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Land of the Dead
(2005 George A Romero)

Zombie movies slip in and out of fashion, but it's always a special occasion when the man who helped turn the undead into a worldwide phenomenon decides to add an installment to his ongoing saga of flesh-eating films.

George A. Romero's zombie movies have all appeared in different decades, beginning with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in 1968, DAWN OF THE DEAD in '78, and DAY OF THE DEAD in '85. Romero skipped the '90s, but a zombie renaissance in the early 21st century finds him back in the directors chair.
[Universal]Region 2
Last Embrace
(1979 Jonathan Demme)

svensk titel: Mordängeln

This taught thriller, stars Roy Scheider as Harry Hannan, an ex-government agent fearing for his life and unable to trust even his closest friends after the violent death of his wife. With nowhere left to turn, he teams up with a young college student (Janet Margolin) and sets out to discover the truth against all the odds.
[Atlantic]Region 2
Last Exit to Brooklyn
(1989 Uli Edel)

The mean and desolate streets of Brooklyn are home to a host of unhappy, hopeless characters stuck in dead-end lives. A young prostitute, emotionally numb from having sold her body so many times, regularly leads her prospective clients to a dark alley where a gang beats and robs them; an office worker cannot deal with his repressed homosexuality; and a young girl's father refuses to admit that she is eight months pregnant.

All these stories take place in a world waiting to explode: local workers are engaged in an angry strike against a nearby factory, while, not too far away at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, soldiers sail daily for Korea, many never to return.

The personal and the political intermingle in this bleak look at poverty, drugs and violence in the inner-city in the early 1950s.
[Global Video]Region 2
Last Man Standing
(1996 Walter Hill)

Jericho, Texas, 1931. A new breed of gunfighter haunts the windswept border town: tweed-suited mobsters from Chicago who control the illegal flow of liquor crossing the Mexican border. Jerichos two rival gangs have replaced civil law with civil war and Sheriff Galt is powerless to stop them. Then, a mysterious stranger blows into town, looking for a place to spend the night.

Calling himself Smith, he seems like just another drifter, that is, until he draws his gun. Soon he has been recruited by first one gang and then the other, as he cleverly and deceptively betrays both sides in a war that can leave only one man standing...
[New Line]Region 2
Last Shot, The
(2004 Jeff Nathanson)

Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick make a fine comedy team in this true story which plays like a combination of THE PRODUCERS and THE SOPRANOS.

FBI mob-buster Joe Devine (Baldwin) is sent to Rhode Island to get the goods on Teamster racketeer Tommy Sanz. In order to do so, he sets up a sting disguised as a fake movie production. To be convincing, he needs a script and a director, and he finds both in the form of gullible dreamer Steven Schats. Despite the fraudulent nature of the production, Schats's movie-making fever proves so infectious that before long Joe is convincing his superiors to agree to a three-picture deal.
[Touchstone]Region 2
Left Handed Gun
(1958 Arthur Penn

Young, unstable Billy (Paul Newman) finds a job and a home with a kindly rancher, but after the crooked sheriff's men gun down his mentor, Billy goes on a murderous spree of revenge. On the run, the fugitive gets caught up in local politics and eventually must face the man responsible for his downfall, Pat Garrett. This revisionist take on the story of Billy the Kid portrays the notorious outlaw as a more vulnerable, sympathetic antihero.
[Warner] Region 1
Legal Eagles
(1986 Ivan Reitman)

svensk titel: En Tavla för Mycket

A sophisticated comedy starring Redford as an assistant district attorney who teams up with an eccentric lawyer played by Winger, to defend a girl accused of theft. While gathering evidence throughout Manhattan they get drawn into New York's glittering art world and seedy underworld, targeted for murder by a cutthroat killer.
[Universal]Region 2
(1994 Luc Besson)

From acclaimed director Luc Besson comes the hard-hitting, action-packed thriller, Leon.

Gary Oldman plays a corrupt government official whose maniacal greed leads to murder on the streets of New York. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues when he crosses paths with a lone hitman named Leon. Caught in the middle is an orphaned 12-year-old girl, who can't forgive or forget the man who killed her family.
[Touchstone]Region 2
Life is Sweet
(1991 Mike Leigh)

Just north of London live Wendy, Andy, and their twenty-something twins, Natalie and Nicola. Wendy clerks in a shop, leads aerobics at a primary school, jokes like a vaudevillian, agrees to waitress at a friend's new restaurant and dotes on Andy, a cook who forever puts off home remodeling projects, and with a drunken friend, buys a broken down lunch wagon. Natalie, with short neat hair and a snappy, droll manner, is a plumber; she has a holiday planned in America, but little else. Last is Nicola, odd man out: a snarl, big glasses, cigarette, mussed hair, jittery fingers, bulimic, jobless, and unhappy. How they interact and play out family conflict and love is the film's subject.
[Cinema Club] Region 2
Little Mermaid
(1989 Ron Clements)

svensk titel: Den Lilla Sjöjungfrun

"The Little Mermaid" is Disney's animated version of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a mermaid who falls in love with a handsome prince whom she rescues from drowning. Disobeying her father, lord of a great sea kingdom, the mermaid makes a deal with an evil enchantress.In exchange for a pair of legs, the mermaid must sacrifice her exquisite voice to the witch, who, unbeknownst to the mermaid, uses it to beguile the prince into marrying her.
[Disney] Region 1
Long Ships, The
(1964 Jack Cardiff)

svensk titel: Röde Orm och De Långa Skeppen

Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier star in this Viking adventure film directed by Jack Cardiff. After stealing the Norse king's funeral ship as well as his attractive daughter, Gerda (Beba Loncar) and his brothers Rolfe (Widmark) and Orm (Russ Tamblyn) sail off to find the fabled 'Mother of Voices', a solid gold bell 'as tall as three tall men'. Not only do the brothers have to battle a maelstrom and a mutinous crew, they also have to deal with Prince Aly Mansuh (Poitier) and his vengeful Moorish troops.
[Columbia]Region 2
Lost and Delirious
(2001 Léa Pool)

Three schoolgirls learn about the joys, sorrows, and varieties of love in this drama. Mary is a quiet girl who is still recovering from the death of her mother. Mary's father and new stepmother, who are blind to her emotional needs, send her away to an all-girls college, where Mary becomes fast friends with her new roommates, sophisticated Paulie and worldly Tory. But Mary soon discovers that Paulie and Tory are more than just friends, and have begun to pursue a passionate physical relationship.
[Lions Gate] Region 1
Lost in Translation
(2003 Sofia Coppola)

Set in Tokyo, this subtle, nuanced film played Bill Murray against type and earned director Sofia Coppola an Original Screenplay Oscar. Two lost souls -- the young, neglected wife (Scarlett Johansson) of a photographer and a washed-up movie star (Murray, in an Oscar-nominated performance) shooting a TV commercial -- find an odd solace and pensive freedom to be real in each other's company and away from their lives in America.
[Focus] Region 1
Love Nest
(1951 Joseph M Newman)

Jim Scott (William Lundigan) is a writer who moves into an apartment building he bought with his wife (June Havre). He thinks he'll save money by living at the property, but his hopes are dashed when the cost of maintaining the building far exceeds what he expected. To complicate matters, Scott decides to rent one of the apartments to an "old army buddy" - but that "buddy" turns out to be a seductive ex-WAC (Marilyn Monroe)!
[20th Century] Region 1
Love Song for Bobby Long
(2004 Shainee Gabel)

After her mother's death, moody teenage lone wolf Purslane Will (Scarlett Johansson) returns to New Orleans to reclaim her childhood home. She's shocked to discover that two of her mother's friends -- Bobby Long (John Travolta), an ex-literature professor, and his protégé, Lawson Pines (Gabriel Macht) -- have been squatting there for years. In an effort to coexist, this unlikely trio learns how intertwined they really are.
[Sony] Region 1
Lust in the Dust
(1985 Paul Bartel)

svensk titel: En Fröken i Öknen

Gold fever has infected everyone in Chile Verde, where hard-living cowboys and hot-blooded wenches all lust for wealth and each other. But when mysterious gunfighter Abel Wood (Tab Hunter) and wanton singer Rosie Velez (Divine) meet up with saloon owner Marguerita Ventura (Lanie Kazan), fiery passion and unbridled greed turns the town upside down. A hilarious comedy spoof from acclaimed cult director Paul Bartel.
[Anchor Bay] Region 1
Lust, Caution
(2007 Ang Lee)

LUST, CAUTION pairs celebrated actor Tony Leung with gifted neophyte Tang Wei.

In 1938, China is occupied by the Japanese, but it's not only the country's neighbors who are hated by the loyal Chinese. The nation's resistance also centers on those who willingly collaborate with Japan.

Wong Chia Chi (Tang Wei) is part of an acting group, but their sights are set beyond the stage: they want to use their abilities to attack Mr. Yee (Leung), a known traitor. Wong poses as a businessman's wife, and she begins to lure Mr. Yee in, but they're separated before she has her chance. Three years later, they meet again in Shanghai, and a heated affair begins. As Wong grows closer to Mr. Yee, there is doubt that she can aid in her lover's downfall.
[Sandrew]Region 2