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Complete "D" Singles, vol 3
(Bear Family BCD-15.834-1 Ger-00 475:-)

Pappy Daily's 'D' Records is one of the great untold stories in hillbilly, rockabilly, and Texas dancehall music. The four CDs in this -- the third volume in the complete 'D' retrospective -- covers the period from October 1959 to August 1960. The focus is squarely on the fabulous east Texas honky tonk sound, and this set includes such 'D' classics as Claude Gray's 'Family Bible' (a Willie Nelson-penned Top 10 country hit), Hardrock Gunter's 'Jumpin' Mule', Bill Mack's 'John's Back In Town' (written by and featuring Waylon Jennings), and early Willie Nelson, featuring unissued takes of 'Night Life' and 'Rainy Day Blues'.

4-CD Box set with a 52 page booklet.
MNW: Ljud från Waxholm 1969-2009
(MNW BOK-1 Swe-09 200:-)

4 CD's inside the cover of a 132 page hardback book, celebrating the first 40 years of the Swedish Independant label MNW. Interviews, cover art and complete MNW discographies.
Nuggets II
(Rhino R2-76787 US-01 700:-)

All those who enjoy music richer in energy and daring than intelligence and maturity should add "Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond (1964-1969)" to their music collection - where it should sit right next to the series' first volume.

The lyrics to songs such as "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" and "14 Hour Technicolour Dream" won't unlock life's mysteries, but the reckless abandon with which these songs were written and played will remind anyone how it feels to be young and angst-ridden. A few of the selections, including "Pictures of Matchstick Men," achieved some commercial success upon release; some were covered by bands more recent or lasting than the mostly one-hit wonders who performed the originals; others are so simple they sound like a lot of rock songs; and a number include a distinctive sound or effect other rockers felt compelled to steal. Plenty of songs, though, will be new to all but the most dedicated collectors, and the fact that the best of these didn't make the charts when they were originally released confirms that timing is indeed everything. A final note: While the music in this collection is certainly worth the price, the beautiful liner notes - all 100 pages worth - offer a treasure-trove of information, great graphics, and lots of yuks.
Trains & Cars
(Membran 222687-354 Ger-05 225:-)

Rock ‘n‘ Roll, Blues & Hillbilly - three cognated styles, that have anyhow each its own characteristics. On 4-CD Box Set, famous artists like Bill Haley, the Miller Brothers and Tiny Bradshaw will take the audience to the world of americas music of the 1950s.
Vee Jay - 1953-1993
(Vee Jay 54106-04002 US-93 275:-)

Most conversations about Vee-Jay Records will usually be limited to a few salient facts: that they put out great, influential blues and R&B records during the '50s and '60s. That they became the most successful African-American-owned record company in the United States, breaking into the pop field with hits by Gene Chandler, Dee Clark, and the early sides by the Four Seasons. That they were the first American company to have the Beatles. And that, with all that success, they went bankrupt by 1966.

But the Vee-Jay Records story is, for all its twists and turns, a true American success story that went sour. This 3CD Box Set contains all the important sides, 75 of them, that moved Vee-Jay from a Gary, IN, storefront to a major corporation.