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Damned - Damned Damned Damned
(Stiff SEEZ-1 UK-77 EX 800:-)

Released in early 1977, this was one of the first punk albums issued and it remains a certified punk classic which sounds as fresh and vital today as it did in 1977. The album blasts off with the searing "Neat Neat Neat," a raging slab of buzzsaw guitars, crashing drums, and the sneering vocals of Dave Vanian that ranks among the 20 best punk songs of the era.

Rare original UK pressing, housed in a fully laminated picture sleeve with Island logo on the reverse. An all-time classic punkrock record!
Darin, Bobby - At the Copa
(Atco SD-33-122 US-60 EX 300:-)
Darin at the Copa is the live document from Bobby Darin's standing-room-only engagement at Jules Podell's Copacabana club in New York City, an appearance that confirmed for the adult pop crowd that the former singer of ephemera like "Splish Splash" had made the complete transition from rock & roll to more "serious" music.
Davis Group, Spencer - 2nd Album
(Island SLP-1402 Swe-65 VG+ 400:-)

More Blues and soul from Britain's highly American influenced soulful blues band of sorts. Their first really big single, "Keep On Running" appears on this disc!

Original Swedish Vinyl, on the "2nd Pink" Island label.
Dee Jays - Haze
(Hep House HLP-02 Swe-67 VG 500:-)

Johnny Vallon & the Dee Jays formed in the late 1950s in London. Thanks to Roland Ferneborg (manager of The Spotnicks), they came to Sweden in 1963 for a two month tour and ended up staying for five years. In 1964, when Vallons had to move back to England, the band found a new vocalist and started performing as "The Deejays".

Original Swedish pressing. Both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG; the vinyl has an ugly mark on Track 1, Side 1, which, amazingly does not affect the playing!
Deep Purple - In Rock
(Harvest SHVL-777 UK-70 VG 400:-)

With IN ROCK, Deep Purple added vocalist Ian Gillan into the line-up, a decision that irrevocably changed their fortunes. IN ROCK is one of the genre's definitive albums, combining hard-edged riffs with virtuoso technique, topped by Gillan's full-throated roar. Few singers could survive the instrumental power beneath him, but this he does with room to spare, reacting to and emphasizing his colleagues' musical prowess. Chock-full of material destined to become Deep Purple anthems, later releases were evaluated against this trail-blazing, heavy rock collection.

UK first pressing vinyl LP with 'Gramophone Co' label credit, no EMI logo & A2/B1 matrices. Both Sleeve and Vinyl are graded Very Good.
Deep Purple - Paint it Black
(Not On Label 197-01112 VG+ 375:-)

Deep Purple survived a seemingly endless series of lineup changes and a dramatic mid-career shift from grandiose progressive rock to ear-shattering heavy metal to emerge as a true institution of the British hard rock community. Their revolving-door roster launched the careers of performers including Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, and Ian Gillan.

This early live set by Deep Purple Mark II was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970, and it showcases the band at its most extended.

2LP Bootleg on RED vinyl; the sleeve shows some minor wear - the vinyls are graded EX.
Dio - Absolutely Live
(Picture Disc, Unofficial Release EX 375:-)

Dio was a heavy metal band formed by singer Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice in 1982 following their depature from Black Sabbath. Although Ronnie claimed that his intention was to form a band and not a solo project, he remained the only continuous member and the prime creative force in the band throughout its lifespan.

Recorded live at Draken, Stockholm, Sweden on November 17th, 1983.
Dissing, Povl - Dissing
(Sonet SLPS-1510 Den-7? EX 300:-)

Povl Dissing was one of Denmarks most popular singer/songwriters.

DISSING (1968) features members of the danish bluesgroup Beefeaters.

2nd Danish pressing, on the red/orange label; both sleeve and vinyl are in Excellent condition!
Donovan - What's bin Did and what's bin Hid
(Pye NPL-18117 UK-65 EX 400:-)

Donovan's early sound was a very basic folk-revival approach heavily influenced by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and of course, Bob Dylan, to whom the young Donovan was compared ad nauseam by the British press. The best-known song here is "Catch the Wind," a romantic ballad that became one of Donovan's early staples.

Original 1965 Pye 12-track mono LP, front laminated flipback picture sleeve.
Doors - Full Circle
(Elektra EKS-75038 US-72 VG+ 300:-)

"Full Cirlce" is the last project of original material to be issued under the Doors moniker. While there are a handful of undeniably remarkable cuts scattered throughout, Full Circle is increasingly sporadic and less focused than its predecessor, Other Voices. The cover has two extra pages attached, that you can cut and paste into a ''zoetrope''. The result of your industriousness will be a wheel that you can put on your turntable to produce the effect of a human being running through the circle of life.

The sleeve shows just some light edgescuffing & mild shelfwear with a cut-out in the lower left corner; the vinyl is in Excellent condition - A nice complete copy!
Dr Feelgood - As it Happens
(United Artists UAK-30239 UK-79 EX 275:-)

Dr Feelgood was the ultimate working band. From their formation in 1971 to lead vocalist Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994, the band never left the road, playing hundreds of gigs every year. Throughout their entire career, Dr Feelgood never left simple, hard-driving rock & roll behind, and their devotion to the blues and R&B earned them a devoted fan base.

Limited edition 13-track vinyl LP recorded live at The Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead and Crocs in Rayleigh, Essex; plus bonus 4-track 7" vinyl EP featuring Riot In Cell Block No. Nine, The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll, Lights Out and Great Balls Of Fire.
Dunbar, Aynsley - Dr Dunbars Prescription
(Sonet SLP-73 Swe-69 VG+ 600:-)

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation's second album was much the same as their first, offering competent late-'60s British blues, given a slightly darker cast than was usual for the style via Victor Brox's somber vocals. Like their debut, it was dominated by original material, and as on its predecessor, the best of these tracks were the ones that utilized Brox's gloomy, almost gothic organ, if only because it made them stand out more among the company of the many similar bands recording in the prime of the British blues boom.

Original Swedish Vinyl; the sleeve has some minor marks and loss of lamination - the vinyl is graded Excellent!
Dunbar, Aynsley - Retaliation
(Liberty LBS-83154E UK-68 VG 500:-)

Of the numerous British blues-rock bands to spring up in the late '60s, the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation was one of the better known, though solid reception on tours did not translate into heavy record sales. Musically, the group recalled John Mayall's Bluesbreakers during the 1966-1967 era that had produced the "A Hard Road" album, though with a somewhat more downbeat tone.
This first album from the group would prove the most successful of the four issued under the Retaliation banner.

Original UK pressing. The vinyl has some marks, but plays VG; the sleeve is graded VG+.
Dylan, Bob - A Thousand Miles Behind
(bootleg US-7? EX 500:-)

Here is a very early and hard to find piece from 1970. The label is blank, and no information is known as to the manufacturer. It was produced in the USA, most likely from the West coast. The first issue had a very small title stamp on the front of a blank white cover. No other information was included. Later editions had a 5x7 white or yellow insert pasted over the stamp. This is a copy of the later edition with the white insert.

Side one:
Who killed Davy Moore? *
Moonshine blues **
Allen Stone Interview (partial)
Please, Mrs. Henry
Million dollar bash
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread
Allen Stone Interview (partial)
Car car *** Side two:
Ballad of Donald White *
Man on the street
He was a friend of mine
Song to Woody
One too many mornings ** Side one is the 1967 Basement tapes except:
* Carnegie Hall October 26 1963
** 'Times' outtake
*** Gaslight tape.
The interviews are from the Allan Stone interview from Detroit, in October of 1965

Side two is from the Gaslight tapes except for
* Broadside show WBAI radio, NY - March '62
** 1969 Johnny Cash TV documentary
Dylan, Bob - Bootleg Series 1-3
(Columbia 889853-63341 EU-17 EX 700:-)

Bob Dylan proved to be not only one of the most bootlegged of 20th Century performers, but also one of the first (GREAT WHITE WONDER was one of the releases that turned bootlegging from a pastime into an industry).

Over the years, Dylan's legions of fans rabidly traded recordings of live shows, out-takes, demos and other rare material. THE BOOTLEG SERIES attempts to supply the definitive collection of what had been bootlegged material. Its 5 LP's move along chronologically, spanning the length of Dylan's career and providing candid, previously verboten glimpses into his creative process, and consequently, his musical genius.

2017 re-issue 5LP Box Set with a 12" x 12" booklet.
Dylan, Bob - Days of '49
(Cookroom 001 EU-90 EX 275:-)

This is a fairly nice over all package containing various rarities recorded during the 'Never Ending Tour' 1988-1990. Limited to 350 hand numbered copies (#220). Because each song is from a different source, the quality varies widely.
Dylan, Bob - Fountain of Fortune
(Gentlemens Club of Spaulding EU-9? VG+ 300:-)

This 1990 title is a little cheesy as European pieces go. The cover is a black and white folder type wraparound, the inner flaps list the song titles with times, and personnel. It was recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon, February 8, 1990 and was limited to 500 copies. It is a fairly good field recording albeit a little muffled and distant sounding. The sleeve has a previous owners name in ink on the back.
Dylan, Bob - Good as I been to You
(Columbia ‎COL-472710-1 Hol-92 EX 500:-)

This 1992 release was Dylan's first solo acoustic release since his early-'60s folkie period. By the early '90s, the archetypal song poet had gone down so many wrong compositional roads he rightly decided it was time to take a break from songwriting.

Focusing on traditional folk songs (and recorded live in the studio in one take) - Dylan reinvents his Guthrie-derived '60s folk style, using the age and wisdom inherent in his raspy voice to invest these songs with new life.

Original Dutch pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Dylan, Bob - Great White Wonder
(Unofficial BD-LP101/2 Swe-69 VG+ 600:-)

One of the most famous bootlegs of all time. This is the first bootleg ever to be produced in the rock-and-roll era.

The 2LP set was supposedly composed of mostly unheard songs recorded by Bob Dylan and members of the Hawks (or The Band). Other material included a never-before heard (by the masses) version of Dylan’s tune “The Mighty Quinn” and a couple other songs in previously non-recorded versions.
Dylan, Bob - John Birch Societey Blues
(bootleg Swe-7? EX 500:-)

This title was used for many different albums. TMOQ and Berkeley, among others, have released a wide variety of forms of this LP; all based on the original "GWW Sings the John Birch Society Blues".

Side one:
Mixed up confusion
East Laredo
I'll keep it with mine
John Birch Society blues
Who killed Davy Moore?
Eternal circle
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie

Side two:
I was young when I left home
Percy's song *
Corrina Corrina **
In the evening
Long John

1) CBS 45 released in 1962
2) "Another side" outtake June 1964
3) "BIABH" outtake 1965
4) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63
5) Carnegie Hall October 26, 1963
6) "Times" outtake 1963
7) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63
Side 2
Minneapolis, December 1961 except:
* "Freewheelin" outtake 1963
** CBS 45 released in 1962
Dylan, Bob - Live 1987
(Colucia KC-87925 Swe-87 EX 600:-)

On the "Temples in Flames Tour", Bob Dylan was supported by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The tour started with two concerts in Israel as well as covering various European countries culminating in four concerts at Wembley Arena in London, England.

3LP set recorded in
Gothenburg, Sweden, September 25, 1987 (A-1 to C-2)
Stockholm, Sweden, September 26, 1987 (C-3 to D-3)
Copenhagen, Denmark, September 21, 1987 (D-4 to E-5) Helsinki, Finland, September 23, 1987 (F-1 to F-6)

Manufactured by what later became the Crystal Cat label. Limited edition of 750 [#222] copies, approximately 400 of these were seized and destroyed by the authorities.
Dylan, Bob - Live in Oslo
(Summertime DY081 Ger-86 EX 600:-)

The "Bob Dylan World Tour 1981" lasted from June 10, 1981 to November 21, 1981 and consisted of 54 concerts in three legs: 31 in North America and 23 in Europe. The tour promoted the release of Dylan's 1981 album "Shot of Love".

This 3LP set is recorded at Drammenhalle, Drammen, Norway July 10, 1981 and is pressed on beautiful gray and purple marble vinyl. It is a soundboard recording of the entire show; along with complete song separation, and the almost nonexistent audience noise, many songs sound like studio tracks.
Dylan, Bob - Night at the Greek's
(Berkeley [none] Ger-86 EX 800:-)

The "True Confessions Tour" was a concert tour by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The tour started with two concerts in New Zealand and thirteen concerts in Australia before four concerts in Japan. Both Dylan and Petty took a break after this tour before returning to the road in June to perform a forty-one date tour of the United States and Canada.

This one's a monster. 4 LPs, 2 full shows - a well recorded audience tape was used from two consecutive nights at Berkeley's famous Greek Theater on June 13 & 14, 1986. Allegedly limited to 50 copies on black vinyl!
Dylan, Bob - Spanish Boot
(Not On Label none Ger-88 VG+ 500:-)

In the late spring of 1984 Bob Dylan set out on a twenty-seven date European tour, playing some of the biggest and best known European music venues. His band included ex-Rolling Stone Mick Taylor on guitar, ex-Faces' keyboard player Ian McLagan, drummer Colin Allen and bassist Greg Sutton. Warm-up act on the tour was Santana; Carlos Santana usually joined Dylan on stage for the encores.

This is one incredible 3LP set, pressed on green and/or red transparent vinyl. The show is a good field recording, made on June 28 in Barcelona, that at most times sounds like a soundboard tape.
Dylan, Bob - Stealin'
(bootleg Swe-70 EX 500:-)

This 1969 release is among the first bootlegs ever made in the Rock era. It remains one of the best as far as song selection and quality as well. It contains studio outtakes from The Times they are a-changing, Another Side of Bob Dylan, Bringing it all Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and four songs from the Minnesota Tapes. 1970 saw the release of this curious USA piece from an unknown Label. Because of the fact that it has no matrix, a blank label, and was issued in a blank white cover; it is referred to as the 'Blank Label' album. Pressed from it's own unique plates, it is slightly inferior to the Har-Kub release. Also, for whatever reason, 'Sitting on a barbed wire fence' has been omitted from side one. The LP was exported to Sweden where it was repackaged and released by Skand Industrioffset.
Dylan, Bob - Trouble no More
(Sony 8985-45466 EU-17 EX 500:-)

Dylan on the road from the late 70s to early 80s – bringing words and wisdom that are more spiritually inspired than anything he'd put out before – backed by some of the most soulful arrangements and players he's ever had behind him!

"Trouble No More" is all unreleased material and focuses on the live shows in support of what's since been dubbed Dylan's "Christian Period" – which is essentially true – and has long been ripe for a reassessment. The gravelly nature of his voice in the later years, which kind of begin here, gives it a really passionate vibe, while the bluesy soul arrangements and gospel style backing singers provide such a lovely backdrop.

All tracks are previously unreleased, and captured live from throughout the 1979-1981 tours – with a few that were never on any Dylan studio albums at all, making the live recordings all the more vital!
Dylan, Bob - Witmark Demos
(bootleg Ger-83 VG+ 500:-)

This great German vinyl release - covering the 1962 to 1964 Witmark and Sons demos - came in a deluxe black box with a white cover and gold lettering; and was printed on colored (blue, red, and orange) vinyl with custom gold labels. It includes a typed insert that lists song titles, track times, and comments.