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Eagles - Live
(Wing WPCR-11938/9 Jap-04 225:-)

Although Eagles Live includes four tracks recorded in the fall of 1976 (thus allowing for the inclusion of departed singer Randy Meisner on "Take It to the Limit"), the bulk of the album comes from the end of the Eagles' 1980 tour, just before they broke up, and it reflects their late concert repertoire, largely drawn from Hotel California and The Long Run.

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Earth and Fire - Song of Marching Children
(Universal UICY-9463 Jap-04 200:-)

Earth and Fire are legends of the Dutch Rock scene, first making an impression with their debut single "Seasons" in 1969. They quickly established themselves as an international act thanks to the excellence of their material and the powerful vocals of Jenny Kaagman.

In 1971 the band released arguably their finest work, SONG OF THE MARCHING CHILDREN, a Mellotron soaked masterpiece that was a major selling album throughout Europe.

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Edmunds, Dave - Get It
(Warner WQCP-1107 Jap-11 175:-)

GET IT marks a significant departure from Dave Edmunds' early records, as it is the first time he's backed by a full band. Most of it was recorded with a fledgling version of Rockpile, with other sessionmen filling in when necessary, and the live band gives the album an energetic feel which Edmunds' had previously ignored.

Just as importantly, the song selection is more carefully considered than before, containing only a handful of classics and obscure rock & roll tunes, but concentrating on pub rock staples, and songs written or co-written by Nick Lowe, which gives the album a freshness lacking on his early records.

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