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Lady Vengeance
(2005 Chan-wook Park) 80:-

originaltitel: 친절한 금자씨

Lee Guem-ja (Lee Yeong-ae) has been released from jail having served 13 years for the kidnapping and murder of a child. A seemingly unassuming prisoner, Guem-ja has in fact been plotting her revenge on the man who was responsible for her incarceration.
With the help of some of her fellow inmates her plan will soon be complete. But, just as her trap is ready, Guem-ja finds herself re-united with her long lost daughter. Will her daughter be able to bring her the peace she so desires and will her long committed quest for revenge lead to salvation or damnation?

2-DVD Steelbook Edition
[Noble]Region 2
Lady, The
(2011 Luc Besson) 30:-

The Lady is the extraordinary story of Aung San Suu Kyi (Michelle Yeoh) and her husband, Michael Aris (David Thewlis). It is also the epic story of the peaceful quest of the woman who is at the core of Burma's democratic movement.
Despite distance, long separations, and a dangerously hostile regime, their love endures until the very end. A story of devotion and human understanding set against a backdrop of political turmoil that continues today.
[Scanbox]Region 2
Laramie Project, The
(2002 Moisés Kaufman)

"The Laramie Project" is set in and around Laramie, Wyoming in the aftermath of the murder of 21 year old Matthew Shepard. This true story re-enacts the impact of Shepard's death on a small community which was dubbed the 'hate capital of America'.
The film follows the story of Matthew's visit to a local bar, his kidnap and beating, the discovery of him tied to a fence, the vigil at the hospital, his death and funeral, and the trial of his killers. In groundbreaking style it mixes real news reports with actors portraying friends, family, cops, killers and other Laramie residents in their own words.
[HBO]Region 1
3-DVD Collection 100:-

'Lassie Come Home' (1943)
A collie dog, sold by her destitute family, escapes to begin the long journey back from Scotland to her home in Yorkshire.

'Son of Lassie' (1945)
Lassie's son 'Laddie' is separated from his master in German occupied Norway in 1942.

'Courage of Lassie' (1946)
A pup, Bill, separated from his mother, is finally rescued by a young girl. When they too become separated, Bill is taken into the army during WWII.
[Warner]Region 2
Last Emperor, The
(1987 Bernardo Bertolucci)

svensk titel: Den Siste Kejsaren

Following Pu Yi, the last of the Emperor's of China, from his birth in 1908, through his childhood in the fortress-like Forbidden City and his later misguided collaboration with the Japanese in World War II, The Last Emperor tells the history of modern China through the eyes of the man brought up
to believe that he was the country's divine ruler.
[Artisan]Region 1
Last Samurai, The
(2003 Edward Zwick)

svensk titel: Den Siste Samurajen

Tom Cruise plays Civil War hero Capt. Nathan Algren, who comes to Japan to fight the Samurai and ends up pledging himself to their cause. Ken Watanabc plays Katsumoto, a Samurai leader facing a vanishing way of life, whose destiny becomes intertwined with that of the American captain.

2-Disc Special Edition
[Warner]Region 1
Last Seven, The
(2010 Imran Naqvi)

Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer explosively reunite for this taut action-thriller in which a cataclysmic event has left London deserted and under the thrall of a sinister presence.

When William (Simon Phillips) awakes from unconsciousness, he finds himself confused and alone in an empty London street. As he explores the area, he discovers that not only are all the people missing but so are his memories. A chance encounter teams him up with six other lost souls, led by soldier Jack, who are all haunted by fractured memories of a devastating event.
After a terrifying attack on one of the survivors, Jack realises they are not the only survivors and the race is on to escape the capital and the darkness that stalks its desolate streets.
[Medietilsynet]Region 2
Last Shot, The
(2004 Jeff Nathanson) 30:-

FBI mob-buster Joe Devine (Alec Baldwin) is sent to Rhode Island to get the goods on Teamster racketeer Tommy Sanz. In order to do so, he sets up a sting disguised as a fake movie production. To be convincing, he needs a script and a director, and he finds both in the form of gullible dreamer Steven Schats (Matthew Broderick).

Despite the fraudulent nature of the production, Schats's movie-making fever proves so infectious that before long Joe is convincing his superiors to agree to a three-picture deal.
[Touchstone]Region 2
Law and Order
(1953 Nathan Juran)

svensk titel: Laglöst Område

In 1882, sharp-shooting marshal Frame Johnson (Ronald Reagan) apprehends notorious outlaw The Durango Kid and brings him back to Tombstone, Arizona for a fair trial. The whole town, including Frame's two younger brothers, Luther and hot-headed Jimmy, heralds the two men's arrival. Although Frame and the law and order he has brought to Tombstone are widely respected, an angry mob quickly forms around the jail to lynch The Kid. Facing them alone, Frame threatens to shoot anyone who enters the jail...
[Universal]Region 1
Legender från Övärlden
(2006 Goro Miyazaki)

originaltitel: Gedo senki

Goro Miyazaki's debut feature as director is an epic adventure, adapted from the much-loved series of novels by Ursula K. Le Guin.

It tells the story of Ged (voiced in English by Timothy Dalton), the most powerful wizard in Earthsea, and his attempts to protect Prince Arren (Matt Kevin) from the evil machinations of rival wizard Cob (William Dafoe). Together with Therru, a young girl he rescued from slave takers, Arren must unite with Ged to defeat Cob and return balance to their world.
[Pan Vision]Region 2
Lemon Drop Kid, The
(1951 Sidney Lanfield) 80:-

svensk titel: Hej Tomtegubbar!

A racetrack betting tipster, Bob Hope offers some "good advice" - or so he thinks - at a Florida racetrack and lives to regret it.
It's his money or his life when mobster Moose Moran (Fred Clark) gives him until Christmas to make up a $1o,ooo error! Desperate to raise the money, Hope sends out bogus Santa Clauses to solicit donations for an imaginary old folks' home. Unfortunately, gangster Charley (Lloyd Nolan) muscles in on the Kid's yuletide racket. Suddenly the heat's on in winter as Hope tries frantically to escape the law, the lumbering Moose, and his trigger-happy "partner" in one hilarious escapade after another.
[Sony]Region 2
Lethal Weapon
(1987 Richard Donner)

svensk titel: Dödligt Vapen

Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is no ordinary cop. He's a Mad Max gone maniacal, a man whose killing expertise and suicidal recklessness make him a Lethal Weapon to anyone he works against. Or with.

Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is an easygoing homicide detective with a loving family, a big house and a pension he doesn't want to lose. Imagine Murtaugh's shock when he learns his partner is a guy with nothing left to lose: wild-eyed, burnt-out Martin Riggs.

'Lethal Weapon' is the thrill-packed story of two Vietnam-vets-turned-cops who have just one other thing in common: both hate to work with partners. But partnership becomes the key to survival when a routine murder investigation leads to all-out, take-no-prisoners, martial-arts-and-machine-guns war with an international heroin ring.
[Warner]Region 1
(2000 Stephen Frears) 50:-

'Liam' is a vivid and moving depiction of a family's struggle to weather the ravages of depression era Liverpool.

The story is told through the eyes of Liam, the youngest child of a close-knit Catholic family. Mother is caring and devout and his father (Ian Hart) is responsible and proud working man. But when hard times hit the Liverpool docks. Limas father loses his job and helpless and embittered, he embarks on a desperate course of action that will change Liam's world forever.
[Atlantic]Region 2
Licence to Kill
(1989 John Glen)

svensk titel: Tid för Hämnd

James Bond turns renegade to hunt down a master criminal in this pulse-pounding thrill-ride that's packed with awesome stunts, subtle humour and explosive confrontations.
Timothy Dalton brings urgency, charm and deadly determination to his portrayal of the super-agent, who leaves the British Secret Service arid begins a fierce vendetta after his friend Felix Leiter (David Hedison) is brutally attacked by drug lord Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi).
[MGM]Region 1
(2007 Markku Pölösen) 50:-

english title: The Matriarch

Martta and Otto are a pair of traveling tailors who claim to be bastard descendants of the Romanovs and wander from town to town in Finland seeking work, accompanied by their two half-witted adult sons, Hippo, Repe and equally silly son-in-law Ventti.

The family occasionally turns to crime when they can't quite make ends meet, and the boys begin turning to violence with greater frequency when Otto weakens and Martta becomes the head of the family business. Their fortunes take an unexpected turn when the brothers assault and abduct a man they call Kasper , who becomes the family's sidekick in their travels.
[SF]Region 2
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The
(2004 Wes Anderson) 175:-

Internationally famous oceanographer Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) and his crew - Team Zissou - set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, elusive, possibly nonexistent Jaguar Shark that killed Zissou's partner during the documentary filming of their latest adventure.

They are joined on their voyage by a young airline co-pilot, who may or may not be Zissou's son (Owen Wilson), a beautiful journalist (Cate Blanchett) assigned to write a profile of Zissou, and his estranged wife and co-producer, Eleanor (Anjelica Huston). They face overwhelming complications including pirates, kidnapping, and bankruptcy.
[Criterion]Region 1
Life during Wartime
(2009 Todd Solondz) 50:-

Ten years after the critically acclaimed 'Happiness', Todd Solondz revisits the tangled personal lives of three sisters in this savagely funny satire of middle class mores.

Joy (Shirley Henderson) is married to a man with an unresolved 'affliction' and haunted by a former lover; Trish (Allison Janney) meets an unlikely new suitor while her ex-con ex-husband attempts to reconnect with their young son; meanwhile Helen (Ally Sheedy) feels pressured by her family and her Hollywood success. Featuring an all-star cast, this emotionally resonant portrait of flawed but fascinating characters struggling to find love and meaning in an unsympathetic world is poignant, sometimes shocking and often hilarious.
[Atlantic]Region 2
Life of Brian
(1979 Terry Jones)

svensk titel: Ett Herrans Liv

Monty Python delivers a scathing, anarchic satire of both religion and Hollywood's depiction of all things biblical with their second film. The setting is Judea 33 A.D.
, a time of poverty and chaos, with no shortage of messiahs, followers willing to believe in them, and exasperated Romans trying to impose some order. At the centre of it all is Brian Cohen (Graham Chapman), a reluctant would-be messiah who rises to prominence as a result of a series of absurd and truly hilarious circumstances providing ample opportunity for the entire ensemble (John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Chapman) to shine in multiple roles as they mock everyone and everything from ex-lepers, Pontius Pilate, and the art of haggling to crazy prophets, Roman centurions, and crucifixion.
[Sony]Region 2
(1944 Alfred Hitchcock) 80:-

svensk titel: Livbåt

Based on a short story by John Steinbeck, Lifeboat takes place entirely on a boat adrift in the North Atlantic. After their Allied freighter is sunk by a German U-boat, a diverse group of individuals make their way onto a lifeboat.
Later, the castaways rescue a man adrift at sea, only to discover that he is the very German U-boat captain who sunk their vessel. Choosing to keep him aboard as a gesture of humanity and for the sake of his seafaring skills proves to be a fateful decision for the survivors when they discover the German captain's true motives.
[20th Century]Region 1
Liftaren II
(2003 Louis Morneau) 50:-

originaltitel: The Hitcher 2 - I've been Waiting

Still haunted by the frightening events of his past, Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell) goes back to confront his demons. Joined by his girlfriend, Maggie (Kari Wuhrer), the two soon find themselves travelling down the same desolate stretch of West Texas road where the original nightmare began.
After encountering a psychotic hitchhiker Jack (Jake Busey), Jim and Maggie soon discover that their journey has turned into a frightening race for survival in this unnerving, heart-pounding adventure.
[Universal]Region 2
Little Big Man
(1970 Arthur Penn) 50:-

In this sweeping epic that swings from high comedy to drama, Dustin Hoffman gives a "virtuoso performance" as the 121-year-old sole survivor of Custer's Last Stand.

Narrating his colorful life story, he tells about everything from his adoption by Cheyenne Indians to his marriages and friendship with Wild Bill Hickok. His tall tales indicate he just may be one of the biggest liars who roamed' the West.
[Paramount]Region 2
Little Princess, The
(1939 Walter Lang) 30:-

svensk titel: Lilla Prinsessan

Sara Crew (Shirley Temple) is sent to boarding school by her widowed father Captain Crewe (Ian Hunter) so he can go and fight in the Boer War. When he is reported killed Sara is treated like a servant by the spiteful headmistress and can only cling to the hope that her father will one day return.
[Salut]Region 2
Livat i Paris
(1964 Richard Quine) 50:-

originaltitel: Paris when it Sizzles

A veteran Hollywood screenwriter goes to Paris to write the screenplay of his career - in three days. Lacking fresh ideas, he turns to his gamine secretary to provide fuel for his imagination, and they come up with various scenarios for his screenplay, called 'The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower'.
William Holden and Audrey Hepburn heat up the main characters, with terrific supporting help from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Noel Coward, Tony Curtis, Fred Astaire, Marlene Dietrich, and the glorious city of Paris.
[Paramount]Region 2
Live and let Die
(1973 Guy Hamilton)

svensk titel: Leva och låta Dö

James Bond battles the forces of black magic in this high-octane adventure that hurtles him from the streets of New York City to Louisiana's Bayou Country.
With charm, wit and deadly assurance, Roger Moore steps in as Agent 007 and takes on a powerful drug lord (Yaphet Kotto) with a diabolical scheme to conquer the world.
[MGM]Region 1
Live Free and Die Hard
(2007 Len Wiseman)

The best is back in action in the latest installment of the pulse-pounding, thrill-\-minute Die Hard action films. New York City detective John McClane delivers old-school justice to a new breed of terrorists when a massive computer attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country over Independence Day weekend.

2-Disc Collector's Edition
[20th Century]Region 1
Livet e' Python
(1971 Ian MacNaughton) 50:-

originaltitel: ...and now for something completely different

England was such a proper place - until the day the Python arrived.
Monty Python, that is, a Flying Circus that slithered up the funnybone of an entire nation and gave it fits of laughter. Here's Monty Python's first feature film - a hilarious collection of their very best twits, skits and bits from their popular TV series. [Njuta Films]Region 2
Lola's Väg mot Havet
(2019 Laurent Micheli) 50:-

originaltitel: Lola vers la mer

Just as Lola (Mya Bollaers) learns that she can finally transition, she receives unexpected news, and must return home to face her estranged father, Philippe (Benoît Magimel) for the first time in 2 years.
Driven together by the common goal to fulfil her mother's last wishes, together they reluctantly embark on a journey to the North Sea. Forced to spend time together, Philippe begins to accept his daughter for the first time. 'Lola and the Sea' is a tender exploration of family relationships and identity.
[Njuta Films]Region 2
Longest Yard, The
(1974 Robert Aldrich) 50:-

svensk titel: Benkäckargänget

In this rough-and-tumble yarn, actually filmed on-location at the Georgian State Prison, the cons are the heros and the guards are the heavies.

Eddie Albert is the sadistic warden who'll gladly make any sacrifice to push his guards' semi-pro football team to a national championship. Reynolds plays one time pro quarterback Paul Crewe, now behind bars for leading State Police on a wild chase in a "borrowed" car. He agrees to organise a prisoner's team to play the guards. The warden intercedes to assure that his goon squad will meet only passive resistance from Crewe's Mean Machine. But the license to pound on their hated guards is a big incentive for murderers and thieves to learn strategy.
[Paramount]Region 2
Lost and Delirious
(2001 Léa Pool)

Three schoolgirls learn about the joys, sorrows, and varieties of love in this drama. Mary is a quiet girl who is still recovering from the death of her mother. Mary's father and new stepmother, who are blind to her emotional needs, send her away to an all-girls college, where Mary becomes fast friends with her new roommates, sophisticated Paulie and worldly Tory. But Mary soon discovers that Paulie and Tory are more than just friends, and have begun to pursue a passionate physical relationship.
[Lions Gate] Region 1
Lost in London
(2017 Woody Harrelson)

The hilarious 'Lost in London' is a first-of-its-kind film event, which was shot and screened live simultaneously in select cinemas around the world. The film is loosely based on Woody Harrelson's tabloid-worthy and crazy London night, resulting in him getting in trouble with the law.
Directed and starring Woody Harrelson alongside cameos from Owen Wilson, Willie Nelson and Daniel Radcliffe, 'Lost in London' is a crazy trip, set in the streets of London, that will make you gasp and laugh in equal measures.
[Njuta Films]Region 2
Louisiana Purchase / Never say Die
Bob Hope Tribute Collection 80:-

(1941 Irving Cummings)

Corruption is rampant in the government of a "mythical" Louisiana, and the arrival of U.S. Senate investigator Loganberry brings panic. The chief miscreants: politicians Col. Davis, Captain Whitfield, and Dean Manning shift the blame on to their innocent tool, Jim Taylor (Bob Hope), who to save himself must "compromise" the holier-than-thou Senator Loganberry. As his instrument, Jim selects Marina Von Minden, a beautiful Viennese refugee. But matters become complicated when Jim falls for Marina... and she takes a liking for the Senator.

(1939 Elliott Nugent)

A misdiagnosis of only a month to live sends millionaire hypochondriac Mr Kidlers into the arms of Martha Raye and on a madcap matrimonial romp through a Swiss spa in this side-splitting screwball comedy.

A deadly widow (Gale Sondergaard) tries to trap bean king Mr. Kidley (Bob Hope) into a hasty wedding, but Kidley runs to the altar with oil heiress Mickey (Martha Raye), who is dodging an arranged marriage to a pompous prince. Now the jilted ex-fiancés are chasing the newlyweds in one hilarious honeymoon that includes Mickey’s beau from back home, a daring duel at dawn and non-stop comic mayhem.
[Universal]Region 1
Love and Death
(1975 Woody Allen) 80:-

svensk titel: Död och Pina

Cowardly scholar Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) has the hots for the beautiful Sonja (Diane Keaton), but cold feet for the Napoleonic Wars.
Devastated by news of Sonja's plans to wed a foul-smelling herring merchant, Boris enlists in the army only to return home a penniless hero! Finally agreeing to marry him, Sonja settles down with poor Boris to a rich life of philosophy, celibacy and meals of snow. But when the French troops invade Russia and Sonja hatches a zany scheme to assassinate Napoleon, Boris learns - in a hilarious but fatal coup attempt - that God is an underachiever, there are no girls in the afterlife and the Angel of Death just can't be trusted!
[MGM]Region 2
Love me Tender
(1956 Robert D Webb) 50:-

svensk titel: Duell i Texas

In his film debut, singing idol Elvis Presley stars in this action-filled romance set in the aftermath of the Civil War. After hearing his older brother (Richard Egan) has been killed in combat, a young Texas farmer (Presley) marries the man's sweetheart (Debra Paget).
But his brother returns, sparking a bitter sibling rivalry and tragic confrontations with Union soldiers.
[20th Century]Region 2