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Cale, John - Fear
(Island ILPS-9301 UK-74 VG+ 275:-)

One of the best solo albums ever from John Cale – a set that has the singer playing a lot of piano alongside his vocals, which creates this moody, evocative quality that's really wonderful!

Cale's songwriting is always pretty compelling, but the heavy use of piano really brings out a depth to his lyrics here – further enforced by the relatively spacious sense of recording used throughout. A few numbers add in more electric elements – but with Brian Eno along on electronics and listed as a co-producer, the record's definitely got this balance between elements that's very careful. Phil Manzanera plays guitar, and also helped with the overall construction of the set.
Callender, Bobby - The Way
(Mithra SAAB 931-4 US-72 VG+ 800:-)

During the late 60's, Bobby Callender was one of the most mythical figures in popular music. Conceptually his musical universe delivers all the originality of an artistic freedom, really awakened of alternative lifestyle, cross cultures and psychedelic "civilization".

The two albums he recorded under his name ("Rainbow" in 1968, "The Way" in 1971) are currently seen as the two logical sides of a grandiloquent project including numerous musicians from the jazz and raga scenes.

Original US pressing.
Carmen - Dancing on a Cold Wind
(Regal Zonophone SLRZ-1040 UK-74 VG+ 450:-)
If Dancing on a Cold Wind is not as strong as Carmen's previous album, it is mostly because the 24-minute suite "Rememberances (Recuerdos de Espana)" is not as tightly linked musically than the second half of Fandangos in Space. The fact that heartbreak and failed relationships provide the sole topic on this album also gives it redundant flavor. Still, this effort showcases the same elements that made the band's first LP an artistic success: sharp musicianship and the spellbinding blend of progressive rock and flamenco, although this time around the first influence is far more important than the second.

Original UK Vinyl; the sleeve shows some minor wear; the vinyl is in Excellent condition!
Clark, Sanford - Return of the Fool
(LHI Records S-12003 US-68 VG+ 300:-)

Sanford Clark found fleeting fame with his rendition of the Lee Hazlewood song "The Fool." With a vocal style that blended elements of Johnny Cash with Ricky Nelson, Clark released the song in 1956, and it eventually peaked in the Top Ten of the pop charts and in the Top 15 of the country charts -- his first and only hit.

In 1965, Clark recorded a new version of "The Fool" featuring Waylon Jennings on guitar. Lee Hazlewood signed Clark to his LHI label, where he made an album, "Return of the Fool", but it went nowhere, and by the early '70s Clark had had enough and joined the construction industry.
Costello, Elvis - Goodbye Cruel World
(F-Beat ZL-70317 Hol-84 VG+ 225:-)

If there was ever an album showing an artist in transition then this is it. Elvis was continuing his move from popular music star to deep thinking artist, but here he had a crisis of confidence writ large which was not surprising given his personal issues at that time, including a divorce.

Dutch pressing; this copy has been signed by Elvis on the front.
Crass - Yes Sir, I Will
(Crass 121984/2UK-83 VG+ 300:-)

The brittlest and most hard-line radical of the first wave of British punk bands, Crass issued a blitz of records that were ruthless in both their unrelenting sociopolitical screeds and their amelodic crash of noise.

Wound up to an even more vicious fury of rage and sorrow due to the Falklands War, Crass completely exploded on the awesome "Yes Sir, I Will", its bitter title taken from an encounter between a gruesomely wounded veteran of that conflict and Prince Charles.

Early copies included a Margaret Thatcher postcard, which is missing here.
Cure - Pornography
(Fiction FIXD-7 UK-82 VG+ 375:-)

Going on almost 25 years together and almost as many lineup changes, the Cure have gone from being the closet secret of the goth crowd to popular acceptance to sold-out stadium tours.

"Pornography" was a pretty huge step for The Cure – with a heavier drum sound, seemingly more confident vocals by Robert Smith, and a very compelling sound – standing strong to this day among their best ever! There's real emotional catharsis in the supposedly depressing lyrics, the production stands the test of time, and it's a record to come back to year after year.