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Velvet Underground - Live MCMXCIII
(Sire 9-45434-2 US 1993 225:-)

In late 1992, the Velvet Underground 1965–1968 core line-up of Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker suddenly decided to reform. The decision was entirely unexpected because the relationship between Reed and Cale had been sour ever since the late 60s.

This album was recorded during a three-night residence in the Parisian venue L'Olympia and captures the band playing most of the Velvet classics from the back catalogue, with emphasis on the more structured songs.

US limited edition and now hard to find 10-track banana printed CD album which is housed in a superb 7" x 5" padded black PVC digipak sleeve! Decorated with 27 peel-off mini banana stickers plus band name and album title stickers - all of which are intact - and complete with inner booklet! Small cut-out mark in base of spine.
Velvet Underground ‎– Velvet Underground & Nico
(Universal UICY-78244
Jap-17 225:-)

Delicate dissonance, bruised beauty, and hazy noise pop – all in one of the best rock albums ever made – the amazing first album from the Velvet Underground and Nico! The album's the stuff of legend – and for good reason, too – a surprising slab of vinyl that barely set the world on its ear when first issued back in the mid 60s – yet a record that's gone onto have an influence felt for decades to come – arguably one of the most important rock records of all time.

SHM-CD in Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Whitesnake - Box o' Snakes
(EMI 099967-954223 EU 2011 2000:-)

"Ere's a lotta Whitesnake for ya! Nine CDs, a DVD and even a vinyl EP. Included here is all of the music Whitesnake released on the Sunburst label between '78 and '82: five studio albums, plus the legendary LIVE...IN THE HEART OF THE CITY, and - reproduced on seven-inch vinyl, the debut four-track EP SNAKEBITE.

Its deluxe packaging includes a 90-page hardback book, featuring a 10,000-word interview with coverdale and an introductory essay by Classic Rock's Geoff Barton. Most temptingly of all, there is previously unreleased material: two CDs of BBC live recordings from the 1979 and 1980 Reading Festivals, and on DVD, 45 minutes of so-called 'official bootleg' footage from a 1980 concert in Washington DC."
Wimple Winch - The Wimple Winch Story 1963-1968
(Bam Caruso KIRI-107 UK 1992 250:-)

Just Four Men are responsible for 12 of the 28 tracks on this compilation, which also includes 16 later songs by the group into which they evolved, Wimple Winch. All four songs from their 1964-65 singles are here, the standout being "Things Will Never Be the Same," on which the guitars chug along at a really jittery, propulsive tempo. The rest of the songs are higher on potential than impact, as the band seems to be struggling with their ambitions: some unexpected minor chords and odd, moody lyrical twists that wouldn't get realized until the Wimple Winch era. The unreleased cuts are erratic, and sometimes thinly produced and derivative of typical Merseybeats melodies and harmonies. The Just Four Men tracks are totally outclassed by the Wimple Winch segment of the disc, which is an interesting blend of crunching mod pop, psychedelia, and soul, with unexpected rhythmic shifts, fine harmonies, strong melodies, and unusual lyrics (although they sometimes get a little fruity).
Vinton, Bobby - Mr Lonely
(Epic EICP-967 Japan 2008 175:-)

While it's best known for its chart-topping title ballad, Mr. Lonely remains one of Bobby Vinton's most consistent and engaging albums, a product of the Brill Building pop formula at its most irresistible. Given the songwriting and arranging talent on display here — Burt Bacharach, Garry Sherman, Charlie Calello, Robert Mersey, Bill Walker and Stan Applebaum all make significant contributions — it's easy to joke that Vinton's presence is almost superfluous. But for all the Polish Prince excess and schmaltz of his later years, in his prime Vinton was a superior pop singer, investing material like "A Thing Called Sadness," "Satin," and "Someone I Used to Know" with poignancy and sensitivity.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Wyatt, Robert - His Greatest Misses
(Strange Days VACK-1282 Japan 2005 225:-)

The title of this 17-track Robert Wyatt compilation references his lack of commercial success while taking great care to showcase both his ambitious vision and diversity as an artist. Most of what is here is readily familiar to fans, from his fine if strangely arcane versions of "I'm a Believer" and "Shipbuilding" to the utterly, almost heartbreakingly beautiful "At Last I Am Free," "Arauco," and the starkly ingenious composition "Solar Flares".

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve