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Tempest - Living in Fear
(Island ILPS-9267 Swe-74 VG+ 275:-)

Forged by Colosseum drummer Jon Hiseman, Tempest appeared on the scene in 1972. Paul Williams, who had sung for Juicy Lucy, provided vocals, jazz fusion legend Allan Holdsworth manned the guitar, and fellow Colosseum member Mark Clark supplied the bass.

The group released its self-titled debut in 1973. Williams and Holdsworth left the following year and was replaced by Ollie Halsall from Patto. The resulting "Living in Fear" was released in 1974. The group split up in 1975, with the members going off into various bands, including Colosseum II, Uriah Heep, and Boxer.

Original Swedish pressing.
Theatre of Tragedy - Aégis
(Swanlake MAS-LP0159 Ger-98 EX 375:-)

This Norwegian band from Stavanger started as death/doom metal, being one of the first bands to add sopranos to the genre. After two albums they switched their style to atmospheric gothic metal on 1998's "Aégis".

German PICTURE DISC in PVC sleeve.
Thunders, Johnny - Too Much Jukiebusiness
(ROIR A-118 US-83 100:-)

"Too Much Junkie Business" is a compilation of studio demos and live recordings, recorded in late 1982 by protopunk guitarist and singer Johnny Thunders. It is one of the original releases by Neil Cooper's then cassette-only label ROIR.

The album is notable for being one of the few places to find studio versions of Thunders' live staples "In Cold Blood" and "Just Another Girl", but the album is dominated by live recordings of a typically sloppy and chaotic Thunders performance at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City. Thunders also interjects some studio-recorded interjections throughout the album, including one where he claims that the title track, another live staple, was co-written by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley along with its actual author, longtime Thunders co-conspirator Walter Lure.
Toto - Kingdom of Desire
(Columbia 471633-1 Hol-92 VG+ 275:-)

Originally a group of Los Angeles based studio musicians (including guitarist Steve Lukather, keyboardist David Paich, and the Porcaro Brothers (Joe Porcaro, Steve Porcaro and Mike Porcaro)) aside from doing session work for other stars, Toto had a lengthy career of hits in their own right.

After a long absence from their previous studio album "The Seventh One", this was Toto's return album. Having been plagued with personel problems, this was to be a much leaner and meaner 4 piece Toto with a much much rockier, heavier and at times darker presence, than before. It was to be the last album with Jeff Porcaro - not long after the album was recorded he was tragically killed in a most bizarre and unforseen of deaths having inhaled pesticide whilst gardening, triggering a fatal heart attack.
Trader Horne - Morning Way
(Janus JLS-3012 US-70 VG+ 350:-)

One of the most interesting one-shots of the early '70s, this duo featured Irish multi-instrumentalist Jackie McAuley, who was responsible for some of those great organ lines on Them's early records, and Judy Dyble, who sang on Fairport Convention's first album before being replaced by Sandy Denny in 1968.

Their sole LP contains nice British folk-rock with an Olde English, fairy-tale air, and will appeal to fans of the early work of Fairport Convention.

Original US pressing.
Traffic - Colored Rain
(Island ILP-800 Swe-67 VG+ 800:-)

Though it ultimately must be considered an interim vehicle for singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist Steve Winwood, Traffic was a successful group that followed its own individual course through the rock music scene of the late '60s and early '70s.

Rare original 1967 Swedish-only album; on the pink Island label stereo LP. Vinyl is graded as EX with only a couple of barely visible surface marks which due to the depth of the grooves & the heavyweight vinyl of this 1960's pressing remain inaudible. It is housed in a unique fully laminated picture sleeve which is graded VG+; very rare!
Traffic - Last Exit
(Island ILPS-9097 UK-69 VG+ 700:-)

Though it ultimately must be considered an interim vehicle for singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist Steve Winwood, Traffic was a successful group that followed its own individual course through the rock music scene of the late '60s and early '70s.

When Traffic announced their breakup in '69, Island assembled this LP from cuts they'd recorded but not issued. An unexpected gem resulted, icluding "Just for You", "Feeling Good", "Withering Tree", "Blind Man" and more!

Original UK pressing on the 1st "Pink Island" label; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+
Traffic - Where the Eagle flies
(Island ILPS-9237 UK-74 VG+ 275:-)

Traffic's last album before their 1974 split takes the jazz-rock textures of THE LOW SPARK OF HIGH HEELED BOYS and SHOOT OUT AT THE FANTASY FACTORY to a logical conclusion. The songs here are more tightly structured than they had been on previous records, with only three of the seven tracks creeping over the six-minute mark. However, the band's interplay is more rhythmically loose than ever before.

Original UK pressing, complete with card lyric inner, textured picture sleeve.
Troggs - Cellophane
(Page One POLS-003 UK-67 VG+ 800:-)

The Troggs' third British LP is one of the more sought-after collector's items of the late 1960s. The group followed a more subdued, soft-rock folk-psychedelic path than they had on their earlier recordings, which wasn't necessarily a bad idea, as the hit single "Love Is All Around" proved.

Original UK STEREO pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.