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Damned - Damned Damned Damned
(Stiff SEEZ-1 UK-77 EX 800:-)

Released in early 1977, this was one of the first punk albums issued and it remains a certified punk classic which sounds as fresh and vital today as it did in 1977. The album blasts off with the searing "Neat Neat Neat," a raging slab of buzzsaw guitars, crashing drums, and the sneering vocals of Dave Vanian that ranks among the 20 best punk songs of the era.

Rare original UK pressing, housed in a fully laminated picture sleeve with Island logo on the reverse. An all-time classic punkrock record!
Damned - Phantasmagoria
(MCA MCFW-3275 UK-85 VG+ 375:-)

On July 15th, 1985, The Damned, 9 years into their existence had The Captain depart for a solo career, and guitarist Brian James leave to join the supergroup The Lords of The New Church.

At this point, Punk was nearly a decade old, and Goth seemed to be the new trend. Thus, Dave Vanian and Co seemed to have shed the harshness their punk rock roots — filling the void with the band’s most Gothic period (finally matching the guise of Vanian, their vampiric front-man) with the release of their sixth studio album "Phantasmagoria" — one of the band’s most popular albums to this day.

Limited Edition UK pressing on WHITE vinyl.
Deep Purple - Anthology
(EMI ‎EN-5013 EU-91 VG+ 375:-)

Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock. Once listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as "the loudest pop group", they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

"Anthology" is 3-LP set containing material by the Mks I (1968-1969), II (1970–73), III (1974–75) and IV (1975–76) line-ups.
Devo - Q: Are we not Men?
(Virgin VP2106 UK-79 EX 375:-)

This is one of best art rock albums of all time – the Eno produced full length debut of Devo – the caustic, sarcastic and fun soundtrack to society's devolution! There's nothing we don't love about Devo at this point, from their unprecedented use of multimedia, to the hard to pull off fusion of sneering social and pop culture satire with good humored fun, and that's just the conceptual stuff. The songs are original and inimitably great, too, with those squeeling synth punk dynamics.

Issued in a die-cut sleeve with bonus flexi-disc "Flimsy Wrap".
Dunbar, Aynsley - Dr Dunbars Prescription
(Sonet SLP-73 Swe-69 VG+ 275:-)

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation's second album was much the same as their first, offering competent late-'60s British blues, given a slightly darker cast than was usual for the style via Victor Brox's somber vocals. Like their debut, it was dominated by original material, and as on its predecessor, the best of these tracks were the ones that utilized Brox's gloomy, almost gothic organ, if only because it made them stand out more among the company of the many similar bands recording in the prime of the British blues boom.

Original Swedish Vinyl; the sleeve has some minor marks and loss of lamination.
Dunbar, Aynsley - Retaliation
(Liberty LBS-83154E UK-68 VG 500:-)

Of the numerous British blues-rock bands to spring up in the late '60s, the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation was one of the better known, though solid reception on tours did not translate into heavy record sales. Musically, the group recalled John Mayall's Bluesbreakers during the 1966-1967 era that had produced the "A Hard Road" album, though with a somewhat more downbeat tone.
This first album from the group would prove the most successful of the four issued under the Retaliation banner.

Original UK pressing. The vinyl has some marks, but plays VG; the sleeve is graded VG+.
Dylan, Bob - More Greatest Hits
(CBS S-67239 UK-71 VG+ 275:-)

Bob Dylan is on the short list of the most influential artists of the 20th Century. He coupled a love for all forms of American popular and folk music with a personal and poetic songwriting style, proving that you didn't have to be a technically perfect singer or musician to make brilliant pop music.

Original UK pressing in unipak sleeve.