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Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
(Virgin VJCP-68668 Japan 2004 225:-)

RUBYCON has aged gracefully for the most part, making it a solid companion (and follow-up) to their 1974 album, PHAEDRA. The somewhat dated palette of sounds here never overshadow the mood: eerie psychedelia without the paisleys — Pink Floyd without the rock. "Rubycon, Pt. 1" ebbs and flows through tense washes of echo and Mellotron choirs, as primitive sequencer lines bubble to the surface.

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Ten Years After - Stonedhenge
(Universal UICY-9222 Japan 2002 200:-)

Ten Years After's third album is one of those artifacts that simply screams late '60s, which is to say its production is more than a little trippy, and it's also all over the stylistic map. The album's centerpiece, of course, is "Hear Me Callin'," a sort of psychedelic take on John Lee Hooker-style blues complete with fashionable phasing effects (it was a substantial radio hit).

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Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
(Univesal UICY-9236 Jap-02 175:-)

"Black Rose: A Rock Legend" would prove to be Thin Lizzy's last true classic album. Guitarist Brian Robertson was replaced by Gary Moore prior to the album's recording - which turned out to be the band's most musically varied, accomplished, and successful studio album! Lizzy leader Phil Lynott is again equipped with a fine set of originals, which the rest of the band shines on.

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Thompson, Richard & Linda - Hokey Pokey
(Universal UICY-9488 Japan 2004 175:-)

The Thompsons, from the opening Irish fiddle derivation of a Chuck Berry riff, through Linda's exquisite performance of "A Heart Needs a Home," to their cover of Mike Waterson's "Mole in a Hole" which closes the record, once again create a timeless amalgam of folk and rock. Recorded at the time of the Thompsons' conversion to Islam, Hokey Pokey comes across a bit lighter than Bright Lights. Songs such as the playfully suggestive title track, the jaunty "Georgie on a Spree" and the quirky tale of "Smiffy's Glass Eye" make Hokey Pokey seem downright cheery for Richard Thompson, although even at its sunniest, themes of sex, cruelty and avarice linger just below the surface.

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Thompson, Richard & Linga - Pour Down like Silver
(Universal UICY-9489 Japan 2004 175:-)

POUR DOWN LIKE SILVER was the last album Richard & Linda Thompson would release before beginning a self-imposed three-year retirement in order to join a communal Sufi Muslim sect. The cover photographs show the Thompsons dressed in traditional Muslim garb, and while lyrically the album offers few clear signs of the Thompsons' new spiritual direction, the stark asceticism of the music marked a real change from the alcohol-fueled mood swings of I want to see the BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT and HOKEY POKEY. The horns, accordion, and ancient instruments that had dotted Richard and Linda's previous albums were used far more sparingly on POUR DOWN LIKE SILVER, and even Thompson's usually astounding electric guitar solos were pared down in favor of an emotionally intimate, bare-wired approach that sounds alternately like a confession and a plea for guidance.

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Tillotson, Johnny - It keeps right on a-hurtin'
(Victor VICP-64557 Japan 2008 225:-)

Johnny Tillotson is an American singer and songwriter. Tillotson enjoyed his greatest success in the early 1960s when he scored a series of Top Ten hits including "Poetry in Motion" and the self-penned "It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin'." In total, he placed 30 singles and albums in the Billboard charts between 1958 and 1984.

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