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Scenes from a Mall
(1991 Paul Mazursky 50:-)

Bette Midler and Woody Allen star in director Paul Mazursky's comedy as a professional Los Angeles couple--Deborah (Midler) is the author of a best-selling self-help book about marriage and has been wed to successful lawyer Nick (Allen) for 16 years. They live a high-pressure professional life, complete with matching Saabs, two kids, a house in the hills, beepers, cell phones, and a constant barrage of client phone calls. To celebrate their anniversary, they decide to embark on a spending spree at the Beverly Center mall. But while there, each makes a startling revelation that rocks their marriage.
Sea of Love
(1990 Harold Becker 50:-)

Lonely, burnt-out NYPD detective Frank Keller (Al Pacino, in a Golden Globe-nominated performance) is on the hunt for a serial killer who uses personal ads to attract potential victims in director Harold Becker's taut, suspenseful thriller. Unfortunately, Frank falls hard for Helen (Ellen Barkin), the alluring top suspect in the case. Now, their white-hot attraction could save him -- or kill him.
Searching for Bobby Fischer
(1991 Steven Zaillian 50:-)

svensk titel: Oskyldiga Drag

After watching speed chess in Washington Square Park, 7-year-old Josh Waitzken (Max Pomeranc) gets hooked on the game. Josh's father (solidly played by Joe Mantegna) learns that his son is a chess whiz and decides to hire an implacable chess master (Ben Kingsley) to coach the boy. When Josh is entered into high-stress competitions, what was once a pleasant hobby turns into a source of anxiety and indignation, forcing dad to reassess his decision.
Secret of NIMH
(1982 Don Bluth 80:-)

Don Bluth's THE SECRET OF NIMH is an exquisitely drawn, colorfully animated feature about Mrs. Brisby, a brave mother field mouse who struggles to save her family's home from a farmer's plow. She soon discovers she needs the help of the strange, intelligent rats who live beneath the nearby rosebush in an intricate city. But when the timid but determined Mrs. Brisby discovers the astounding wonders of NIMH, it could change her life forever. From the Hitchcockian flashback sequence revealing the rats' secret to the moral questions raised about animal testing, this film is a beautiful example of how animation can expertly tell a gripping story while still remaining appropriate and entertaining for children.
Sense and Sensibility
(1995 Ang Lee 50:-)

svensk titel: Förnuft och Känsla

Jane Austen's classic tale of 19th-century etiquette and ethics chronicles the troubles and triumphs of the marriage-minded Dashwood sisters -- sensible oldest sibling Elinor (Emma Thompson) and her romantic younger sister, Marianne (Kate Winslet). While Marianne deftly charms two suitors (Alan Rickman and Greg Wise), Elinor must weather a circuitous courtship with an aspiring clergyman (Hugh Grant) of considerable reserve.
Serial Mom
(1994 John Waters 50:-)

John Waters takes aim at his favorite target -- the social set of his hometown Baltimore -- in another of his taste-challenged satires. Kathleen Turner plays Beverly Sutphin, a suburban mom who slays those who fail to uphold her idea of perfection. Among the things that trigger Beverly's rage are women who dare to wear white shoes after Labor Day! Along for the ride are Waters regulars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords, Mink Stole and Patty Hearst.
Shadows and Fog
(1991 Woody Allen 80:-)

Woody Allen's black-and-white curiosity piece is a mixture of influences — from German silent film expressionism to Franz Kafka's nightmare worlds to the contemporary fables of Wim Wenders.

Woody plays the nebbish clerk Kleinman, who is awakened in the middle of the night by a vigilante group who want him to help capture a serial killer on the loose. Kleinman reluctantly agrees, but when he gets to the street, the vigilantes are gone and Kleinmen spends most of the film wandering the shadowy back alleys in search of the citizen's brigade.

Meanwhile, a circus is in town. When sword-swallower Irmy (Mia Farrow) catches her creepy clown husband (John Malkovich) getting familiar with trapeze artist Marie (Madonna), she packs her bags and heads for town, where she meets up with Kleinman. This meeting sets up a number of plot lines that has Irmy befriending a trio of prostitutes (Jodie Foster, Lily Tomlin and Kathy Bates) at the local brothel and accepting $700 from a university student (John Cusack) who wants to sleep with her. She finally meets up with her husband, and they then find an abandoned baby which they decide to raise as their own.
She wore a Yellow Ribbon
(1949 John Ford 50:-)

svensk titel: Larm över Prärien

Director John Ford's frontier masterpiece boasts one of John Wayne's best performances as a cavalry officer in his final week of service. As Capt. Nathan Brittles (Wayne) readies his troops for battle against an Indian tribe, his soldiers become involved in a series of more personal confrontations -- especially when a lovely lady from the east visits the fort, capturing the attention of more than one man.
Shirley Valentine
(1989 Lewis Gilbert 50:-)

Pauline Collins reprises a role she originated onstage in this Academy Award-nominated drama about Shirley Valentine, a housewife who decides in her middle age that there's more to life than stifling domesticity. An unplanned trip to Greece with a friend expands her horizons in ways she could never have predicted, allowing her to fall in love again beyond the bounds of marriage, find herself and grab the reins of her future.
Sleepless in Seattle
(1993 Nora Ephron 50:-)

svensk titel: Sömnlös i Seattle

Fate and a tenacious 8-year-old boy conspire to unite lovelorn widower Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) and unhappily engaged Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in Nora Ephron's Oscar-nominated romantic comedy, inspired by the 1957 classic An Affair to Remember. When Annie hears Sam and his young son, Jonah (Ross Malinger), on a call-in radio show, she thinks she's found her soul mate. Jonah knows Annie is the one, but convincing his dad could take a little work.
Sleepy Eyes of Death: Chinese Jade
(1963 Tokozu Tanaka 100:-)

The master of the legendary "Full-Moon-Cut" technique, ronin Nemuri Kyoshiro (Raizo Ichikawa) wanders the Japanese countryside in search of adventure, and faces any challenge to come his way. In the first installment of the ongoing samurai series, Koshiro battles an army of henchmen after uncovering a nefarious plot between a treacherous Daimyo and an elusive smuggler. Later, while attempting to recover a treasured statue, Koshiro meets his match in the form of Chen Sun, a powerful monk and true martial arts master.
Sleepy Eyes of Death: Full Circle Killing
(1964 Yasuda Kimiyoshi 100:-)

A decapitation at the hands of the shogun's monstrous misbegotten son kicks off the action and draws nomadic Nemuri Kyoshiro (Raizô Ichikawa) into more sword-fighting adventures when he's blamed for the beheading. Meanwhile, the head-chopper's mother is busy knocking off the shogun's lawful heirs to secure the shogunate for her son. Though infused with moments of reflection, the accent is on gore in this solid entry from the episodic film series.
Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Adventure
(1964 Misumi Kenji 100:-)

During a stroll through the crowds of Edo, a female pickpocket attempts to relieve Kyoshiro (Raizô Ichikawa) of his purse, only to be relieved of her clothes by a flurry of flashing steel.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(1937 David D Hand 80:-)

Disney's first full-length animated masterpiece features all the elements of a classic fairy tale--a beautiful heroine, an evil queen, Prince Charming... and a septet of whistling dwarfs. In hiding from her jealous and wicked stepmother, the fair Snow White takes refuge with a band of kind-hearted, hard-working dwarves: Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey and Doc. Eventually the vain queen finds Snow White and tricks her into eating a poisoned apple. Luckily, a wandering prince comes to her rescue, but can he break the evil queen's spell?
Stars fell on Henrietta
(1995 James Keach 50:-)

This character drama follows the exploits of an aged oil seeker, known only as Mr. Cox (Robert Duvall), as he roams across Texas in search of black gold. He has a special gift for it and has helped many wildcatters strike it rich. Unfortunately, he has yet to find his own gusher. In 1935, Cox has only a suitcase and a cat to his name. During a tremendous windstorm, he is forced to seek shelter in a farmhouse, owned by Don (Aidan Quinn) and Cora Day.
Steel Magnolias
(1989 Herbert Ross 50:-)

Sally Field and Oscar nominee Julia Roberts star as mother-daughter duo M'Lynn and Shelby, part of a tight-knit circle of Louisiana women whose lives intersect at Truvy's (Dolly Parton) beauty salon, in this character-driven drama rife with both laughter and tears. Ouiser (Shirley MacLaine), Clairee (Olympia Dukakis) and Annelle (Daryl Hannah) round out the group that proves that with friends, you can survive anything.
Strange Days
(1995 Kathryn Bigelow 80:-)

It is 1999, and urban society is little more than a vast wasteland of anarchic violence. Seedy, burnt-out ex-cop Lenny Nero caters to the sensation-seeking citizens by dealing in "clips": virtual reality sequences where the user can "re-live" the experiences of another, including robberies, rape and murder. But Lenny's life is turned upside-down when two rabid cops, who want an incriminating clip that Lenny possesses, begin to pursue him. Furthermore, Lenny, with the help of female bodyguard Mace, is desperately searching throughout the chaotic enclaves of L.A. for his ex-girlfriend Faith, who he still loves.
(1996 Andrew Bergman 50:-)

Erin Grant (Demi Moore) must confront the naked truth: to take on the system, she must first take it off. Bounced from her job, she needs money if she's to have any chance of winning back custody of her child. Erin strips to conquer, then faces unintended circumstances when a hound dog of a Congressman fixates on her. Cash, blackmail, murder -- the legislator has a lot of shady tools at his fingertips, but against Erin he's overmatched.
Sword in the Stone
(1963 Wolfgang Reitherman 80:-)

In London, during medieval times, there was a large stone with a heavy sword imbedded in it. The man who could pull the sword from the stone would become king of England, but no man, despite his strength, was able to complete the deed. However, when a young lad named Wart appears, he just might be able to pull off the impossible....