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U2 - Keeping the Faith
(Spacematic 8-52501 Swz-8? EX 300:-)

Through a combination of zealous righteousness and post-punk experimentalism, U2 became one of the most popular rock & roll bands in the world -- equally known for their sweeping sound as for their grandiose statements about politics and religion.

Recorded during the "Unforgettable Fire Tour" in Stockholm on January 25, 1985. This show features an epic performance of "40"; it clocks in at just under 15 minutes long.
U2 - The Joshua Tree
(Island U26P Ita-?? EX 300:-)

Having nearly exhausted their capacity for pop-song politics on WAR and THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE, U2 turned toward themes of personal identity and complex relationships on THE JOSHUA TREE.

Not that the group was willing to come down off the barricades entirely: "Mothers of the Disappeared" and "Bullet the Blue Sky" turned a jaundiced eye toward Central America and the United States's role there. But the predominant mood here is one of self-discovery and the hunger for something more on tracks like the pulsating "Where the Streets Have No Name" and the gospel-ish "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". The album's masterstroke, however, is "With or Without You", a nasty love song dressed up as an ode of devotion and care.

Unofficial Picture Disc; claims to be made in Mexico, but is actually an Italian pressing.
Uriah Heep - Return to Fantasy
(Bronze P-8580B Jap-75 EX 300:-)

With Uriah Heep's deep grinding Hammond, glittery falsetto vocal harmonies, Prog flirtations, bell-bottom guitar solos, and a whole lot of rock 'n' roll, it's easy to see why this band was such an underrated influence on the many bands that followed in their platform bootsteps.

This 1975 album was a partial return to form for Uriah Heep. The band was in some turmoil at the time, due to the pressures of constant touring and the debilitating effects of drugs and alcohol. By this time, the band's style was well-established - a blend of hard rock and progressive elements.