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(1989 Ron Howard 50:-)

The trials and tribulations of middle-class family life are depicted in director Ron Howard's humorous and loving ode to the joys of parenthood.

Middle-manager Gil Buckman struggles to reconcile his ambitions at work with his loyalty to his family, particularly to his troubled son, Kevin. His divorced sister Helen has a sullen and withdrawn son and a sexually active teenage daughter. Gil's other sister, Susan, is a schoolteacher married to an ambitious yuppie determined to make a genius of their 3-year-old daughter. Their long-lost brother, the irresponsible Larry, has always been daddy's favorite and returns home with an illegitimate son named Cool.
Patrouille de France: Rolling in the Sky
(documentary 50:-)

France has a long history of innovation in aviation, so it's no surprise that the French Air Force would have one of the finest aerobatic teams in Europe. Patrouille De France show this precision flight team in action, with plenty of stunning footage of their thrilling air shows.
Peter's Friends
(1992 Kenneth Branagh 50:-)

After his father's death, the grieving Peter (Stephen Fry) invites a group of college friends, who have been separated for 10 years, to a New Year's Eve reunion at his English countryside estate. In scenes by turns funny and sad, they talk over old times, reassess their life choices, and finally come together to help each other through an unexpected crisis. Kenneth Branagh's ensemble comedy is punctuated by a classic rock soundtrack that recalls the chums' university days. A witty, heartwarming film, PETER'S FRIENDS includes fine performances by Branagh, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton, and Rita Rudner.
(1993 Jonathan Demme 50:-)

Up-and-coming young lawyer Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) has just been fired by his prestigious law firm. They say he hasn't got what it takes. Andrew knows it's because he's got AIDS. Determined to defend his professional reputation, Andrew hires fierce, brilliant personal-injury attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) to sue his former employers for wrongful dismissal. Joe is initially reluctant to take on the case. Although he as grown up knowing the pain of prejudice, he's never had to confront his own prejudices against homosexuality and AIDS...until now. One man is fighting for his reputation, his life and for justice. The other is battling to overcome his own and society's ignorance and fear.
Pickle, The
(1993 Paul Mazursky 50:-)

Director Harry Stone (Danny Aiello) is in a jam. Facing fiscal ruin after a trio of box-office bombs, he compromises his artistic integrity helming a sci-fi flick about some teens and their space-traveling gherkin. Returning to New York City for the premiere, Harry spends the next 24 hours on a gastronomic, alcoholic and sexual binge trying to suppress memories of his life's failures as anxiety mounts over the film he's sure will end his career.
Pierrot le Fou
(1965 Jean-Luc Godard 150:-)

Based on Lionel White's novel 'Obsession', Pierrot Le Fou, is the story of a bored husband who runs away from Paris to the South of France with an unpredictable but beguiling young babysitter (Anna Karina) after a corpse is found in her flat. After an idyllic time at the seaside they hit the road once more and get by from stealing, soon becoming embroiled in the machinations of two rival gun running gangs and a man who may or may not be the girl's brother.

Belmondo was nominated for a BAFTA for his perfomance in this tragic tale of a romantic couple who cannot escape fate no matter how far they flee.
Pink Panther strikes Again
(1976 Blake Edwards 50:-)

Driven mad by Inspector Clouseau's (Peter Sellers) incompetence, Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) commandeers a doomsday device and threatens global destruction. His only demand? Clouseau's death. But Clouseau's dumb luck serves him so well that the 26 assassins hired to kill him can't manage to get the job done -- though Clouseau may very well do the trick himself by tripping over his own two feet!
(1995 Mike Gabriel 80:-)

The romance between the spirited Indian beauty Pocahontas and the handsome British captain John Smith is painted in dazzling colors and sweeping music. This 33rd animated feature from Disney boasts the voice talents of Mel Gibson, Linda Hunt, and David Ogden Stiers.