikto, Pete - Thousands of a Raft
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-7698 Japan 1993 275:-)

This album was remembered as much for its cover as anything else — a picture of a model Titanic and a model Concorde sinking in a puddle, as rafts of toast ferry thousands of baked beans to the shore. Musically it was some good jazz-rock, with the emphasis not always on Brown's vocals and elliptical lyrics, as Jim Mullen's "Highland Song" offered an inventive, lengthy instrumental as the disc's centerpiece.

The title cut has a Pink Floyd edge, surprising given Brown's predilection for jazz and blues, but it works well in the context. Guitarist Mullen is co-writer throughout, while the rhythm section of Rob Tait and Steve Glover swing rather than plod. "Station Song Platform Two" employs Mellotron to full prog rock effect, while "Got a Letter from a Computer" seems eerily ahead of its time for the early '70s. This was the last gasp of this incarnation of Piblokto!, but there's no doubt they went out on a high note.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Buggles - Age of Plastic
(Universal UICY-9181 Japan 2001 200:-)

The fun, quirky single "Video Killed the Radio Star" garnered The Buggles international attention in 1980, but it was just one of The Age of Plastic's fascinating, futuristic visions. From the title track's opening strains, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes transform your living room into a world of Jetson-like proportions. It's a world, though, where technology is seen for what it is — full of both promise and frightening implications.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 3 Bonus Tracks.
Byrds - Byrds
(CBS 467611-2 EU-90 175:-)

When this 4-CD box set was first released in 1990, it was something of a landmark in Columbia Records' history on several counts. For starters, it was a long-overdue declaration of the Byrds importance in music history, in addition to being the first good-sounding CD incarnation of their work ever to come from Columbia.

For five years or more prior to that, listeners had been forced to endure poorly mastered, inadequate CDs of their work. It took this project, plus the work of a lot of people behind the scenes and an unending stream of complaints from consumers, to get the label to find the right source tapes and then treat them right in digitizing them.