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Mad River - Mad River
(Capitol ST-2985 US-68 VG/VG+ 500:-)

Originally from Ohio, but based in Berkeley, Mad River was very much part of the West Coast scene, not only musically, but also politically and in touch with the poetry movement of the time.

Heavy rock from the late 60s San Francisco scene! Mad Rivers debut album's got some really heavy guitar work and high-spirited vocals that predate many of the bigger concept 70s groups -- done in a style that's pretty darn jamming, and which has a nice righteous edge at times.
Mad River - Paradise Bar and Grill
(Capitol ST-185 US-69 VG+ 300:-)

Originally from Ohio, but based in Berkeley, Mad River was very much part of the West Coast scene, not only musically, but also politically and in touch with the poetry movement of the time.

Their second and final album, 1969's "Paradise Bar and Grill", was for the most part an abrupt about-face from the debut. Produced by Jerry Corbitt of the Youngbloods (who also adds some steel-guitar), the tracks largely retreated into calm country-rock, spurred by ex-folkie Hammond's love of country artists such as Merle Haggard.
Mama Lion - Give it Everything I've Got
(Philips 6369.252 Fra-73 VG+ 350:-)

Mama Lion was US blues/psychedelic rock band formed by Lynn Carey (lead vocals) and Neil Merryweather (bass, vocals) in Los Angeles in 1972. The band included a young James Newton Howard, who would go on to become well-known as a writer and performer of movie scores.

This, their second album, continues where their debut left off, lots of raw blues rock with superb vocals from Lynn Carey.
Manfred Mann - Mann Made
(His Master's Voice CSD-1628 UK-65 VG+ 275:-)

An R&B band that only played pop to get on the charts, Manfred Mann ranked among the most adept British Invasion acts.

"Mann Made" is the second studio album by Manfred Mann. There were fewer R&B songs on "Mann Made" than on "The Five Faces of Manfred Mann" and more pop. Mike Vickers and Paul Jones would leave the group after this album.
McCafferty, Dan - Into the Ring
(Mercury 830.934-1 Ger-87 VG+ 500:-)

William Daniel McCafferty is a Scottish vocalist, best known as the lead singer for the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth from its founding in 1968 to his retirement from touring with the band in 2013.

"Into the Ring" was McCafferty's second solo album. It was released on vinyl only in Germany.
McCartney & Wings, Paul - Wild Life
(Apple PCS-7142 UK/Swe-71 VG+ 275:-)

Following the solo album "McCartney" and the session musician-recorded "Ram", Paul McCartney was keen to work once again with a regular band. He enlisted drummer Denny Seiwell, who had previously played on "Ram", and Denny Laine, formerly of The Moody Blues.

In every sense, "Wild Life" is the work of a still-young man still reeling from the '60s, unsure what to do with himself, in a still-young decade that had the same problem. Much of it is great - like the title track, an ominous, slow-mo blues, showcasing a throat-shredding McCartney vocal and a genuine sense of doom.

UK vinyl in a Swedish sleeve.
Merry-go-Round - same
(A&M SP-4132 US-67 VG+ 300:-)

The Merry-Go-Round's self-titled album is a breathtaking blend of chiming folk-rock guitars, British Invasion harmony vocals, baroque pop arrangements, and pure pop songcraft.

The Beatles are a huge influence, and there is plenty of McCartney in Emitt Rhodes' sweet vocals and their vocal harmonies. You can hear the Byrds a bit, some Left Banke, some L.A. garage - the group definitely didn't exist in a vacuum.
Moebius & Plank - Material
(Sky Records sky-067 Ger-81 VG+ 600:-)

'Material' is the second album of playful studio experimentation from Konrad 'Conny' Plank and Cluster's Dieter Moebius.

It was recorded at Plank's studio and features the two friends and collaborators in an endearingly explorative mode. The throbbing rockabilly send-up 'Conditionierer' makes a crazy start to the album, and much like the rest of their work at this time, strangely predates the techno culture of Germany by a decade or so.
Moebius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta
(Sky Records sky-039 Ger-80 VG+ 700:-)

'Rastakraut Pasta' is an album of odd studio experiments from the legendary Conny Plank and Dieter Moebius. This album appeared after some of Dieter's best works with Eno and Roedelius, and at the start of a fruitful pairing with seminal studio engineer, Plank.

Obviously influenced by Jamaican dub and perhaps tired with lovely kosmiche trips, this album just reeks of smoke and heated circuitry, keeping the pace to a lethargic waddle throughout.
Morrison, Van - Moondance
(Warner Bros WS-1835 Ger-70 VG+ 500:-)

Maybe the greatest album ever from Van Morrison – and a set that broke into a whole new side of his talents! Van's producing himself on the record – not really in the conventional role as a producer, but in a way that has him really writing most of the album as he goes along in the studio – using core ideas for tunes, and fleshing them out in a relatively spontaneous way with the musicians involved – at a level that also shows some of the most jazzy elements of Morrison's music to date!

1st German Pressing.
Mott the Hoople - Rock n Roll Queen
(Island ILPS-9215 UK-72 EX 300:-)

ROCK AND ROLL QUEEN is an excellent introduction to Mott the Hoople's pre-"All the Young Dudes" background, with tracks that one would consider truly representative of their early powers - the title track, of course, the claustrophobic hard rockers "Walking With a Mountain" and "Thunderbuck Ram," and the grinding "Death May Be Your Santa Claus".

Original UK pressing on pink rimmed Island 'palm tree' label.
Mott the Hoople - same
(Island ILPS-9108 UK-69 VG+ 600:-)

Mott's first album is always a delight to listen to. A healthy mixture of covers and originals, it opens with an instrumental cover of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me". Two more covers follow, Doug Sahm's "At The Crossroads" and Sonny Bono's "Laugh At Me", both highlighting the fact that in the early days Ian Hunter's vocal delivery was influenced by Bob Dylan - indeed Dylan fan Lester Bangs, reviewing the album in Rolling Stone magazine, gave it a glowing review, convinced that Dylan had recorded an album under an assumed name.

Original UK pressing. The inside of the gatefold has a previous owners nametag.
Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride
(Island ILPS-9148 UK-71 VG+ 300:-)

Solid jamming from Mountain – one of the tightest guitar-based groups of their day, and hard rockers that could serve up a nice dose of soul!

The tunes have a great mix of tight rhythms and fierce guitars, with some nice production overall by Felix Pappalardi.