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Laraaji - Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
(Editions EG EGAMB-003) UK-80 VG+ 375:-)

Other-worldly genius from the legendary Laraaji - a really special record that was done in collaboration with Brian Eno, showcasing some of the "fourth world" sounds that he was working in at the time!

The album's got a special something extra compared to other Laraaji albums - a sonic clarity that Eno brings to the hammered zither lines and rhythms - in ways that really transform the acoustic sounds, and almost showcase them with a similar forward-thinking quality as Eno's electronic work. Yet the music isn't electronic at all, and maybe far warmer in tone than any of the other Ambient records.
Led Zeppelin - Remasters
(Atlantic 7567-80415-1 EU-90 VG+ 1250:-)

"Remasters" is a three-LP compilation album of remastered material by Led Zeppelin.

Containing songs from the band's eight studio albums, it was initially released in the UK and Japan in 1990. The 3LP set is essentially a scaled-down version of the 6LP/4CD "Led Zeppelin" Boxed Set.
Lennon, John - Rock n Roll
(EMI 855671-1 UK+97 EX 300:-)

In the five years following the break-up of the Beatles, John Lennon established himself as a critically and commercially successful solo artist in addition to dealing with a number of private and public tribulations. Lennon eventually released Rock 'n' Roll, a batch of covers ranging the gamut of early rock classics from the '50s and '60s. Lennon threw himself lovingly into this project that hearkened back to the simpler times of being a teenager smitten with the sounds of Chuck Berry and Little Richard (both of whom are represented on this record), light years away from any kind of political statements.

Released in 1997 with heavy quality sleeve and on 180gr Virgin Vinyl this is the 9th album in EMI's "Centenary" series. Most of these Centenary albums are collectible but since this was 1997 these albums came out in very limited quantities and are now not easy to track down. These will only go up in price in the years to come!
Litter - Emerge
(Probe CPLP-4504 US-69 VG+ 300:-)

The Litter's "Emerge" combines the sound of the Amboy Dukes with Blue Cheer while vocalist Mark Gallagher at times does his best to imitate Jack Bruce adding Cream to the band's list of textures.

Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "Little Red Book" gets torn apart in the translation and is lots of fun. Lead guitarist Ray Melina takes the band to the world of British rock with his "Breakfast at Gardenson's," the light feeling here a total about-face, a transition that complements the huge sound on most of the record.
Little Steven - Voice of America
(EMI America 1A-064-2401511 Hol-83 VG+ 275:-)

E-Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt left the band following the recording of "Born in the USA" to persue his own career. "Voice Of America" was his second album, after his prior release "Men Without Women", and he was again backed by the Disciples Of Soul. Van Zandt himself handled vocals and guitars, producing a straight-ahead rock record with punk underpinnings and strong percussive rhythms.

Original Dutch pressing. This copy has been signed by Steve van Zandt on the front cover and on the lyrics insert.
Love - Out Here
(Blue Thumb BTS-9000 US-69 VG+ 600:-)

Although they never quite reached national or international fame, Love was extremely influential in California on artists such as Jimi Hendrix and the Doors.

Arthur Lee marked his departure from Elektra by jettisoning his old band line-up and putting out the only double-album in the Love discography.

'Out Here' is a sprawling, uneven work whose high points rank with anything from their Elektra discography, and whose low points descend to a level dependent upon your tolerance for blues-rock jams circa 1969! It's Love louder than you've ever heard them before, with the characteristic Arthur Lee whimsy intact!
Love Sculpture - Forms and Feelings
(Parlophone PCS-7090 UK-74 VG+ 300:-)

Like many similar bands of the time, Love Sculpture was really a showpiece for Dave Edmunds' guitar-playing talents.

"Forms and Feelings" essentially replicates the high-voltage attack of their debut album, "Blues Helping", and Edmunds does stuff with his guitar on this album that you won't hear him do anywhere else.

1974 third UK pressing on the B&W "two EMI logo" labels.