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Ciotti, Roberto - Super Gasoline Blues
(Strange Days POCE-1189 Jap-07 225:-)

Roberto Ciotti (1953–2013) was an Italian bluesman, composer and professional guitarist. Born in Rome, Ciotti began playing the guitar at the age of 12. From 1970 to 1972 he was a member of the jazz band Blue Morning, then he started a solo career as a bluesman, collaborating with Chet Baker, Francesco De Gregori and Edoardo Bennato, among others. His debut album was "Supergasoline Blues", released in 1978.

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Healey, Jeff - Hell to Pay
(Arista ARCD-8632 US-90 200:-)

A solid follow-up to Healey's impressive debut, Hell To Pay features some of the guitarist's hottest playing to date.

Tour Edition Pack - Comes in a 7.5" x 7" x 1.5" cardboard box that is styled to look like a shipping trunk.
Hopkins, Lightnin' - Lightnin' and the Blues
(P-Vine PCD-23783 Jap-06 200:-)

Lightnin Sam Hopkins stands alone. The master of spontaneous musical combustion, Hopkins magnificent guitar idiosyncrasies and deeply expressive vocals qualify him as on the most arresting and irresistible practitioners in all of the blues.

These 30 tracks, comprising the original "Lightnin & the Blues" LP and additional songs he cut for Herald Records in April 1954, qualify as the ultimate showcase for Hopkins prodigious blues power. Lightnin didn t just sing the blues, he embodied them; his mesmerizing electric guitar doesn t just walk and talk it howls, growls and testifies, coiling up and striking out with stinging precision.

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K-Doe, Ernie - A Real Mother-in-Law for Ya
(Westside WESA-915 UK-02 275:-)

Since his big hit was "Mother-In-Law," a funny song that could easily be perceived as a novelty, Ernest Kador Jr is often dismissed when it comes to the top rank of New Orleans R&B singers. That's an inaccurate assessment, as this delightful compilation proves. Part of the reason, of course, is that these are the Toussaint sessions, and Allen Toussaint is the king of late-'50s and -'60s New Orleans R&B, not only writing classics like "Mother-in-Law," but producing sessions that had precisely the right combination of rolling rhythms, horns, mellow funk, pianos, and warm vocals from the friendly, skilled Ernie K-Doe. He didn't have as rich a selection of material as, say, Fats Domino or Lee Dorsey, but he was at the top tier of the second tier, as this compulsively listenable 29-track collection proves.
Winter, Johnny - Johnny Winter
(Sony SICP-3097 Jap-11 200:-)

Among white blues singers of the 1960s, there were some who studied the music so intently they amazed even the genre's creators with their technical mastery. A select few, however, seemed to be born oozing authenticity, sounding just as soulful as the greatest black bluesmen while forging a completely new sound. Johnny Winter belonged in the second category. A long-haired hippie albino, he astounded initially skeptical listeners with his Howlin' Wolf-like vocals and wild Johnny Guitar Watson-esque guitar stylings.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 5 Bonus Tracks