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(2011 Stephen R Monroe)

Alec, a courageous but impetuous knight, returns to his home village having been summoned by his more temperate brother Francis. As they walk through the small town exchanging news, they spy two beautiful sisters, Anabel and Jocelyn, whom the brothers have admired for some time. The brothers' reunion is short-lived as a fearsome dragon descends upon them and wreaks havoc on their village.
[Take One]Region 2
Jack & Connie
(2010 Philip Seymour Hoffman)

originaltitel: Jack goes Boating

JACK GOES BOATING is was Philip Seymour Hoffman's only directorial effort.

Jack (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a shy limousine driver who lives with and works for his uncle. His best friend and co-worker Clyde set up a dinner date for him to meet Connie (Amy Ryan) who has some minor intimacy issues of her own.
[Atlantic]Region 2
Jakten på Rosa Pantern
(1982 Blake Edwards)

originaltitel: Trail of the Pink Panther

One would have thought that the death of Peter Sellers in 1980 would spell the end of the Pink Panther series, but Blake Edwards was able to utilize leftover footage from previous Panther efforts to create TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER.

Sellers once again stars as the ineptly heroic Inspector Clouseau, who is assigned to investigate when the fabulous Pink Panther diamond is again stolen from the country of Lugash. While flying to England for an important meeting with Scotland Yard, Clouseau's plane mysteriously disappears over the Atlantic, arousing speculation about the detective.
[MGM]Region 2
Jens Jonsson: Collection
8 st prisbelönta kortfilmer från regissören bakom kritikerhyllade TV-serien "Godmorgon alla barn"! Jens Jonsson har på kort tid etablerat sig som en av Europas mest intressanta och nyskapande unga regissörer. Hans filmer har redan visats i retrospektiv runt om i världen, bland annat i Frankrike, Holland, Brasilien, Irland, Finland och England. Kortfilmer:
•Reparation DD 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•Bror Min DD 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•A Changed Man DD 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•K-G i Nöd och Lust DD 5.1, 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•Fragile DD 5.1, 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•Linerboard DD 2.0 1.78:1 (anamorfisk)

•Spaden DD 2.0 1.78:1 (letterbox)

•Utvecklingssamtal DD 2.0 4:3
[Scanbox] Region 2
Jerk, The
(1979 Carl Reiner)

svensk titel: Supernollan

American comedy starring Steve Martin. Navin Johnson (Martin) has never quite fitted in with his poor, black sharecropper family in Mississippi. The reason for this is finally revealed to him on his 18th birthday; he is an adopted white child, which might also explain why he gets so depressed when his brother sings the blues. Deciding to seek his fortune in the big wide world, Navin sets off on a series of misadventures. He gets his first job working as a petrol pump attendant at Harry Hartounian (Jackie Mason)'s garage, escapes to the circus and finds true love with the beautiful Marie (Bernadette Peters). But the big time really arrives when Navin makes millions as inventor of the opti-grab spectacles. His future wealth and happiness are assured, and it seems that nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?
[Universal]Region 2
Jesus' Son
(1999 Alison MacLean)

Based on Denis Johnson's 1992 short story collection, JESUS' SON is a darkly comic depiction of an individual whose descent into drug addiction threatens to ruin him.

Billy Crudup is FH, a well-intentioned loser who falls under the spell of Michelle (Samantha Morton). Together, they shoot heroin, fight, make up, and repeat the cycle. After a horrible tragedy devastates FH, he finds himself in Arizona, working at an assisted living facility, searching for redemption in sobriety. Alison Maclean's film is an impressive and entertaining portrait of debauchery, successfully blending drug-induced visions with an unflinching realism.
[Lionsgate]Region 1
John Q
(2002 Nick Casavettes)

John Q. Archibald is a factory worker facing financial hardship as a result of reduced hours in his workplace. When his young son, Michael, is stricken during a baseball game, Smith and his wife discover that their child is in need of an emergency heart transplant. Although the Archibalds have health insurance, they are informed by hospital administrator Rebecca Payne that their policy doesn't cover such an expensive procedure.
[New Line] Region 1
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
(2017 Jake Kasdan)

Four teenagers in detention discover an old video game console with a game they've never heard of. When they decide to play, they are immediately sucked into the jungle world of Jumanji in the bodies of their avatars (Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan). They'll have to complete the adventure of their lives filled with fun, thrills and danger or be stuck in the game forever!
[Sony]Region 2
Jägarna 2
(2011 Kjell Sundvall)

Erik (Rolf Lassgård) är Rikskrims bästa förhörsledare. Ett brutalt mord på en ung kvinna tvingar honom att återvända till sina gamla hemtrakter och där jobba ihop med den motvillige polisen, Torsten (Peter Stormare). Det som först ser ut som en enkel mordhistoria visar sig snart ha både jägare och poliser inblandade och konflikten mellan Erik och Torsten fördjupas. När Erik upptäcker att hans egen brorson är inblandad utvecklas allt till en värre mardröm än han någonsin kunnat ana...
[SF]Region 2