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Banks, Peter - Two Sides of Peter Banks
(Sovereign SVNA-7256 UK-76 VG+ 375:-)

For "Two Sides of Peter Banks", the ex-guitarist from Yes gathered an impressive group of guest musicians, including Genesis' Phil Collins and Steve Hackett and King Crimson's John Wetton. Most importantly, the whole album was written and recorded with Netherlands guitarist Jan Akkerman.

The first six tracks make up a suite ranging from acoustic duets to full-blown instrumental progressive rock numbers that bear noticeable similarities with some material Steve Hackett would record for his first solo album.

Original UK pressing. The sleeve shows some ringwear; the vinyl is graded EX.
Beatles - 1
(Apple 529325-1 UK-00 EX 300:-)

For the six years the Beatles were recording, the Fab Four ascended to top of the American and British charts an astonishing 27 times. This 2-LP compilation brings those hits together in one place to span every phase of the foursome's highly influential career. Early Merseybeat-flavored sides like "Love Me Do" (the band's first Stateside hit), "She Loves You," and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" struck a chord early on with hordes of screaming teens.Unfortunately, this found the band temporarily dismissed as mere teen idols despite these numbers coming as a result of the vaunted Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership.

27-track compilation double LP, pressed on Audiophile Quality Heavyweight Vinyl, featuring every #1 achieved by the band in the UK & US charts, complete with printed inner sleeves, four psychedelic art prints and a large fold-out full-colour poster showing various original Beatles 7" picture sleeves from around the world, gatefold picture sleeve.
Beatles - Beatles' First
(Polydor 236.201 UK-67 VG+ 500:-)

This album features the eight Hamburg recordings involving the Beatles plus four songs recorded by Tony Sheridan without the Beatles. While it appears that Polydor in U.K. initially planned on releasing "The Beatles First" in mono, the company ultimately decided to press the LP exclusively in stereo upon its release on the Polydor Special label. This album is a reissue of the eponymous German album which was released in April 1964 and imported to England.

This is the 1st variation which has “The Beatles” printed under each song on which they play.
Beatles - Beatles Tapes
(Polydor MPX-9951/2 Jap-76 300:-)

Original 1976 Japanese Polydor mono double vinyl LP set, housed in an internal pasted gatefold picture sleeve including 28-page booklet with some great photos and a full transcript of the interviews in both English and Japanese, plus obi-strip.
Beatles - Con los Beatles
(Odeon URL-2096 Urg-7? SS 800:-)

This is the one that turned the world upside-down. Released as its creators evolved from pop group to phenomenon, WITH THE BEATLES both affirmed promise and proclaimed genius. A slew of memorable Lennon/McCartney compositions embraced pop at its most multi-faceted, robust, melancholic, excited, and wistful. Their grasp of melody and harmony startled, yet for every unusual chord sequence employed, the Beatles' vigor and sense of purpose remained true.

Uruguayan pale blue & white (?) Odeon label LP, housed in a unique black & white Beatles picture sleeve with Spanish song titles printed on the reverse. Still Sealed!
Beatles - From Liverpool
(World Records SM-701-8 UK-80 VG+ 500:-)

Limited Edition mail-order only 8-LP set featuring a total of 124 tracks, many of which are rare, alternative and otherwise very hard to obtain.

Each LP comes in a unique front-laminated picture sleeve and are housed together in a superb 12" picture box designed to look like a wooden crate. There is a little shelfwear evident to the box - the records are in Excellent condition.
Beatles - Help!
(Parlophone PCS-3071 VG+ 1000:-)

Considering that "Help!" functions as the Beatles' fifth album as well as the soundtrack to their second film, it's not entirely surprising that it still has some of the weariness of "Beatles for Sale".

Again, they pad the album with covers, but the Bakersfield bounce of "Act Naturally" adds new flavor (along with an ideal showcase for Ringo's amiable vocals) and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" gives John an opportunity to flex his rock & roll muscle. George is writing again and if his two contributions don't touch Lennon and McCartney's originals, they hold their own against much of their British pop peers.

Original UK STEREO pressing.
Beatles - Hey Jude
(Apple CPCS-106 UK-69 VG+ 2000:-)

"Hey Jude" is one of the odder Beatles records released during the group's lifespan. Essentially a clearinghouse for singles that never appeared on album, the record relies heavily on songs released between 1968 and 1969.

Extremely rare EXPORT ONLY pressing with the label listing 'Revolutions' & 'Paper Back Writer' on the A-side label, fully laminated picture sleeve. The laminate is the 'floating' type that does not extend to the edges at the back - as a consequence there is a degree of edge scuffing evident as well as some light laminate creasing. The vinyl is graded VG+ with just a few light surface scuffs to show for all its years in the wild. A rarely seen great condition variant at an advantageous price!
Beatles - Rock n Roll Music
(Parlphone PCS-7191/2 UK-76 VG+ 300:-)

On toward the mid-'70s, it dawned on the powers-that-were at Capitol/EMI that millions of listeners had come of age since the breakup of the Beatles in 1970 and, thus, had never experienced the group except in a historical context. Given the title and focus of this 1976 2LP collection, a lot of the emphasis was on the group's pre-psychedelic period; it also emphasized -- more than anything seen from them since 1965 -- their joyous renditions of other songwriters' work, especially old rock & roll standards like "Long Tall Sally," "Slow Down," "Dizzie Miss Lizzie," "Twist & Shout," etc., which had been a significant part of their output before their in-house songwriting came to dominate their recordings.

Original UK pressing; both sleeve and vinyls are graded VG+.
Beatles - Rubber Soul
(EMI/Apple EAS-80555 Jap-76 EX 300:-)

A landmark leaping-off point for The Beatles – and a record that really paved the way for countless new ideas to come! The mix of catchy pop and freer ideas here is really wonderful – tunes that introduce a whole new mature world in mainstream music – yet manage to have all the catchy complexity of the earlier years too. Production, songwriting, and delivery is superb!

1976 Japanese stereo vinyl, picture sleeve complete with fold-out Japanese / lyric insert and wide #6 'Union Jack' discography obi-strip.
Beatles - Rubber Soul
(Parlophone PCS-3075 UK-65 VG+ 1750:-)

A landmark leaping-off point for The Beatles – and a record that really paved the way for countless new ideas to come! The mix of catchy pop and freer ideas here is really wonderful – tunes that introduce a whole new mature world in mainstream music – yet manage to have all the catchy complexity of the earlier years too. Production, songwriting, and delivery is superb!

Original UK STEREO pressing with 'Gramophone Co' perimeter and 'Sold in UK' central label text, front laminated flipback picture sleeve. The sleeve has a previous owners name stamped on the back.
Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(Capitol SEAV-11840 Can-78 VG+ 275:-)

Hard to deny the lasting power of this crucial album from The Beatles – a set that unleashed some of their trippiest sounds and most tender moments too! The mix of wit and honesty is wonderful – and the sonic range is dynamic as the archetypal cover image – a package that's had an undeniable impact on modern music for the past few decades!

1978 Canadian-only limited edition PINK/GREY swirl marbled vinyl LP, gatefold picture sleeve with insert sheet of cut-outs.
Beatles - White Album
(bootleg 1C 172-04 173 PD Ger-07 VG+ 500:-)

Each song on this sprawling double album is an entity to itself, as the band touches on anything and everything it can. This makes for a frustratingly scattershot record or a singularly gripping musical experience, depending on your view, but what makes the so-called White Album interesting is its mess. Never before had a rock record been so self-reflective, or so ironic.

This is a 2 x Picdisc bootleg set; each side sports one of the Beatles with the same picture as on the record themselves.
Black Keys - El Camino
(Nonesuch 530454-1 US/EU-12 EX 400:-)

With the hard-rocking "El Camino", The Black Keys guitarist-singer Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney conjure up an exhilarating, stadium-sized sound in collaboration with producer and friend Danger Mouse. "El Camino" boasts a no-nonsense brilliance: the pace is fast, the mood is upbeat, the choruses unfailingly addictive made for shouting along, preferably in a large, sweaty crowd.

Special 2 x 45rpm edition released in a gatefold sleeve. Includes giant poster, bonus 7" in plain generic black sleeve and CD in cardboard sleeve, limited and numbered to 10,000 (#007567).
Blondie - Live!
(Bumstead Records BLO-101 US-78 EX 300:-)

Embracing a broad range of pop music that encompassed British Invasion rock, garage rock, disco, reggae, Latin rhythms, and hip-hop, Blondie was the most commercially successful band to emerge from the New York punk/new wave community of the late '70s.

This performance was recorded at the Starwood in West Hollywood, CA on April 25, 1978.
Bond, Graham - Holy Magick
(Vertigo 6360.021 UK-70 VG+ 1000:-)

By all accounts, Graham Bond got way too into the occult. Bond often claimed to be an illegitimate scion of the Great Beast himself, and Long John Baldry accused him of sacrificing his pet cat in a ritual.

The most noteworthy musical fruits of Bond's chaotic involvement with occultism are 1970's "Holy Magick" and '71's "We Put our Magick on You", both recorded with his then wife and fellow magick devotee Diane Stewart. Neither record should be regarded as a classic, yet they had a certain claustrophobic, doomed sensibility that makes them even now rather eerie.

Original UK pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Bond, Grahame - Mighty Grahame Bond
(Pulsar AR-10606 US-69 VG+ 300:-)

In 1968 Graham Bond left Britain after the collapse of the Graham Bond Organisation to make two legendary albums the US. Both records saw Bond play all instruments (except drums) and contained material that featured jazz influences alongside emerging psychedelic and underground rock, laced with fine musicianship and mystical lyrics.

Original US pressing.
Boss Hog - Whiteout
(City Slang 20150-1 Ger-99 EX 300:-)

It's difficult to consider Boss Hog without invoking the name of Jon Spencer. Not only is the Blues Explosion leader a member of Boss Hog, but he's also married to Boss Hog leader Christina Martinez, so his overwrought post-modern downtown, white-boy blues-funk is always lurking just around the corner.

WHITEOUT finds Boss Hog completing its evolution from unlistenable squalls of white-boy (and -girl) blues to a more varied sound incorporating blues, electronic textures, and programmed beats. Its strongest moments are the ones in which Boss Hog does what it does best: strut, sneer, and groove.

Original German pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Bowie, David - Lodger
(RCA Victor BOWLP-1 UK-79 VG+ 300:-)

The brilliant consummation of Bowie's late 70s years in Berlin – a record that showed he could take the experiments in sound he was crafting with Brian Eno, and turn them back into the kind of creepily catchy rock tunes that first made him a legend! Eno's help on the record is still quite strong – heard very well in the record's use of odd electronics and exotic themes – of a sort that Eno would later explore on his own with David Byrne. But the real charm here is pure Bowie – with an unabashed flair for a dramatic lyric, a well-chosen use of a heavier guitar, and a sense of personality and poise that makes the record one of his most unified ever!

Original UK pressing with 'No Sense Is Better... Than None At All' etchings in the run-outs, complete with lyric insert.
Bowie, David - No Ziggy or Iggy
(Omega 912 US-78 VG+ 375:-)

The Isolar II – The 1978 World Tour, more commonly known as The Low / Heroes World Tour or The Stage Tour, was David Bowies first worldwide tour. The tour opened on 29 March 1978 at the San Diego Sports Arena continuing through North America, Europe and Australia before reaching a conclusion at the Nippon Budokan in Japan on 12 December 1978.

Los Angeles, Forum 04.04.78 & offical versions.
Bowie, David - Stage
(RCA Victor PL-02913 UK-78 EX 300:-)

Emerging from his self-imposed exile in Berlin, David Bowie assembled a new band and took to the road to promote his Berlin-recorded albums. "Stage" chronicles that 1977 tour, and captures Bowie at one of the most creative periods of his career. Bowie performs gripping versions of these challenging tunes, and guitarist Adrian Belew is especially good on this material.

1978 UK pressing, fully laminated gatefold picture sleeve.
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to Fly
(Atlantic 2464.012 UK-70 VG+ 300:-)

Buffalo Springfield's time was short - they formed in 1966 and split in 1968 - but their legacy was vast. Nominally a folk-rock band, Buffalo Springfield also showed a facility with country-rock, psychedelia, soul, and hard rock, all the while embracing the possibilities of the recording studios of Los Angeles.

1970 compilation on the plum/red Atlantic label '99' series, fully laminated picture sleeve with notes by John Peel printed on the reverse. Both sleeve and viny are graded VG+.
Bunch - Rock On
(Island ILPS-9189 UK-72 VG+ 400:-)

Late in 1971 the classic Fairport/Fotheringay family visited the new Manor Studios to revisit their rock'n'roll roots. Rock On captures a bunch of friends having enormous fun in the recording studio. Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson, Pat Donaldson, Ashley Hutchings, Gerry Conway, Dave Mattacks and producer Trevor Lucas perform their favourite songs from Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Dion and Buddy Holly.

Rare original 1972 UK pink rimmed Island 'palm tree' label 12-track vinyl LP, die-cut laminated picture sleeve with sky blue poly-lined company inner and bonus Let There Be Drums one-sided 7" flexi disc! The sleeve has a rip in the front where the single is to be inserted - otherwise in Excellent condition!
Burdon & the Animals, Eric - Love Is
(MGM SE-4591 US-71 coh EX 350:-)

This double LP set was the last album by an Animals configuration until the original band did the obligatory reunion album some years later. An album filled with excess, bombast and extended tunes, and a great example of how the British invasion morphed into psychedelia and ultimately self-destructed. Highlights include their version of "River Deep, Mountain High", which is a great companion to Tina Turner's, and their loving Bee Gees tribute, "To Love Somebody".
Business - 1980/81 (Official Bootleg)
(Syndicate SYN-LP2 UK-83 NM 300:-)

The Business are an English Oi!/Punk Rock band formed in 1979 in Lewisham, South London. Their album Suburban Rebels became influential in the Oi! movement. Their biggest hit song in recent times, "England 5 - Germany 1", (based on the result of a World Cup Qualifying match in 2001), became a football anthem for England.