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Gabriel, Peter - Back to Front
(Real World EREDV1039 EU-14 500:-)

This spectacular live concert, filmed at London s O2 using the latest Ultra High Definition 4K technology, captures Peter Gabriel's celebration of the 25th anniversary of his landmark album "So".

To mark the event Gabriel reunited his original touring band from 1986/87 and for the very first time fans saw them play the multi-platinum selling album in its entirety. Whilst the core of the performance is the "So" album, there is so much more to the concert with unfinished, previously unreleased and re-imagined songs sitting effortlessly alongside classic hits reflecting what a multi-dimensional artist Peter Gabriel is. With innovative lighting and staging, "Back To Front" offers a visual and narrative feast that puts the viewer inside a concert like never before.

2-DVD + 2-CD set in a hardcover 12" x 12" booklet!
Galaxie 500 - On Fire
(Ryko VACK-1369 Jap-08 250:-)

Having already made a fine account of themselves on Today, the three members of Galaxie 500 got even better with On Fire, recording another lovely classic of late '80s rock. As with all the band's work, Kramer once again handles the production, the perfect person to bring out Galaxie 500's particular approach. The combination of his continued use of reverb and the sudden, dramatic shifts in the music — never exploding, just delivering enough of a change — makes for fine results. Consider "Snowstorm," with Damon Krukowski's soft-then-strong drums and Dean Wareham's liquid solo and how they're placed in the mix, leading without dominating. Naomi Yang's vocals became more prominent and her bass work more quietly narcotic than before, while Krukowski adds more heft to his playing without running roughshod over everything, even at the band's loudest. Wareham in contrast more or less continues along, his glazed, haunting voice simply a joy to hear, while adding subtle touches in the arrangements — acoustic guitar is often prominent — to contrast his beautifully frazzled soloing.

K2 Digital Mastering; Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Galaxie 500 - This is Our Music
(Ryko VACK-1370 Jap-08 250:-)

What turned out to be the final Galaxie 500 album was also arguably the band's most accomplished. Not that the earlier records lacked either charm or ability, but right from the charging, chugging start of "Fourth of July," the amazing single and leadoff song from This Is Our Music (even including a cheeky Velvet Underground reference from "Candy Says"), the trio here sounds like they could take on anyone. Kramer's production and the use of reverb from past releases all once again contribute to Galaxie 500's magic, while the individual members continue to sound fantastic.

K2 Digital Mastering; Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Gallagher & Lyle - Seeds
(Universal UICY-77745 Jap-16 225:-)

Gallagher & Lyle beef up their folk-based sound from previous albums on this recording produced by Glyn Johns. The duo adds several uptempo cuts in a more rock-oriented vein, using saxophone on the opening and most rock-oriented cut, "Country Morning."

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 1 Bonus Track
Game - It's Shocking what They call Us
(Dig The Fuzz DIGCD-02 UK-97 225:-)

The Game were a rock & roll unit formed out of the remnants of an earlier Surrey-based band, the Secrets, in which lead guitarist Terry Spencer and bassist Allen Janaway had previously played. Tony Bird, who was 14 at the time, played rhythm guitar. Their big problem was the fact that they went through several changes in sound -- the constant change of sound and image put the group into an impossible situation, what public they had developed being unable to keep up with these shifts. Their real sound featured flashy guitar with lots of power chords, strongly reminiscent of the Creation, best represented on their final single B-side, "Help Me Mummy's Gone," from 1967.
Garcia, Jerry - Cats under the Stars
(BMG/Arista BVCM-37146 Jap-01 200:-)

Jerry Garcia's fourth solo album was the first to be released under the collective title of the Jerry Garcia Band, although the change was primarily in name, as there was little alteration in the personnel between this disc and the non-Grateful Dead tracks from his previous studio effort, Reflections (1976). However, unlike his previous effort, Cats under the Stars contains all new original material..

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Garcia, Jerry - Run for the Roses
(BMG/Arista BVCM-37147 Jap-01 200:-)

Jerry Garcia's first solo album in over four years and the final studio release featuring the classic lineup of the Jerry Garcia Band, 1982's Run for the Roses was the initial indication that Garcia was struggling to find his way out of the drugs and depression that had left the Grateful Dead so inert for the preceding few years.The gently loping title track, a Robert Hunter lyric built on the interplay between Garcia's guitar and weary, bluesy vocals and Melvin Seals's soulful organ fills, is one of the highlights of Garcia's entire extracurricular musical career.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Geesin, Ron - A Raise of Eyebrows
(Strange Days POCE-1139 Jap-07 225:-)

Best known as the co-author of Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother”, this tape manipulator and multi-instrumentalist released his debut on the Transatlantic label in 1967. Geesin first collaborated with the Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (the two shared a love of golf) on 1969's Ummagumma ("Several Species...") and then recorded a whole album with him, 1970's unconventional film soundtrack Music from "The Body", sampling sounds made by the human body.

The contents of the tracks range from bizarre audio, to blistering freeform banjo, to traditional jazz arrangements, to odd spoken interludes.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Genesis - ...and then there were Three
(Virgin VJCP-68102 Jap-99 225:-)

"...and Then There Were Three", more than either of its immediate predecessors, feels like the beginning of the second phase of Genesis — in large part because the lineup had indeed dwindled down to Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins, a situation alluded to in the title. But it wasn't just a whittling of the lineup; the group's aesthetic was also shifting, moving away from the fantastical, literary landscapes that marked both the early Genesis LPs and the two transitional post-Gabriel outings, as the bandmembers turned their lyrical references to contemporary concerns and slowly worked pop into the mix, as heard on the closing "Follow You Follow Me," the band's first genuine pop hit.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Genesis - The Way we Walk: The Shorts
(Virgin VJCP-68110 Jap-99 225:-)

Instead of releasing the live document of the We can't Dance tour as a double CD, Genesis, or some clever record executive, decided to split the material into two separate releases. The first would focus on the group's pop singles, while the second would contain their longer, more progressive work. Done this way, it's difficult to get a sense of the concert's momentum: Even the songs on each disc are shuffled from their original live order. For what it's worth, Volume One: The Shorts contains almost all the Genesis singles from 1983-1992.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Glasvegas - A Snowflake Fell
(Sony 86974-31952 EU-08 200:-)

Official 6-track bonus disc available with the 'Glasvegas' Christmas Deluxe Edition 2-CD set. Includes Careful What You Wish For, Cruel Moon,Please Come Back Home and Silent Night/Noapte De Vis.
Golden Earring - The Naked Truth
(Columbia COL-472619-9 Hol-92 150:-)

This is Golden Earring's 1997 acoustic live album recorded in the Cafe de Kroon in Amsterdam, and one of their most beloved and popular albums. While you may be skeptical of songs like Twilight Zone being performed unplugged, they really do a good job with them!

CD-2 contains four extra live tracks; "As Long as the Wind Blows" , "Please Go", "Sound of the Screaming Day" and "Murdock 9 6182".
Gong - Angels Egg
(Universal UICY-77296 Jap-15 250:-)

In retrospect, it's hard to believe both FLYING TEAPOT and its successor ANGELS EGG were released within months of each other in 1973. Each is an elaborate, distinct musical statement. ANGEL'S EGG is the second installment in Gong's legendary "Radio Gnome Trilogy," and it expands upon the ground broken by TEAPOT admirably. Though the band was still pursuing their spacy art-rock direction, the sound here became simultaneously jazzier and more ethereal. Didier Malherbe's sax and flute took a more active role, as did Steve Hillage's elaborate guitar textures.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 4 Bonus Tracks
Goodman, Jerry - On the Future of Aviation
(BMG BVCM-35517 Jap-09 225:-)

After ten years away from recording, Jerry Goodman returned at the height of the new age trend of the mid-'80s. The violinist, a former member of the Flock and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, fit right in on the Private Music label, which was devoted to new instrumental music played on electric as well as acoustic instruments, in contrast to the Windham Hill model of strictly acoustic instrumentation.

"On the Future of Aviation" contains pop-style compositions in which individual virtuosity is only a part of the overall conception, and on which Goodman seems to be playing guitars and synthesizers as much as violin.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Gracious - same
(Universal UICY-9032 Jap-00 225:-)

Hard on the heels of King Crimson, the debut of Gracious begins with the blandly but accurately titled "Introduction." One of the album's strongest tracks, it's a Nice-like combination of menacing Moog breaks and shimmering harpsichords, and it foreshadows the band's use of both heavy prog music and ghostly lyrics tinged with Catholic dread. "Heaven" is a gorgeous minor-key ballad of stately Mellotron and chiming guitar tones, with harmonies reminiscent of late-model Zombies. "Hell," not surprisingly, is another thing altogether: a descent into drunken declamations, clinking bottles, rowdy bar sounds, loopy piano riffs, and creepy phasing effects. From here, the album settles down a bit: "Fugue in D Minor" is a straightforward chamber orchestra piece, and the "Dream" ends the album with meandering jamming and overblown monologues. Still, it's a fine debut, and it presaged the superb second effort that was to follow.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Grateful Dead - Built to Last
(Victor BVCM-37143 Jap-00 175:-)

Supposedly, the Dead had broken their studio jinx with In the Dark and finally learned how to make good albums without an audience in front of them. So why was this follow-up such a letdown? Perhaps because they hadn't taken seven years to write and perfect new material as they had with the previous album. The dominant songwriter here was keyboard player Brent Mydland (who died the following year), while the crucial songwriting team of Garcia and Hunter contributed only minor efforts. Chastened, the Dead once again retreated from studio work.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Grateful Dead - In the Dark
(Victor BVCM-37142 Jap-00 175:-)

The Grateful Dead's last lineup returned intact for In the Dark, an album that ironically thrust the band back into the spotlight on the strength of the band's lone Top 40 single, "Touch of Grey." Fans had long mused that the Dead's studio albums lacked the easygoing energy and natural flow of their live performances, and In the Dark does come close to capturing that lightning in a bottle. Jerry Garcia, who apparently had to relearn the guitar after a near-fatal illness, approaches his instrument recharged, while his voice (a beneficiary of the extended hiatus?) shows some of its original smoothness.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Grateful Dead - To Terrapin: Hartford '77
(Rhino 8122-79869-0 EU-09 500:-)

As they were prepping for the summer release of their first studio album in two years, TERRAPIN STATION, the Grateful Dead blew the roof off Connecticut's Hartford Civic Center on the closing night of their spring '77 tour.

A show long sought after by Dead fans, the set features inspired versions of songs that would soon come out on TERRAPIN, including 'EstimatedProphet','Passenger', and the title track. Epic jams also include, of course, 'One More Saturday Night', 'Jack Straw', 'Candyman', 'U.S. Blues' and takes on 'Tennessee Jed' and 'Sugaree' that many fans claim are as good as any ever recorded.

Released in celebration of the Dead's '09 tour which plays Hartford, this previously unissued show were mastered from the original two track master analog tapes.

3 x HDCD in Digipak; Still Sealed!