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(2000 Junji Sakamoto)

Junji Sakamoto spins this tale of a socially inept yet indomitable woman searching for freedom and self-respect. Set in Kobe at the beginning of 1995, the film introduces Masako (Naomi Fujiyama), a withdrawn, middle-aged woman living above her mother's dry cleaning shop. She rarely leaves the house and is often tormented by her pretty younger sister. After their mother suddenly dies, the sisters' sibling rivalry takes a rather nasty turn. Immediately after the funeral, Masako strangles her sister in an explosion of rage and humiliation. Just as she stumbles into life on the run, the Kobe earthquake strikes. Terrified that the disaster is some divine retribution for her crime, she flees willy-nilly to Osaka.

2-Disc Special Edition with Slipcase.
[Cinema Service] Region 3
Fall of the Roman Empire, The
(1964 Anthony Mann)

svensk titel: Romarrikets Fall

The success of Anthony Mann's wide-screen epic "El Cid" (1961) led to this even grander undertaking, one of Hollywood's periodic infatuations with the decadence of Imperial Rome.

After murdering his father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the emperor Commodus drifts into a life of wanton depravity as the Gothic hordes gather at the Empire's borders.

"The Fall of the Roman Empire" is a Hollywood spectacular in the grand tradition, but Mann manages to elicit some terrific performances amongst the mob scenes. According to the trailer, the film contains "Not just 3 or 4, but ALL of the known emotions!"
[Atlantic]Region 2
Falling Down
(1993 Joel Schumacher)

A laid-off defense worker, kept from seeing his child on her birthday by a restraining order, looks at the landscape of moral decay in Los Angeles on one hot, congested day and, after being mugged, snaps. What follows is his bitter and pathetic mission of justice, vengeance and vindication that reads uncomfortably like too many news stories. Michael Douglas is identified only by his character's license plate, D-FENS, in this attack on social ills, a film originally seen as the displacement of power felt by many white American males.
[Warner]Region 2
Fanny och Alexander
(1982 Ingmar Bergman)

Det är i början av 1900-talet. I en liten svensk stad får vi följa familjen Ekdahl som domineras av en rik och begåvad änka samt hennes tre söner. Sonen Oscar driver tillsammans med sin fru Emelie den lokala teatern. Paret har också två barn; Fanny och Alexander.

Då Oscar drabbas av en tidig död, gifter sig hans änka med biskopen i staden och flyttar med barnen till hans spartanska och stränga hem. Ett helt nytt liv väntar Fanny och Alexander, och vi får följa dem och den övriga familjen genom sorg och glädje, ljus och mörker i Bergmans hyllade film.
[SF]Region 2
Fanny och Alexander
(1982 Ingmar Bergman)

Det är i början av 1900-talet. I en liten svensk stad får vi följa familjen Ekdahl som domineras av en rik och begåvad änka samt hennes tre söner. Sonen Oscar driver tillsammans med sin fru Emelie den lokala teatern. Paret har också två barn; Fanny och Alexander.

Då Oscar drabbas av en tidig död, gifter sig hans änka med biskopen i staden och flyttar med barnen till hans spartanska och stränga hem. Ett helt nytt liv väntar Fanny och Alexander, och vi får följa dem och den övriga familjen genom sorg och glädje, ljus och mörker i Bergmans hyllade film.
[Sandrew Metronome]Region 2
(1940 Hamilton Luske)

Many consider Walt Disney's best achievement in the field of animation to be this series of animated fantasies set to classical music, conducted by Leopold Stokowski. Panned when it opened, it's now a classic. Segments include: Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor;" Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite," filled with dancing mushrooms and fairies; Dukas's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," featuring Mickey Mouse in his most famous role; Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring," displaying the natural history of the Earth; Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony;" Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours," featuring dancing hippos and alligators; and the concluding medley of Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" and Schubert's "Ave Maria."
[Disney]Region 2
Fantasia 2000
(1999 James Algar, Gaetan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Hendel Butoy, Francis Glebas, Eric Goldberg, Pixote Hunt)

This updated Fantasia stands as a worthy successor to the original Walt Disney classic, with a broad range of animation styles that employ both traditional and computer-based techniques. Each segment is magical and fun in its own right--most notably, the scene of majestically floating whales set to Respighi's "Pines of Rome" and Donald Duck doing his best in the Noah's Ark segment. Best of all, Fantasia 2000 allows the Disney animators to stretch their muscles and experiment with fresh new material.
[Disney] Region 1
Far Country
(1955 Anthony Mann)

svensk titel: Farornas Land

Jimmy Stewart and director Anthony Mann team up once again on this Western with a Yukon setting. Stewart drives a herd of cattle north on an arduous, dangerous trek to Alaska. But when he reaches his destination, the payoff for his blood, sweat and tears is more blood -- a dastardly double-cross. Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Walter Brennan and John McIntire (from TV's "Wagon Train") co-star.
[Universal] Region 1
(2008 Ric Roman Waugh)

After accidentally killing a burglar while trying to protect his family, regular guy Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff) finds himself convicted of involuntary manslaughter and thrown into a maximum security prison for three years. Facing a harsh new world -- including a notorious mass murderer cellmate (Val Kilmer) and regular beatings organized by the head guard (Harold Perrineau) -- Wade soon realizes he'll have to toughen up if he's going to survive.
[Sony] Region 1
Few Good Men, A
(1992 Rob Reiner)

svensk titel: På Heder och Samvete

When two marines are charged with murdering a member of their platoon during an unsanctioned disciplinary action in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the armed forces hire a lieutenant they believe is a lightweight defense attorney.

Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) prides himself in having successfully plea-bargained every one of his 44 cases and would just as well make this one his 45th. However, ambitious internal affairs officer Lieutenant Commander Jo Ann Galloway (Demi Moore) smells a rat in the form of a hushed-up practice known as Code Red and, furious at Kaffee's halfhearted efforts, gets hired as the younger cadet's defender.
[Sony]Region 2
Fighting for Love
(2001 Joe Ma)

After Sammi Cheng and Tony Leung collide in a car accident, they settle the dispute, get drunk and have a one-night stand. Soon after, Sammi loses her job and her savings (and even her dad's dog!), so she moves in with Tony. But there's a problem: Tony already has a girlfriend! You can probably guess what happens next in this sweet romantic comedy.
[Tai Seng] Region 0
Flaskport från P
(2016 Hans Petter Moland)

Syskonparet Samuel och Magdalena har vuxit upp i en dansk religiös sekt och de två barnen försvinner plötsligt. Till Köpenhamns polishus kommer det en åtta år gammal flaskpost med ett rop på hjälp från en pojke i fångenskap. Carl Mørck och hans assistent Assad vid polisens Avdelning Q inser snabbt att det finns en koppling mellan de två händelserna.

Efter att ha varit i kontakt med sekten är de snart på jakt efter en man som har lämnat efter sig ett mångårigt spår kantat av bortrövade barn och mord. Morden har aldrig kommit till polisens kännedom eftersom mördaren alltid rövar bort två barn från väldigt religiösa familjer och dödar det ena barnet för att sen kräva föräldrarnas tystnad och en stor lösensumma för det andra barnet. Tiden håller på att rinna ut och under försöken att hitta barnen tvingas Carl Mørck erkänna att tron är nära förbunden med livet och döden.
[Nordisk Film]Region 2
(1997 Les Mayfield)

On the verge of losing his girlfriend (Marcia Gay Harden) and his job at a cash-strapped college, scatterbrained Professor Phillip Brainard (Robin Williams) and his robot-assistant Weebo accidentally invent a new, super-bouncy material called Flubber. The "flying rubber" substance might save the day if Brainard can defeat the many rivals that try to sabotage him in this remake of the 1961 Disney classic The Absent-Minded Professor.
[Disney] Region 1
Fly, Daddy, Fly
(2006 Choi Jong-Tae)

After his daughter is molested by a group of boys from her school--including a boxer--Jang Ga-Pil takes fighting lessons from another of her classmates in the hopes of wreaking vengeance on his daughter's attackers.
[J-Bics] Region 3
For the Love of Nancy
(1994 Paul Schneider)

When Nancy graduates from high school, she is apprehensive about the future. She goes to college and becomes withdrawn. She starts to obsess over her weight, exercising all the time and hardly eating. Her parents ignore the changes in Nancy, until one shocking moment at Christmas when it becomes apparent to everyone that Nancy has a serious problem--she's anorexic. The parents try to get Nancy treatment, but she resists attempts to help her. At last, her father decides to take her to court and win guardianship of Nancy so he can force her into treatment.
[Freemantle] Region 1
Four Feathers
(2002 Shekar Kapur)

In 1884, Harry Feversham is a young officer-in-training in the British Army who is soon to graduate and is expected to be shipped of to the Sudan, where the King's military are battling Muslim insurgents who are attempting to overturn English colonial rule. Feversham, however, has developed a serious case of cold feet, and on the eve of his departure, he resigns his commission. Feversham's best friend and fellow officer Jack Durrance in response presents him with a white feather (a symbol of cowardice), and two of his classmates follow suit. Ethne Eustace, Feversham's fiancée, presents him with a fourth white feather shortly before breaking off their engagement. Sufficiently humbled, Feversham attempts to win back his honor and the respect of his family and friends by secretly becoming an undercover operative in the Sudan.
[Paramount] Region 1
Fox and the Hound
(1981 Richard Rich)

svensk titel: Micke och Molle

Produced during an acknowledged "slump" period after Walt Disney's death, The Fox and the Hound is a warm and amusing, if slightly dull, entry in the Disney animated canon.

The story is conventional and generally predictable; in other hands, it would have been a fine framework for a cartoon, but here the characters are undistinguished and the dialogue is exactly what is expected, no more. Pacing is also problematic, with several portions of the film sluggish. These are balanced, however, by some very good moments: the sorrowful segment when Tod is taken to the game reserve, the climactic bear fight, and the final bittersweet parting.

The animation in the bear sequence in particular is good, as is that in the extraneous (and unfortunately not very funny) running gag involving a caterpillar. Buddy Baker's score is exceptionally weak, but the invaluable Pearl Bailey still manages to make her numbers into rousers. Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell also turn in fine vocal performances, as do Sandy Duncan and Jack Albertson in smaller roles. Two of the directors, Richard Rich and Ted Berman, would next direct The Black Cauldron, a less successful but more ambitious project.
[Disney] Region 1
(2012 Laurent Cantet)

Five female high school students form a bond upon discovering that they've all been sexually abused by the same biology teacher. One of them, the tough-as-nails Legs Sadovsky, rallies the others into seeking revenge against the professor. The teens succeed, only to be ostracized and suspended from school. The quintet then begins a downward spiral, as they kidnap and blackmail the father of one of the girls. This is an act the teens may regret, as they find themselves running from the law -- and fighting for their lives...
[Warner]Region 2
Fyra Bröllop och en Begravning
(1994 Mike Newell)

originaltitel: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Charles (Hugh Grant) is a confirmed British bachelor with a colorful romantic background who meets the perfect woman, Carrie (Andie MacDowell), at a friend's wedding. However, Charles's hopes of romance are dashed when Carrie announces she must return to America the next morning. The two continue to cross paths at other people's weddings, never finding each other at a time when both are single. As all of Charles's friends find love, he's left wondering if he will ever be the one going to the altar.
[Egmont]Region 2
Fyra Veckor i Juni
(2005 Henry Meyer)

"Fyra Veckor I Juni" handlar om mötet mellan unga Sandra och den äldre damen Lilly. Av olika skäl är Sandra och Lilly de enda som bor kvar i ett hyreshus under en totalrenovering. Båda bär på hemligheter runt ouppklarad kärlek och en oväntad vänskap växer fram mellan dem.

De har båda blivit svikna av män de älskat, men trots Sandras avoga inställning till killar kan hon inte låta bli att lägga märke till den unga snickare som arbetar utanför hennes fönster.
[Sandrew]Region 2
(1963 Alfred Hitchcock)

originaltitel: The Birds

Wealthy reformed party girl Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) enjoys a brief flirtation with lawyer Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) in a San Francisco pet shop and decides to follow him to his Bodega Bay home. Bearing a gift of two lovebirds, Melanie quickly strikes up a romance with Mitch while contending with his possessive mother and boarding at his ex-girlfriend's house.

One day, during a birthday party for Mitch's younger sister, a flock of birds attacks the children in what seems to be a random incident. In fact, it signals the beginning of a massive avian assault on the residents of the town--a mysterious assault that no one can explain... and from which no one may come out alive.
[Universal]Region 2
Första Divisionen
(1941 Hasse Ekman)

1941. Nazityskland står på höjden av sin makt. Hitlers segerrika arméer väller in i Ryssland. Sverige står ensamt och isolerat. Flygvapnet tränar intensivt inför ett eventuellt anfall. Första divisionen med störtbombarna B5 på flygflottiljen F6 utanför Karlsborg står i frontlinjen. Divisionschefen pressar sina män till det yttersta. Det är en ständig lek med döden, där döden ofta tar hem spelet!
[Atlantic]Region 2