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Tamouz - End of the Orange Season
(CBS 81095 Isr-76 VG+ 275:-)

Tamouz (Hebrew: תמוז‎) was an Israeli Rock Band which released the influential album "End of the Orange Season" (סוף עונת התפוזים) in 1976. The band did not attain much commercial success, but they are a reference point in Israeli Rock, with hits like: "Sof Onat Ha'Tapuzim" (End of the Orange Season) and "Ma She'Youter Amok Yoter Cachol" (The Deeper The Bluer). The album in considered by many listeners to be the best Israeli Rock album of all time. Both principal songwriters and singers in the band, Shalom Hanoch and Ariel Zilber became very successful solo stars in Israel.

This copy shows some minor wear, but still contains the original lyric sheet in Hebrew!
Ten Years After - Recorded Live
(Chrysalis CTY-1049 UK-73 EX 275:-)

"Recorded Live" certainly captures the era when this double-LP set was recorded. Approaching the end of their run, Ten Years After were deep into the thick of '70s arena rock, so everything they played on-stage wound up stretching well beyond the five-minute mark. The best parts here are the improvisations, particularly Alvin Lee's long, languid guitar solos.

Original UK pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Theatre of Tragedy - Aégis
(Swanlake MAS-LP0159 Ger-98 EX 375:-)

This Norwegian band from Stavanger started as death/doom metal, being one of the first bands to add sopranos to the genre. After two albums they switched their style to atmospheric gothic metal on 1998's "Aégis".

German PICTURE DISC in PVC sleeve.
Thunders, Johnny - Too Much Jukie Business
(ROIR A-118 US-83 150:-)

"Too Much Junkie Business" is a compilation of studio demos and live recordings, recorded in late 1982 by protopunk guitarist and singer Johnny Thunders. It is one of the original releases by Neil Cooper's then cassette-only label ROIR.

The album is notable for being one of the few places to find studio versions of Thunders' live staples "In Cold Blood" and "Just Another Girl", but the album is dominated by live recordings of a typically sloppy and chaotic Thunders performance at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City. Thunders also interjects some studio-recorded interjections throughout the album, including one where he claims that the title track, another live staple, was co-written by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley along with its actual author, longtime Thunders co-conspirator Walter Lure.
Townshend, Pete - Who came First
(Classic Records TR 2408-01 US-00 EX 400:-)

One of the more introspective and spiritual albums of Who leader Pete Townshend's solo career came at a time when the Who's rock & roll was shaking the earth. WHO CAME FIRST is centered on Townshend's quest for spiritual enlightenment, in this case through the teachings of the famed guru Meher Baba. Those accustomed to the Who's ear-shattering loudness and guitar-smashing violence will no doubt be just as disarmed at the relative peace found in the acoustic-based musings.

US exclusive LP pressed on 200gram QUIEX SUPER VINYL, presented in gatefold picture sleeve!
Traffic - Colored Rain
(Island ILP-800 Swe-67 VG+ 800:-)

Though it ultimately must be considered an interim vehicle for singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist Steve Winwood, Traffic was a successful group that followed its own individual course through the rock music scene of the late '60s and early '70s.

Rare original 1967 Swedish-only album; on the pink Island label stereo LP. Vinyl is graded as EX with only a couple of barely visible surface marks which due to the depth of the grooves & the heavyweight vinyl of this 1960's pressing remain inaudible. It is housed in a unique fully laminated picture sleeve which is graded VG+; very rare!
Traffic - Where the Eagle flies
(Island ILPS-9237 UK-74 VG+ 275:-)

Traffic's last album before their 1974 split takes the jazz-rock textures of THE LOW SPARK OF HIGH HEELED BOYS and SHOOT OUT AT THE FANTASY FACTORY to a logical conclusion. The songs here are more tightly structured than they had been on previous records, with only three of the seven tracks creeping over the six-minute mark. However, the band's interplay is more rhythmically loose than ever before.

Original UK pressing, complete with card lyric inner, textured picture sleeve.
Troggs - Cellophane
(Page One POLS-003 UK-67 VG+ 800:-)

The Troggs' third British LP is one of the more sought-after collector's items of the late 1960s. The group followed a more subdued, soft-rock folk-psychedelic path than they had on their earlier recordings, which wasn't necessarily a bad idea, as the hit single "Love Is All Around" proved.

Original UK STEREO pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.