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Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps from the Move
(AAB-Production ‎HANOI-LP2 Fin-84 VG+ 375:-)

Hanoi Rocks became the most successful and influential Finnish band of the 1980s and they released five studio albums and two live albums before disbanding in June 1985.

Upon the release of their magnum opus "Two Steps from the Move", it was fair to say the world lay at hard-living Hanoi Rocks’ feet. But as they teetered on the brink of going global, heart’n’soul drummer Razzle was killed in DUI Vince Neil’s speeding car and the dream was over.

Original Finnish pressing complete with 16 page magazine.
Hapshash & the Coloured Coat - Western Flier
(Liberty LBS-83212-E UK-69 VG+ 400:-)

Hapshash & the Coloured Coat's second and final album was a much more conventional and organized affair than the relatively anarchic, free-form (read songless) structure of their debut. Because of that, some listeners might be inclined to dismiss it as a sellout of sorts. Most listeners, however, will find it far easier to bear than its predecessor, even if it does sound more like a collection of tracks by a few different bands rather than a unified work.

The sleeve of this copy has a small tear on the back from a removed sticker; the vinyl is graded Very Good+.
Harper, Roy - Bullinamingvase
(Harvest SHSP-4060 UK-77 VG+ 300:-)

An idiosyncratic British singer/songwriter acclaimed for his deeply personal, poetic lyrics and unique guitar work, Roy Harper was a mainstay of London's Les Cousins folk club, performing alongside the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake.

First released in 1977, this album was recorded by Roy at home in Hereford. He borrowed gear and people from EMI's Abbey Road studio to help with the project. The album features a host of stars including Ronnie Lane who came in for a day to help out and members of Wings.

Original UK pressing with bonus "7.
Harper, Roy - Flashes from the Archives
(Harvest SHDW-405 UK-74 VG+ 350:-)

An idiosyncratic British singer/songwriter acclaimed for his deeply personal, poetic lyrics and unique guitar work, Roy Harper was a mainstay of London's Les Cousins folk club, performing alongside the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake.

By the time "Flashes From the Archives of Oblivion" was released, Roy Harper had already released seven albums and had even opened for Led Zeppelin during their ninth American tour. While it did not change Harper's obscurity, it did serve as an effective summation of his stunning work.
Hell, Richard - R.I.P.
(ROIR A-134 US-84 EX 100:-)

This Richard Hell compilation was originally released in 1984 as a cassette-only release and was later re-released on CD (different cover, same track listing).

It collects a total of 14 tracks (most studio, some live) and serves as a solid anthology/greatest-hits compilation. The selections span his career from 1975-1984, from one of his first bands (the legendary Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders) up until a later incarnation of the Voidoids. The sound quality is consistent for the most part, and the music is rough, raw, and rocking -- in other words, classic Richard Hell.
Highway Robbery - Highway Robbery
(RCA Victor LSP-4735 US-72 EX 800:-)

This is Highway Robbery's only album. A shame, cause they could make some good music.

Highway Robbery balanced their hippie idealism with thunderous arrangements redolent of early Black Sabbath. The combination was a winning one, but it served to confuse record purchasers and also their record company, who dropped them shortly after the album’s release.
Hole - Ask for It
(Caroline CAROL1470-1 US-95 EX 275:-)

Throughout Hole's career, vocalist/guitarist Courtney Love's notorious public image has overshadowed her band's music. In their original incarnation, Hole was one of the noisiest, most abrasive alternative bands performing in the early '90s.

Scarce 1995 US limited edition 6-track PINK VINYL LP featuring Peel Session tracks from November 1991 and Live Versions recorded at The Whiskey in 1992.
Hollies - For Certain Because...
(Parlophone PCS-7011 UK-66 VG+ 300:-)

The Hollies were formed in Manchester in the early 60's. Known for their distinctive vocal harmony style, they became one of the leading British groups of the 1960's and early 1970's.

"For certain because..." was their first album entirely composed of original material, and it echoed pop's increased sophistication with fuller, more adventurous arrangements and more personal, folk-rock influenced compositions.
Holocaust - Live (Hot Curry & Wine)
(Phoenix PSPLP-4 UK-83 VG+ 375:-)

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Holocaust cut their teeth in local clubs during the waning days of punk, before finally scoring an independent record deal.

"Live (Hot Curry & Wine)" was taped at Edinburgh's Niteclub in September 1981. Metallica famously covered “The Small Hours” on their "The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Visited". Even today James Hetfield proudly wears a Holocaust patch on his denim vest.
Hunger - Strictly from Hunger
(Akarma AK-045 Ita-99 EX 400:-)

Hunger! (originally from Portland, Oregon), were full-fledged members of the L.A. psych scene of the late-sixties, and despite their opening for top-shelf acts like the Doors and The Strawberry Alarm Clock, their one and only album did not make much of a splash at the time, and the band dissolved soon after its release. However, the album has since become one of the most collectible in its genre and upon listening one can see why. This rhythm-heavy Doors-influenced hard psych is frequently referred to as 'one of the best psychedelic albums of all time'! Band member Ed King went on to play with the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Housed in a plain black box of quite thin cardboard with only a small sticker on the front, this box set couples both Akarma releases 'Strictly From Hunger!' (AK 045) on black vinyl and 'The Lost Album' (AK 045/2).