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Searchers - It's the Searchers
(Pye NPL-18092 UK-64 VG+ 275:-)

The Searchers were one of the most popular British Invasion bands in the mid 60's and this is perhaps their best studio album, with classic hits like "Needles and Pins" and "Don't throw Your Love away". It also features some of their best LP cuts, on which they applied their famed harmonies to American material that was both strong and obscure.

Original UK MONO pressing; the vinyl has a few superficial marks - the sleeve has a previous owners name on the back.
Sex Pistols - Live at the 100 Club
(Raven SP-6148 bootleg EX 300:-)

The Sex Pistols may have only been together for two years in the late '70s, but they changed the face of popular music. Through their raw, nihilistic singles and violent performances, the band revolutionized the idea of what rock & roll could be. In England, the group was considered dangerous to the very fabric of society and was banned across the country; in America, they didn't have the same impact, but countless bands in both countries were inspired by the sheer sonic force of their music, while countless others were inspired by their independent, do-it-yourself ethics.

Incorrectly states "Live at the 100 Club, London, Sep. 24, 1976" on front sleeve. Actually this is a live recording at the 76 Club, Burton upon Trent, Sep. 24, 1976.
Simon, Paul - Negotiations and Love Songs
(Warner Bros 925789-1 EU-88 SS 500:-)

In his career, Paul Simon has had an impeccable ability to bring together melody and lyric with various global styles, creating some of the smartest pop around. Ever since he left behind the rigid musical borders of Simon & Garfunkel's folk-rock, Simon has built upon that fertile base. And as NEGOTIATIONS AND LOVE SONGS, a Warner Brothers-era greatest hits compilation, clearly shows, Simon expanded his cultural horizons and sent his musical appetite into overdrive to separate his compositions from those of his contemporaries.

Rare promotional vinyl in a single pocket picture sleeve and housed in a custom title printed cloth sleeve which remains stitch sealed around the edges - an unusual promo rarity!
Simple Minds - Selfluminous
(Mixeye 240-31984 EU-84 VG+ 300:-)

From their beginnings as a raw, glammed-up New Wave band in 1977 to their complex Alternative Rock of the present, Simple Minds has maintained a dramatic flair and a deep complexity in their constantly changing sound. Jim Kerr's vocals leap effortlessly from raw Punk raspiness to urgent emotional release while the rest of the band pits guitar distortion against saxophone leads and vaulting Gospel vocals against bubbling Synth Pop keyboards.

This 2LP set was recorded at Falkonerteatret, Copenhagen, on March 26th, 1984.
Small Faces - The Autumn Stone
(Immediate IMAL-01/02 UK-69 VG+ 500:-)

Small Faces were the best English band never to hit it big in America. Outside Europe, all anybody remembers them for is their sole hit, "Itchycoo Park," which was hardly representative of their psychedelic sound, much less their full musical range - but in England, Small Faces were one of the most extraordinary and successful bands of the mid-'60s, serious competitors to the Who and potential rivals to the Rolling Stones.

THE AUTUMN STONE is a mix of hit singles, from the Decca years and up through their final 45, "The Universal," plus three songs recorded live at Newcastle Town Hall in early 1968, a bunch of album tracks, and some unissued tracks from the tail end of their history, presumably intended for the never-finished third Immediate LP.

1969 UK 2LP set, gatefold picture sleeve. The sleeve (VG) has edge scuffing & paper loss - the vinyl is graded VG+.
Sonics - Here are the Sonics
(Etiquette ETLP-024 US-84 VG+ 275:-)

Of all the garage bands that made a glorious racket in the 1960s, few if any were louder, wilder, or more raw than the Sonics, a Tacoma, Washington quintet whose over the top style, complete with roaring guitars, pounding drums, and the fevered howls of lead singer Gerry Roslie, anticipated the mania of punk and pushed rock & roll deep into the red zone during their 1963-1966 heyday.

The Sonics debut album show a band at the peak of its power, ready to mow down the competition without even blinking twice. The flame-throwing hits of "The Witch," "Psycho," "Boss Hoss," and "Strychnine" are aboard, along with versions of "Do You Love Me," "Dirty Robber," "Have Love Will Travel," and "Walkin' the Dog" that are no less potent.

Springstee, Bruce - Hammersmith Odeon '75
(Columbia 88985-387091 EU-17 VG+ 375:-)

On November 18, 1975, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band made their first concert appearance outside of America, at London's Hammersmith Odeon. "Born to Run" had been released three months earlier, and Springsteen had famously appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek three weeks before the Hammersmith gig - was the rest of the world finally ready for him? More than 40 years later, "Hammersmith Odeon London '75" answers with a resounding "yes" -and now, for the first time on vinyl, fans can experience the magic of that unforgettable night.

Record Store Day 2017 release.
Springsteen, Bruce - Born to Run
(CBS ‎CBSH-80959 Ger-80 EX 275:-)

BORN TO RUN is the album that turned Springsteen from a phenomenon into a superstar. His first couple of releases found Bruce working out his fascination with Dylan and Van Morrison on earthy, wordy, folk-rock-R&B tunes full of soul and punch. On BORN TO RUN, Springsteen became even more ambitious, synthesizing Spectorian production with Orbison-esque drama and Duane Eddy-influenced guitar work, creating something grand enough to be called rock opera but too proletarian to ever claim that title.

Scarce 1980 German CBS Mastersound half-speed mastered audiophile vinyl LP, gatefold picture sleeve with Mastersound insert.
Springsteen, Bruce - Boston Hall 3-3-74
(New Jersey [none] Ger-86 EX 375:-)

This gig was recorded at the 750-seat Gaston Hall in Boston, on March 3, 1974. The 90-minute 2nd show was simulcast on WGTB-FM (the non-profit school station) and this 2LP set represents that entire 2nd show.

This show finds Ernest "Boom Boom" Carter at the drums; he joined the E-Street band after Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez was fired in February, 1974. The band also includes David Sancious on keyboards; he and Carter left that October to start the jazz fusion project Tone.
Springsteen, Bruce - Gold, Dust and Rock n Roll
([bootleg] SG3 Ita-86 EX 375:-)

The "Born in the USA Tour" was Springsteen's longest and most successful tour to date. It featured a physically transformed Springsteen; after two years of bodybuilding, the singer had bulked up considerably. The tour was the first since the 1974 portions of the "Born to Run" tours without guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who was replaced by Nils Lofgren.

This 3LP set was recorded at the first of two shows at Ulllevi Stadium in Gothenburg, on June 8, 1985. This is an Italian bootleg of the Swedish bootleg "The Clear Difference"; it comes with an 8 page booklet with pictures from the show.
Springsteen, Bruce - Honeymoon, vol 1 & 2
(Spacematic SM8596 Bel-85 EX 400:-)

The "Born in the USA Tour" was Springsteen's longest and most successful tour to date. It featured a physically transformed Springsteen; after two years of bodybuilding, the singer had bulked up considerably. The tour was the first since the 1974 portions of the "Born to Run" tours without guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who was replaced by Nils Lofgren.

This 4LP set was recorded at the second of two shows at Ulllevi Stadium in Gothenburg, on June 9, 1985. The set comes with a bonus single with songs from Newcastle, June 4 & 5.
Springsteen, Bruce - In Concert: Unplugged
(Columbia 473860-1 Hol-93 EX 1250:-)

Asked to perform on MTV UNPLUGGED, Bruce Springsteen, typically intractable, started out with an unreleased solo acoustic ditty, announced that the unplugged portion of the show was over and called out a full electric band to play the rest of the set. This isn't the E Street Band, but the session band he assembled to tour after releasing HUMAN TOUCH and LUCKY TOWN in 1992. The set is heavy with songs from those albums--vaguely optimistic tunes about love, babies, and the light of day that waits just around the bend even through the darkest night.

Dutch limited edition 13-track double live LP issued to coincide with his 1993 European Tour, housed in hype stickered picture sleeve with tour dates on the reverse, plus original lyric inners.
Springsteen, Bruce - Prisoner of Love
(Garden State [bootleg] EX 375:-)

The "Tunnel of Love Express" was designed to disorient Springsteen's audiences. A theatrical entrance began the show, a full horn section appeared, band members were rearranged from their customary positions, and on-stage spontaneity was kept to a minimum. Set lists were unusually static, and many of Springsteen's most popular concert numbers were omitted altogether. Instead, the shows featured Springsteen B-sides and outtakes as well as renditions of obscure genre songs by others.

4LP Set, recorded at the Capital Cetre, Landover, MD, on April 4, 1988.
Springsteen, Bruce - The Clear Difference
(Spacematic [bootleg] EU-85 VG+ 400:-)

The "Born in the USA Tour" was Springsteen's longest and most successful tour to date. It featured a physically transformed Springsteen; after two years of bodybuilding, the singer had bulked up considerably. The tour was the first since the 1974 portions of the "Born to Run" tours without guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who was replaced by Nils Lofgren.

This 3LP set was recorded at the first of two shows at Ulllevi Stadium in Gothenburg, on June 8, 1985. The set was limited to 1000 copies and came with a bonus single with songs from Wembley and Leeds.
Springsteen, Bruce - This Gun's for Hire
(Paladin HGWT-1959 US-8? EX 600:-)

The "Born in the USA Tour" was Springsteen's was longest and most successful tour to date. It featured a physically transformed Springsteen; after two years of bodybuilding, the singer had bulked up considerably. The tour started in June 1984 and went through the United States and to Canada. In March 1985 the tour went to Australia, Japan and Europe. It then headed back for a second leg of the U.S. tour in which Springsteen and the E Street Band played to sold-out professional football stadiums. The tour finished in October 1985 in Los Angeles.

This 5LP set was recorded at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA, on Sep 18, 1984.
Squire - Official Fan Club Album
(Hi Lo SFC-1 UK-80 EX 350:-)

An incredibly hard to find relic of the mod revival years, a 13-track roundup of rarities that peaks, on side two, with a fiery live sequence that reminds listeners just how ill-suited many of these bands were to the studio environment — and just how readily Squire bucked that trend. Their natural habitat remained the sweat- and beer-soaked atmosphere of a tiny club packed with parkas and Union Jacks, and the seven live songs here are delivered with a frenzy that can readily be compared to a maniacal cross between vintage Jam and classic Kinks.
Standells - In Person at P.J.'s
(Liberty LST-7384 US-64 VG+ 400:-)

The Standells made number 11 in 1966 with "Dirty Water," an archetypal garage rock hit with its Stones-ish riff, lecherous vocal, and combination of raunchy guitar and organ. While they never again reached the Top 40, they cut a number of strong, similar tunes in the 1966-1967 era that have belatedly been recognized as '60s punk classics.

A year or two before they really hit upon the garage rock style for which they're most known, the Standells were a popular club band in Los Angeles, grinding out covers of recent hits. "In Person at PJ's" is a document of their live set at the time, the ten tracks devoted mostly to well-worn R&B/rock tunes of the era.

Original US pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Starr, Ringo - Sentimental Journey
(Apple PCS-7101 UK-70 VG+ 375:-)

Even though Ringo warned fans and critics by stating that SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY was an album that he "made for his mum," few people expected the Beatles' drummer to release an album of schmaltzy pop standards from the 40's and 50's. While it takes a few moments to adjust to hearing the voice that sang "Yellow Submarine" and "With A Little Help From My Friends" tackle such songs as "Sentimental Journey" and "Bye, Bye Blackbird," Ringo's warm, engaging voice makes this album work. Featuring tasteful arrangements by Paul McCartney, Beatles producer George Martin and others, SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY is a friendly, laid-back pop album that has even gained some retrospective charm in light of the late-'90s resurgence of lounge music.

Original UK pressing, housed in a fully laminated picture sleeve.
Stems - At First Sight Violets are Blue
(White Label L38735 Aus-87 EX 375:-)

The Stems' debut sits comfortably in the pantheon of timeless Australian albums of the era. First single ‘At First Sight’ is a bona fide classic of Australian indie-pop and the subsequent singles ‘For Always’ and ‘Sad Girl’ cemented a truly engaging and high-quality album. The Stems, like their compatriots The Church, Hoodoo Gurus and The Go Betweens straddle a retro-jangle garage pop sound that relies on shimmering guitar and organ that is solidly held together by melodic and catchy hooks. This album is pure listening pleasure - and will delight all collectors and casual listeners alike.

Original Australian pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Sterophonics - You gotta go There
(V2 VVR1021901 EU-03 EX 500:-)

Kelly Jones was still licking some serious wounds due to the breakup of his 12-year relationship with his girlfriend and a fallout with a best mate. The band's 2001 release, JUST ENOUGH EDUCATION TO PERFORM, briefly touched upon his broken heart; however, Jones' darkest period came later as the band played countless sold-out gigs across Europe throughout late 2001 and 2002.

Jones found himself personally and professionally isolated - emotionally distant from his bandmates and best friends, drummer Stuart Cable and bassist Richard Jones, and creatively exhausted. However the fire that had made this band a major force in the post-grunge English rock scene still burned. YOU GOTTA GO THERE TO COME BACK captures Jones' soulful journey, and the band's classic rowdy rock style is as sultry as ever.

2003 13-track vinyl 2-LP set, presented in a great gatefold picture sleeve, complete with picture inner sleeves.
Stewart, Al - Love Chronicles
(CBS 63460 UK-69 VG+ 275:-)

Scottish singer/songwriter Al Stewart has been an amazingly prolific and successful musician across 50 years, working in a dizzying array of stylistic modes and musical genres -- in other words, he's had a real career, and has done it without concerning himself too much about trends and the public taste

For his second album, Al Stewart forsook the orchestral arrangements of BEDSITTER IMAGES, teaming up with Fairport Convention and others for the rock-oriented LOVE CHRONICLES, which Melody Maker nominated as Folk LP of 1969. The album is enhanced by some effective use of electric guitar, courtesy of Richard Thompson and Jimmy Page.

UK first issue 6-track stereo LP, internal pocket gatefold picture sleeve with lyrics inside. The sleeve shows just a little light shelfwear with some light creasing - the vinyl is graded Very Good+. A nice copy!
Stone Country - same
(RCA Victor LSP-3958 Ger-68 EX 300:-)

Stone Country was psychedelic country-rock outfit led by gifted singer/songwriter and guitarist Steve Young. Young, who grew up in the south, moved to New York City in the early '60s, where he became affiliated with the burgeoning Greenwich Village folk music scene. He later moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and began working with Van Dyle Parks and Stephen Stills while still working his day job as a mailman. He formed Stone Country in 1967 and soon thereafter the band was signed to RCA Records.

Original German pressing on the black/silver RCA Victor label.