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Leaves - Hey Joe
(Line LLP-5144AS Ger-81 EX 275:-)

One of the first LA folk-rock groups to spring up in the wake of the Byrds in the mid-'60s, the Leaves are most remembered for recording the first -- and one of the most successful -- rock versions of "Hey Joe".

This is one hell of a debut album, especially for a group that only lasted for about a year after its release. The Leaves perform some superb folk-rock in a Byrds/Beatles vein, excellent lyrical garage punk, solid hard rock, and cross swords with the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.
Lee, Brenda - Miss Dynamite
(Brunswick LAT-8347 UK-61 VG+ 300:-)

One of the biggest pop stars of the early '60s, Brenda Lee hasn't attracted as much critical respect as she deserves. She is sometimes inaccurately characterized as one of the few female teen idols. More crucially, the credit for achieving success with pop-country crossovers usually goes to Patsy Cline, although Lee's efforts in this era were arguably of equal importance. While she made few recordings of note after the mid-'60s, the best of her first decade is fine indeed, encompassing not just the pop ballads that were her biggest hits, but straight country and some surprisingly fierce rockabilly.

Original UK Vinyl.
Lennon, John - Rock n Roll
(EMI 855671-1 UK+97 EX 350:-)

In the five years following the break-up of the Beatles, John Lennon established himself as a critically and commercially successful solo artist in addition to dealing with a number of private and public tribulations. Lennon eventually released Rock 'n' Roll, a batch of covers ranging the gamut of early rock classics from the '50s and '60s. Lennon threw himself lovingly into this project that hearkened back to the simpler times of being a teenager smitten with the sounds of Chuck Berry and Little Richard (both of whom are represented on this record), light years away from any kind of political statements.

Released in 1997 with heavy quality sleeve and on 180gr Virgin Vinyl this is the 9th album in EMI's "Centenary" series. Most of these Centenary albums are collectible but since this was 1997 these albums came out in very limited quantities and are now not easy to track down. These will only go up in price in the years to come!
Litter - Emerge
(Probe CPLP-4504 US-69 EX 375:-)

The Litter's Emerge combines the sound of the Amboy Dukes with Blue Cheer while vocalist Mark Gallagher at times does his best to imitate Jack Bruce adding Cream to the band's list of textures.

Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "Little Red Book" gets torn apart in the translation and is lots of fun. Lead guitarist Ray Melina takes the band to the world of British rock with his "Breakfast at Gardenson's," the light feeling here a total about-face, a transition that complements the huge sound on most of the record.

Original US pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Little Steven - Voice of America
(EMI America 1A-064-2401511 Hol-83 VG+ 275:-)

E-Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt left the band following the recording of "Born in the USA" to persue his own career. "Voice Of America" was his second album, after his prior release "Men Without Women", and he was again backed by the Disciples Of Soul. Van Zandt himself handled vocals and guitars, producing a straight-ahead rock record with punk underpinnings and strong percussive rhythms.

Original Dutch pressing. This copy has been signed by Steve van Zandt on the front cover and on the lyrics insert.
Lords - Some Folks by the Lords
(Hör Zu SHZE-174 Ger-67 VG+ 350:-)

The Lords started out as a skiffle band in Berlin using partly custom-made instruments. In 1964 when Beatlemania and the British Invasion swept across the world, they turned into "Germany's First Beat Music Act" and developed their classic style for which they are still known in Germany today. They also appeared as supporting act of The Kinks and The Who on German tours of the two English bands, and performed on the contemporary TV music program Beat-Club several times. This is their third album, a classic LP and an exclusive top rarity.
Lucas, Buddy - Shake Rock Ratlle and Roll
(Today's Records 3002 US-? VG+ 275:-)

From the late 1940s onwards, Alonza Westbrook "Buddy" Lucas was a much-in-demand session saxophonist on the East Coast - that's him blowin' on Dion's "The Wanderer" and Frankie Lymons' "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," amongst many others. Like Big Al Sears, Warren Luckey, Willis Jackson and various other New York saxophonists, he played his part in the growth of rhythm and blues, without garnering much acclaim.

Original US pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Lucifer's Friend - Where the Groupies...
(Vertigo 6360.602 Ger-72 VG+ 800:-)

A German outfit fronted by a British singer (John Lawton), Lucifer's Friend first gained minor notoriety, and later major cult status, as both early practitioners of heavy metal and progressive rock.

"Where the Groupies killed the Blues" is a bit more un-even than the debut but it still contains peaks of brilliance. Apart from the idiotic album name and poor artwork to fit it, the music presented here is a little more adventurous but can be compared to Wallenstein's first two albums and Uriah Heep.

Original German pressing; originally issued with a poster, which is missing from this copy...