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King Crimson - Discipline
(WHD Entertainment IECP-10041 Jap-06 225:-)

When King Crimson leader Robert Fripp decided to assemble a new version of the band in the early '80s, prog rock fans rejoiced, and most new wave fans frowned. But after hearing this new unit's first release, 1981's Discipline, all the elements that made other arty new wave rockers successful were evident. Combining the futuristic guitar of Adrian Belew with the textured guitar of Fripp doesn't sound like it would work on paper, but the pairing of these two originals worked out magically. Rounding out the quartet was bass wizard Tony Levin and ex-Yes drummer Bill Bruford.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Kinks - Arthur
(BMG BVCM-37977 Jap-07 225:-)

After the commercial failure of VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY, the Kinks could have gone one of two ways. They could have forgotten about making cohesive, "veddy British" albums and gone back to simply putting together album-length collections of unrelated songs. Or they could have moved from concept albums to full-fledged rock operas, full of third-person tunes that would enable Ray Davies to further distance himself from his audience. They chose the latter, earning themselves a solid core of new fans along the way.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 10 Bonus Tracks
Kiss - Kisstory III: Swedish Invasion
(Magic Bus MB-09 EU-18 999:-)

"Kisstory III – Swedish Invasion: 1976 – 1999" is a new 12CD box set featuring master tapes from legendary Swedish concerts. This massive box includes upgrades of "Lund 76" and "Stockholm 96", never before available complete "Gothenburg 83" and "84" and "Stockholm 99", as well as all new "Gothenburg 80" and "88" which have never been released on CD. In addition to the 12CDs, "Swedish Invasion" will also include a 36 page booklet.