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Gabriel, Peter - Submerge
(Impossible Recordworks IMP2-22 US-78 EX 300:-)

As the leader of Genesis in the early '70s, Peter Gabriel helped move progressive rock to new levels of theatricality. He was no less ambitious as a solo artist, exploring darker, more cerebral territory, incorporating avant-garde, electronic, and worldbeat influences into his music.

Side 1-3: Recorded 1977 at the Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles

Side 4: Recorded 1978 at The Bottom Line, New York City.
Garnett, Gale - My Kind of Folk Songs
(RCA Victor LSP-2833 US-64 VG+ 275:-)

Gale Zoë Garnett was born in Auckland, New Zealand; her family moved to Canada when she was 11, and she made her public singing debut in 1960. In 1964, Garnett scored a Top Five pop hit with her original composition "We'll Sing in the Sunshine," and recorded her debut album, MY KIND OF FOLK SONGS, for RCA Victor.

Original US STEREO pressing on the black "Stereo Dynagroove" label.
Gore, Leslie - California Nights
(Mercury SR-61120 US-67 EX 300:-)

When Lesley Gore recorded "California Nights" in 1967, it had only been two years since her last big hit, but it felt like even longer due to all the shifting trends of the late '60s. Assisted by producers Bob Crewe and Quincy Jones, Gore dove right into the fashionable sounds of Los Angeles in 1967. It was hardly hippie and not quite psychedelic but those trippy sounds were certainly in the air and can be heard here via fuzz guitars, mind-bending echoes and whirling strings.

Original US Stereo issue on the Mercury label.
Grand Funk - Shinin' On
(Capitol SWAE-11278 US-74 VG+ 275:-)

One of the 1970s' most successful hard rock bands in spite of critical pans, Grand Funk Railroad built a devoted fan base with constant touring, a loud, simple take on the blues-rock power trio sound, and strong working-class appeal.

After racking up their biggest success to date with "We're an American Band", Grand Funk decided to keep a good thing going by retaining Todd Rundgren as their producer and continuing to push their sound in a pop/rock direction. The end result has its moments but is not as strong as "We're an American Band".

Original US pressing in a 3D gimmick cover with 3D glasses affixed and a 3D 12" x 24" cardboard poster.
Grateful Dead - PNE. Garden Aud., Vancouver
(Rhino R1-557457 US-17 EX 375)

Born out of the burgeoning West Coast hippie scene in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district during the late '60s, and inextricably linked to psychedelic experimentation, the Grateful Dead blended Psychedelic Folk music and a transformative live experience that grew into the largest, most devoted, and longest lived cult following in the history of popular music.
"July 29 1966, P.N.E. Garden Aud., Vancouver Canada" contains the complete concert recorded at the Pacific National Exhibition Garden Auditorium in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 29, 1966. It also includes four songs recorded at the same venue on the following day. It was produced as a two-disc vinyl LP in a limited edition of 6,600 copies.
Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood
(Line/Grateful Dead GDLP-4.00643 Ger-89 EX 275:-)

The Grateful Dead took a 3-year hiatus from the studio after cutting their iconic AMERICAN BEAUTY. When they returned, they made WAKE OF THE FLOOD, which finds the band at a transitional point between the country-folk influences of their earlier work and the art-rock adornments forthcoming on efforts like TERRAPIN STATION. The result is an album of finely crafted songs that bows to familiar roots conventions while exploring some intriguing new ground.

German pressing by Line Records on WHITE vinyl.
Groundhogs - Hoggin' the Stage
(Psycho PSYCHO-24 UK-84 VG+ 275:-)

The Groundhogs were never British blues at its most creative, but they did sometimes stretch the form in unexpected ways, usually at the hands of their creative force, guitarist/vocalist Tony McPhee.

This 2LP set (with a bonus "7 single) collects live recordings from Leeds (1971), London (1971) and Stockholm (1976).