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Habeas Corpus - My Roots
(Anazitisi ARLP-80-31 Greece 2009 EX 350:-)

Habeas Corpus formed in Athens, Greece in 1977. Originally a trio of guitar-bass-drums and occasionally, at some live gigs, a quartet with the addition of a keybordist/guitarist. At the end of 1981, all three members participated to the foundation of the more well-known band, Syndromo and made an album for Vertigo in 1982.
Habeas Corpus music is instrumental (no vocals) and combines heavy progressive rock and jazz/fusion rock with classical and Greek traditional tinges all around. This release collects all their recorded material from 1980-82. A couple of the tracks are from a studio demo while the other 6 tracks are recorded "live". All tracks are unreleased and uncompiled.

From the original 2-track master tapes and fully licenced by Stavros Theodorakos. It will include a 20x20cm triptych (6 pages in total) with bio, photos and memorabilia and a big gig poster from their last appearance, early 1982. 180g vinyl, strictly limited to 150 hand-numbered copies (#99)!
Hapshash & the Coloured Coat - Western Flier
(Liberty LBS-83212-E UK-69 VG+ 500:-)

Hapshash & the Coloured Coat's second and final album was a much more conventional and organized affair than the relatively anarchic, free-form (read songless) structure of their debut. Because of that, some listeners might be inclined to dismiss it as a sellout of sorts. Most listeners, however, will find it far easier to bear than its predecessor, even if it does sound more like a collection of tracks by a few different bands rather than a unified work. The sleeve of this copy has a small tear on the back from a removed sticker; the vinyl is graded Very Good+.
Hardin, Tim - Suite for Susan Moore
(CBS 63571 UK-70 EX 300:-)

The 1969 concept album SUITE FOR SUSAN MOORE AND DAMIAN is a rambling yet compelling paean to Hardin's wife and son. Haunting, sparsely decorated songs share space with spoken word interludes in this exploration into the darker side of love. Hardin's fragile vocals border on free-form jazz, echoing Tim Buckley or even Van Morrison during "Last Sweet Moment".

1970 UK plain orange label stereo LP, gatefold pocket picture sleeve with gold 'stereo' sticker on the back. The sleeve shows only the lightest signs of its age & the vinyl reveals minimal play!
Harper, Roy - Flashes from the Archives
(Awareness AWLD-1012 UK-89 EX 275:-)

At the time somewhat better known for its sleeve - a full-frontal nude photo of Roy Harper which supposedly incited a staff walkout at EMI's pressing plant - this 2LP set is in fact a solid live document. Unlike most live albums of the era, which seek to recreate an entire concert, these tracks were recorded on the road in a variety of halls over the course of a full year with Harper and the Intergalactic Elephant Band. The result is that each track is the best possible version of that song, giving the album a solidity and substance.

Originally released in 1974 on Harvest. Both sleeve and vinyls are graded EX.
Harrison, George - All Things must Pass
(EMI 7243-530474 EU-01 VG+ 500:-)

Without a doubt, George Harrison's first solo recording, originally issued as a triple album, is his best. Drawing on his backlog of unused compositions from the late Beatles era, Harrison crafted material that managed the rare feat of conveying spiritual mysticism without sacrificing his gifts for melody and grand, sweeping arrangements. Enhanced by Phil Spector's lush orchestral production and Harrison's own superb slide guitar, nearly every song is excellent!

Original UK re-issue from 2001. The box shows some minor wear - the vinyls are graded EX.
Harrison, George - Living in the Material World
(EMI/Apple EAS-80697 Jap-77 VG+ 300:-)

On his first studio album since the artistic and commercial triumph of his 1970 solo debut, Harrison opted to produce himself rather than continue his association with producer Phil Spector. Boasting an intimate, organic sound that is far-removed from Spector's wall-of-sound production of ALL THINGS MUST PASS, LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD shows a more reflective, acoustic-oriented side of the ex-Beatle.

1977 Japanese Rare 2nd Apple issue of the 1973 11-track vinyl LP with beautiful colour picture labels, gatefold picture sleeve including glossy illustrated 12-page booklet with superb Japanese text chronology ['All About Mr. George Harrison'], 4-page lyric insert, custom tan paper inner and wide picture obi-strip, which has a small tear at the bottom.
Hazlewood, Lee - Cowboy in Sweden
(LHI Records LHI-3101 Swe-70 EX 300:-)

Lee Hazelwood is a strange guy. A producer in the '50s and a singer-songwriter in the '60s and '70s, he has fashioned an utterly unique composite by combining cowboy themes, rockabilly, ballads, and richly orchestrated pop with his clever, honest, and sometimes oblique lyrics.

In 1970, Hazelwood traveled to Sweden to collaborate with director Tobjorn Axelman. For one of these ventures, Hazelwood wrote and performed the music for the titular television program.

Judging by the album alone, the film must have been exceedingly surreal, since the record exists in its own space and time. At its core, it's a collection of country and cowboy tunes, much like the work he did with Nancy Sinatra, but the production is cinematic and psychedelic, creating a druggy, discombobulated sound like no other. This is mind-altering music -- the combination of country song structures, Hazlewood's deep baritone, the sweet voices of Nina Lizell and Suzi Jane Hokom, rolling acoustic guitars, ominous strings, harpsichords and flutes, eerie pianos, and endless echo is stranger than outright avant-garde music, since the familiar is undone by unexpected arrangements.

Original Swedish pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Hazlewood, Lee - Requiem for an Almost Lady
(Viking VIF-5000 Swe-71 EX 600:-)

"Requiem For An Almost Lady" may well be the heaviest breakup record no one ever heard. This sublime collection consists of 10 short, simple, economically orchestrated songs, featuring Lee's lovesick baritone cushioned only by bass, acoustic guitar and occasional steel. Though overall a dark and fragile meditation, "Requiem", like all of Lee's solo work, thrives on an arch alchemy of humor, passion and smarts; his sadness is wet with wily wit, his curses cut with cleverness.

"Requiem" is also one of the rarest LPs in the Hazlewood canon; originally released only in Sweden and the UK, it is truly a great lost album, an important piece of the mature phase of Lee's career, in which nearly every song is of the highest craft.

Original Swedish pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Hole - Ask for It
(Caroline CAROL1470-1 US-95 EX 275:-)

Throughout Hole's career, vocalist/guitarist Courtney Love's notorious public image has overshadowed her band's music. In their original incarnation, Hole was one of the noisiest, most abrasive alternative bands performing in the early '90s.

Scarce 1995 US limited edition 6-track PINK VINYL LP featuring Peel Session tracks from November 1991 and Live Versions recorded at The Whiskey in 1992.
Hollies - Evolution
(Parlophone PCS-7022 UK-67 VG+ 500:-)

Wonderful work from The Hollies – from a time when the group was moving way past simple Brit Invasion Pop! The Hollies hit a really special sort of sound here – slightly trippy, but still razor-sharp – making great use of the voice of Graham Nash, and also getting some perfect assistance on arrangements from Mike Vickers – who knows how to be ambitious with arrangements, but still keep things very focused! The tunes are overflowing with new ideas, but are still super-catchy too!

Original UK pressing with 'Sold In The UK' & 'Gramophone Co' credits on the black & yellow labels. The label of Side 1 has residue from a sticker; sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Hollies - For Certain Because
(Parlphone PCS-7011 UK-66 VG+ 700:-)

The Hollies was formed in Manchester in the early 1960s. Known for their distinctive vocal harmony style, they became one of the leading British groups of the 1960s and early 1970s.

"For Certain Because" was their first album entirely composed of original material, and it echoed pop's increased sophistication with fuller, more adventurous arrangements and more personal, folk-rock-influenced compositions. Such ws the intense competition of the time that this record couldn't hope to take on "Revolver", "Aftermath" or "Face to Face", but it nevertheless remains an admirable effort that may stand as the group's most accomplished album.
Hollies - Hollies
(Parlophone PMCS-309 Swe-65 VG+ 400:-)

When the Hollies - one of the best pop/rock acts of the British Invasion - began recording in 1963, they relied heavily upon the R&B/early rock & roll covers that provided the staple diet for countless British bands of the time. They quickly developed a more distinctive style featuring three-part harmonies (heavily influenced by the Everly Brothers), ringing guitars, and hook-happy material.

Swedish only compilation on the black/yellow Parlophone label. Both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Hollies - Vintage Hollies
(WRC Records YEX-144 UK-67 EX 350:-)

IN THE HOLLIES STYLE is the Hollies' second album, released, as was their first album, in 1964. Yes, those were the days when rock bands had a real work ethic. The album is a real find for Hollies fans and a treat for British Invasion buffs. In fact, it's a perfect snapshot of the pop moment of the day, mixing cover versions of then-recent American R&B hits with group originals.

1967 STEREO re-issue on the World Record Club series.
Holly, Buddy - Showcase
(MCA P-6215 Jap-84 EX 300:-)

The second of the posthumously overdubbed albums, Showcase presented a number of rock & roll cover songs performed by Buddy Holly, most of them recorded during his sessions in Nashville in 1956. It was not Holly at his best, though the performances were often spirited.

Japanese 12-track reissue of the original 1964 Coral 12-track vinyl LP. Issued in a great colour picture sleeve, complete with lyric insert and '30th Anniversary of Rock & Roll Series' obi-strip.
Hunger - Strictly from Hunger
(Akarma AK-045 Ita-99 EX 400:-)

Hunger! (originally from Portland, Oregon), were full-fledged members of the L.A. psych scene of the late-sixties, and despite their opening for top-shelf acts like the Doors and The Strawberry Alarm Clock, their one and only album did not make much of a splash at the time, and the band dissolved soon after its release. However, the album has since become one of the most collectible in its genre and upon listening one can see why. This rhythm-heavy Doors-influenced hard psych is frequently referred to as 'one of the best psychedelic albums of all time'! Band member Ed King went on to play with the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Housed in a plain black box of quite thin cardboard with only a small sticker on the front, this box set couples both Akarma releases 'Strictly From Hunger!' (AK 045) on black vinyl and 'The Lost Album' (AK 045/2).