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Kautokeino / Upproret
(2008 Nils Gaup)

Den 8 november 1852 är en mörk minnesdag för samer. Dagen då en grupp samer gick till angrepp mot det norska samhället, representerat av en handelsman, en länsman och en präst i bygden Kautokeino. Revolten kom att få ett tragiskt slut.

Nils Gaup ("Vägvisaren") har skrivit och regisserat Kautokeino-upproret, den engagerande berättelsen om en revolution som kom att få ett blodigt efterspel.
[Sandrew Metronome]Region 2
(2010 Matthew Vaughn)

Adapted from Mark Millar's hyper-violent comic book of the same name, "Kick-Ass" tells the tale of an average New York teenager who decides to don a costume and fight crime.

Comic book geek Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) may not have good coordination or special powers, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fully capable crime fighter. After purchasing a flashy wet suit on the Internet, Dave starts busting up baddies with nothing but brute force. He calls himself Kick-Ass, and he can take a beating as good as he can dish one out. Before long, Kick-Ass has become a local sensation, and others are following his lead.
[Nordisk Film]Region 2
Kieslowski: Three Colours
This boldly cinematic trio of stories about love and loss, from Krzysztof Kieslowski was a defining event of the art-house boom of the 1990s. The films are named for the colors of the French flag and stand for the tenets of the French Revolution—liberty, equality, and fraternity—but that hardly begins to explain their enigmatic beauty and rich humanity. Set in Paris, Warsaw, and Geneva, and ranging from tragedy to comedy, Blue, White, and Red (Kieslowski’s final film) examine with artistic clarity a group of ambiguously interconnected people experiencing profound personal disruptions. Marked by intoxicating cinematography and stirring performances by such actors as Juliette Binoche, Julie Delpy, Irène Jacob, and Jean-Louis Trintignant, Kieslowski’s Three Colors is a benchmark of contemporary cinema.

4-DVD Box Set Digipak in Slipcase with Booklet
[Criterion] Region 1
Killing, The
(1956 Stanley Kubrick)

svensk titel: Spelet är Förlorat

Sterling Hayden plays veteran criminal Johnny Clay, planning one last big heist before settling down to a respectable marriage with Fay. Teaming with several cohorts, Johnny masterminds a racetrack robbery. The basic flaw is that all the crooks involved are losers and small-timers who find themselves in way over their heads despite their supposed cleverness. None of the participants is more pathetic than George Peatty, who is goaded into the robbery by his covetous and far-from-faithful wife. As in a Greek tragedy, Johnny's best-laid schemes go awry.
[MGM] Region 1
Kings of the Sun
(1963 J Lee Thompson)

In this historical adventure saga, Balam is the son of the ruler of the Mayan people; when his father is killed in battle, Balam succeeds his father as King and leads his followers out of Mexico to a coastal region. The Mayan's new home, however, is already the province of a hostile Indian tribe led by Black Eagle, who leads a raid against the Mayan's camp. Balam is severely injured, but Black Eagle's wife Ixchel tends to his wounds, and eventually the two leaders agree to settle their differences and coexist in peace. Hunac Ceel, Balam's old nemesis, is not so forgiving. He has followed the Mayans to their new home, where he and his troops mount a furious attack, with the Indians and the Mayans leading a united front against the invaders.
[MGM] Region 1
(2004 Law Chi Leung)

A horrid crime was committed at a wedding reception and bridesmaid Chi Ching was the lone eyewitness. At the police station, she recognized the suspect, Suen Ling, in a line up. She also discovered the affair between this stranger and her lover. All of a sudden the emotional turmoil surrounding her chronic illness resurfaced and quickly grew beyond control. Meanwhile Ching became the target of a vicious assault, and it was Suen who came to her rescue. The two of them slowly became friends. But as they became more and more attached to each other, they also brought themselves closer and closer to unspeakable danger...
[Panorama] Region 3
Krig och Fred
(1956 King Vidor)

originaltitel: War and Peace

King Vidor's film is an all-star version of Leo Tolstoy's literary masterpiece. This epic tale takes place during Napoleon's invasion of Russia in the years 1805-20. While these calamitous historical events unfold, a variety of characters from various classes and cultures tries to deal with their own personal dramas. Whether peasant or prince, soldier or gentlewoman, each person undergoes a search for happiness and self-knowledge...and each one ultimately finds a different answer.
[Paramount]Region 2
Känn ingen Sorg
(2013 Måns Mårlind)

I KÄNN INGEN SORG får vi följa med till Håkan Hellströms magiska värld. I ett färgsprakande Göteborg lär vi känna Pål och hans vänner Lena, Eva och Johnny, vilkas liv kommit fram till stunden då det inte längre finns någon väg tillbaka. Istället väntar ett känsloladdat sommaräventyr kantat av kärlek, vänskap, svek och fantastisk musik.

Påls största dröm är att hålla på med musik. Det vet barndomsvännerna Lena och Johnny, det vet också farfar Rolle även om han helst av allt skulle se att Pål skaffade sig ett redigt jobb. När Prinsessan Eva dyker upp som en virvelvind i sommarnatten och fångar Påls uppmärksamhet upptäcker hon att hon delar hans dröm. Problemet är att det enda som står mellan Pål och drömmen är hans egna tvångstankar som gång efter en annan får honom att spåra ur precis när som mest står på spel.
[SF]Region 2