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Radio Days
(1987 Woody Allen)

Gripped by wild radio stories about bloody wars and beautiful celebrities, 10-year old Joe Needleman longs for adventure and dreams of the day he'll see enemy spies, German subs - or even his sexy grade-school teacher wearing a smile (and little else). But while Joe's life is filled with fantasies about radio voices, the real people behind the voices have fantasies of their own. And as stars rise, careers fall and a nation hurtles toward the future, only one thing is absolutely certain: The days of radio may finally fade? but the magic of Joe's memories will always endure.
[MGM] Region 2
Rampage - Big meets Bigger
(2018 Brad Peyton)

Primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent silverback gorilla who has been in his care since he was young.
When a greed-fueled corporation's genetic experiment goes awry, George and other animals across the country are mutated into aggressive super-creatures who destroy everything in their path. In this adrenaline-filled ride, Davis tries to find an antidote, not only to halt a global catastrophe but also to save the fearsome creature who was once his friend.
[Warner]Region 2
Reservation Road
(2007 Terry George)

The lives of Ethan (Joaquin Phoenix) and his wife, Grace (Jennifer Connelly), are thrown into chaos after their 10-year-old son is killed in a hit-and-run accident. When the case stalls, Ethan makes it his mission to hunt down and punish the person responsible. Violence, revenge and justice collide head on when Ethan finally finds the man who killed his son.
[Focus] Region 1
Return of Godzilla
(1984 Koji Hashimoto)

THE RETURN OF GODZILLA returns Japan's greatest monster to his intended role as an epic force of destruction. Get ready for the biggest Godzilla epic that you've never seen!
[Atlantic]Region 2
Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip
This 96 minute live concert performance features comedic ge nius Richard Pryor.

The often caustic and always funny comedian is in top form in this film which is comprised of two sold-out concerts at the Hollywood Palladium. Pryor often draws from his own experiences which include the accident that almost cost him his life.
[Columbia] Region 1
Ring: Trilogy
This edition collects the original Japanese Ring Trilogy:
Hideo Nakata's Ring, based on a novel by Koji Suzuki, was such a hit in Japan that it spawned both a sequel and prequel, along with a huge cult following. Like a horrific version of an X-Files episode, the dark, moody film makes the most out of the mysterious and the unknown. As any viewer will admit, the surreal, death-inducing video presented within the movie is extremely effective. And as Ring's tension builds, so does its sense of mounting doom. One of the creepiest motion pictures ever made, Ring culminates in an unbelievably chilling finale. Do not watch this film alone...and make sure the phone ringer is off.
[Tartan] Region 2
Rio Bravo
(1959 Howard Hawks)

Sheriff John Wayne has a problem: He must keep killer Claude Akins from escaping the town lockup (with outside help from his brother and a cadre of hired guns). The only people Wayne can call on for support are an alcoholic Dean Martin, a well-meaning Angie Dickinson, a crippled Walter Brennan and an eager Ricky Nelson.
[Warner] Region 1
Rio Grande
(1950 John Ford)

svensk titel: Gränsryttarna vid Rio Grande

Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Yorke (John Wayne) of the US cavalry is pursuing a futile campaign against marauding Apache Indians who escape across the Mexican border for immunity. The intense pressures on Yorke increase when his Son Jeff joins the regiment and his beautiful estranged wife (Maureen O'Hara) arrives and tries to buy Jeff out of the army. Yorke's patience snaps and he leads an illegal all out attack on the Apaches.
[Paramount]Region 2
Ripley's Game
(2002 Liliana Cavani)

How do you turn an innocent person into a murderer? That's the diabolical game that Tom Ripley is playing in the sleek suspense thriller 'Ripley's Game'. Three years after walking off with millions of dollars worth of forged Renaissance drawings, Tom Ripley (John Malkovich) has settled into in the life of a cultured grandee in Italy. One night, however, Ripley finds his complacency disturbed while attending a local party. Chancing to hear a remark disparaging his taste, Ripley fastens his sights on the perpetrator: Jonathan Trevanny (Dougray Scott), a British picture framer from the neighbouring village. While any ordinary psychopath might settle for a mild act of retribution, the game Ripley devises is far subtler - and infinitely more sinister. An unwelcome visit from a former criminal protégé, Reeves (Ray Winstone), offers Ripley his chance for revenge.
[New Line]Region 2
Robin Hood
(2010 Ridley Scott)

Discover the untold story of the man behind the legend as Robin (Russell Crowe), a heroic warrior, turns outlaw when he assembles a band of skilled marauders to confront injustice and lead an uprising against a weak and corrupt English King. When the rebellious hero falls for the spirited Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), he must first save her village and then confront a growing storm of threats from near and afar if he is to win her heart. As Robin and his men answer a call to ever-greater adventure, these unlikely heroes set off to battle for their country and return England to glory...and ride into Legend.
[Universal]Region 2
Rocket Science
(2007 Jeffrey Blitz)

Hal Hefner är en hopplös, stammande kuf som knappt kan få fram sitt eget namn. Hans liv suger helt enkelt - både hemma med bråkande föräldrar och i skolan där han blir totalt ignorerad.
Ginny är skolans debattstjärna som snöpligt besegrades i fjolårets final. Nu letar hon efter en värdig sidekick som ska hjälpa henne att ta revansch. En dag möts det udda paret på bussen och en kedja av de mest otänkbara händelser sätter igång.
[CCV]Region 2
Roman Polanski - Collection
Thanks to his darkly unique perspective and grim, often nihilistic approach to storytelling, director Roman Polanski has left an indelible mark on world cinema.

4-DVD Box set;

Knife in the Water (1962)
Repulsion (1965)
Cul-de-Sac (1968)
Bitter Moon (1992)
[Atlantic]Region 2
Romance & Cigarettes
(2005 John Turturro)

Nick Murder (James Gandolfini) is a man torn between 2 women - his long suffering wife Kitty (Susan Sarandon) and the flame-haired, foul-mouthed seductress Tula (Kate Winslet), who really knows how to flick his switch. With faith in her husband shattered, Kitty surprises even herself with the ferocity of her anger as she struggles to cope with his betrayal. It is only through a tragic twist of fate that Nick finally understands the extent of the pain he has inflicted on his family.
[Sandrew Metronome]Region 2
Romeo & Juliet
(1968 Franco Zeffirelli)

svensk titel: Romeo & Julia

Franco Zeffirelli stunned the screen world when he cast two young unknowns to portray the star-crossed lovers in Romeo & Juliet, but it was a gamble that resulted in one of the most popular motion pictures of all time, winning international acclaim and four Academy Award nominations. Shakespear's classic romance comes to stunning visual life in a refreshingly modern interpretation, bringing new vitality and insight to the most enduring love story ever written.
[Paramount]Region 2
Romper Stomper
(1992 Geoffrey Wright)

Violent but never gratuitous, emotionally powerful and never afraid to portray the ugly, destructive face of ignorance and prejudice, Romper Stomper excites, disturbs and boldly challenges the viewer. Its angry, raw story about a brutal, lawless group of skinheads is a savage kick in the guts. This is no simplistic street-gang film, but a rivetting portrayal of the hopelessness and blind hatred of youth that is both controversial and profound.
[Prism]Region 2
Rosa Panterns Hämnd
(1978 Blake Edwards)

originaltitel: Revenge of the Pink Panther

Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) happily believes that Clouseau (Peter Sellers) has been assassinated by Philippe Douvier (Robert Webber), a powerful drug lord. But in reality, Clouseau is very much alive and busy mangling the case against Douvier!

Using absurdly mismatched costumes and accents, Clouseau travels to Hong Kong to intercept a major heroin deal, bringing Cato (Burt Kwouk) and the drug lord's jilted lover (Dyan Cannon) with him. The only problem is, Dreyfus is on the case too!
[MGM]Region 2
Royal Wedding
(1951 Stanley Donen)

svensk titel: Kungligt Bröllop

Brother and sister song-and-dance act Tom and Ellen Brown finish an engagement in New York and journey to London just before the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. Ellen soon meets handsome rogue Lord John Brindale, while Tom falls for an English dancer, Anne Ashmond. Romantic complications ensue but all is resolved on the royal wedding day.
[Carat]Region 2
(2016 Steven Shainberg)

Young mother Renee (Noomi Rapace) has her life thrown into chaos when she is randomly abducted, drugged and taken to a secret lab facility. As her captors traumatically experiment on her, Renee must discover why she was chosen and fight to escape her prison.
[Noble]Region 2
(2004 Peter Lindmark)

Ett gäng högeffektiva och iskalla rånare slår till mot en rad banker i Stockholm. Utredningsarbetet hamnar hos kriminalpolisen Klara och piketbefälet Greger Krona, som tillsammans leder rånarjakten. Deras utredning leder dem i en livsfarlig riktning som visar sig få oanade konsekvenser. Jakten på rånarna är intensiv, deras metoder blir allt mer raffinerade och skrämmande. Klara hamnar mitt i skottlinjen, både bokstavligt och bildligt, samtidigt som utredningsmaterialet för henne i en riktning som hon aldrig kunnat föreställa sig.
[Universal]Region 2
(2015 Julien Leclercq)

originaltitel: Braqueurs

Yanis Zeri är en av de bästa rånkaparna i Paris. Tack vare sin noggrannhet och skicklighet har han alltid hållit sig under radarn utan att bli upptäckt. De enda han litar på är vännerna Frank och Nasser samt hans bror Amine, och nu senast även Eric, en expert på sprängämnen. Allt går enligt planerat men Amine är girig och begår ett misstag. För att sona sitt snedsteg måste de nu göra en kupp med en av de mäktigaste i branschen, och den här gången står hela livet på spel.
[Njuta Films]Region 2