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Machiaritsas, Lavrentis - Tosa Chronia mia Anasa
(EMI 099951-800826 Gre-07 225:-)

Λαυρέντης Μαχαιρίτσας is a popular Greek rock musician from Volos. At the age of 20 he (as Larry), with Pavlos Kirkilis (Paul), Takis Bassalakis (Jimmy), and Antonis Mitzelou formed a band called P.L.J. They all moved to Paris hoping for a musical career outside of Greece. In 1982, their first album titled "Armageddon" was released, and it is now considered to be one of the best Greek rock albums. In 1989 he began his solo career as a writer and a performer. This

2-CD + 1-DVD Box Set collects 34 of his best songs along with a DVD with 16 videos.
Magna Carta - Seasons
(Universal UICY-9299 Jap-03 175:-)

Magna Carta's second LP was dominated by the 22-minute, nine-part suite "Seasons," which took up all of side one. "Seasons" was indeed a grand conceptual work inspired by the changing of the seasons.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Magna Carta - Songs from Wasties Orchard
(Universal UICY-9300 Jap-03 175:-)

Magna Carta's third album was the first with guitarist Davey Johnstone on board, one reason for its subsequent immortality in collecting circles. For anybody familiar with the group's first two albums, Magna Carta's own style remained constant, a collection of beautifully stylized folk ballads sung and gently strummed with a warmth and versatility that saw the group endure constant comparisons to mid-period Simon & Garfunkel.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Mainhorse - same
(Arcángelo ARC-7155 Jap-9? 250:-)

The history of Mainhorse started in '68 but unfortunately, it's not very well documented. The prime mover was Patrick Moraz, a very talented, Swiss born keyboardplayer. Other members were Peter Lockett (lead guitar, violin and vocals), Jean Ristori (bass, cello and vocals) and Bryson Graham (drums and percussion). In 1970 the band signed a contract with Polydor, a year later their eponymous debut-album was released. The album opens with the song "Introduction": fluent 'heavy progressive' with floods of Hammond organ and fiery electric guitarplay, the sound has echoes from Atomic Rooster, The Nice and early Deep Purple.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Manic Street Preachers - Everything must Go
(Sony 88751-89982 EU-16 375:-)

Originally released in May 1996, EVERYTHING MUST GO was Manic Street Preachers' breakthrough album, garnering four hit singles; "A Design For Life", "Everything Must Go", "Kevin Carter" and "Australia".

This limited edition, deluxe 12x12 box celebrates the 20th anniversary of this seminal record. Curated by the band, it contains the complete Nynex Arena show from 1997, fully restored and available here for the very first time. Also on DVD is an exclusive film about the album, Freed From Memories, directed by Kieran Evans (Kelly + Victor) plus music videos.

The set is completed by with the remastered album on CD and heavyweight vinyl plus single B Sides and a 44 page book.
Matthews Southern Comfort - same
(Universal UICY-94118 Jap-09 250:-)

This is a transitional album for Ian Matthews. Having recently exited Fairport Convention, this record pays tribute to that period of his career in both material ("A Castle Far") and in the choice of musicians who back him (many of them from Fairport Convention). At the same time, songs like "A Commercial Proposition" indicate where Matthews is headed on 1971's "Later That Same Year".

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 1 Bonus Track
McCartney, Paul - Band on the Run
(DCC Compact Classics GZS-1030 US-93 275:-)

If Paul will be remembered for anything post-Beatles, it's this album. Even though he had to go all over creation to record it, the trip was obviously worthwhile, bringing forth gems like "Helen Wheels," "Jet," and the title track. Everything was in place, the melodies, the pop smarts, and a real studio production. The amazement was that Wings actually consisted of Paul and Linda with guitarist Denny Laine; Paul played most everything on the record. Regardless, it was his return--finally--to greatness.

24K Gold Remastered DCC Compact Classics Edition in Slipcase.
McCartney, Paul - Wings at the Speed of Sound
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-65506 Jap-99 225:-)

It's widely accepted that McCartney was never the serious artiste that Lennon was; he never claimed to be, and more importantly (as this album bears out) never needed to be. This 1976 recording found McCartney and Wings at their peak. It's full of glimmering pop gems more concerned with infectious hooks and unforgettable melodies than social relevance.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Metallica - Death Magnetic
(Universal UICR-9028 Jap-08 250:-)

In the five years between two releases, Metallica seem to have gotten back in touch with the raw power of their classic period, with a little help from legendary producer Rick Rubin. One listen to the 10-minute epic "Suicide & Redemption" with its mix of raw rock ferocity and complex musical development should tell you the old Metallica's back in business. Long tracks with complex structures and intricate, speedy riffs abound. Most appealing for longtime fans may be the return to the frenzied guitar solos of yore. Rubin seems to have assisted the band on a path that successfully combines power, melodicism, and pure, unadulterated metal mania, over a sonic statement that definitively proves there's nothing over-the-hill about middle-aged metal.

SHM-CD Digipak.
Metallica - Garage Days Revisited
(Mercury 888788-2 Ger-87 225:-)

Following Cliff Burton's death, Metallica took some time off and initiated new bassist Jason Newsted with a raw, unpolished EP of covers originally recorded by Diamond Head, Holocaust, Killing Joke. Budgie and the Misfits. Most fit the band's style quite well; only "Last Caress" sounds out of place, as the original seemed looser and more dangerous. As a showcase for some strong metal riffs and material by mostly underground bands, the EP works quite well.

Original 1987 German 5-track CD, genuine original - not a counterfeit.
Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge
(Phonogram 518725-0 UK-93 400:-)

Rare and original 1993 UK limited edition box set comprising 3 videos recorded live in San Diego and Seattle with their own custom slipcase picture sleeves plus a 3-CD set live in Mexico in a fat double jewel case picture sleeve.
Also included is a 72-page deluxe booklet filled with information and lots of photos, a numbered Snake Pit pass. All housed in a 11" x 7" x 6" flight case style card box with clamshell lid (which has a crack in the upper left corner).

This box also came with a Metallica stencil, which is missing.
Morissette, Alanis - The Singles Box
(Maverick 9362437862 Australia-96 300:-)

Deleted Australian 20-track 5 x CD single box, includes live & acoustic tracks, stunning numbered (#05238) fold-out picture box and picture slipcase, insert & tour message from Alanis.
Mother Gong - Fairy Tales
(Victor VICP-70082 Jap-09 250:-)

Mother Gong is a spin-off of GONG, founded by Gilli Smyth and Hari Williamson. They produced a couple of excellent albums, most notably the outstanding "Fairy Tales".

Daevid Allen guests on this album, but as with all Mother Gong releases it's very much Gilli Smyth's show. The inclusion of Catapilla saxophonist Robert Calvert (not to be confused with the poet, solo artist and occasional Hawkwind vocalist!) enables Smyth to explore a different avenue of jazz-influenced Canterbury than the fusion-oriented Pierre Morelen's Gong; Mother Gong's music here is more based around spacey free jazz and gentle, organic atmospheres.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Mudvayne - Mudvayne
(Sony 88697-302652 US-09 125:-)

Mudvayne's self-titled album features songs written in their current default mode, which is a sort of combination of Linkin Park and Tool -- churning basslines, the occasional faux-tribal rhythm, lots of angsty roaring and crooned choruses.

US exclusive limited edition 11-track CD; presented in sealed & stickered sleeve printed in blacklight-reactive ink [the sleeve appears blank in normal light, but the design is revealed under UV lighting], complete with black light - a great item!