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O, Brother, where art Thou?
(2000 Joel Coen)

Joel and Ethan Coen transport Homer's ODYSSEY to the depression-era South in the silly, fun comedy O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?. George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson star as three escaped fugitives on the run in Mississippi. Their adventures through the barren landscape includes run-ins with a soothsayer, a trio of Sirens, a Bible-salesman Cyclops, as well as other archetypes from Southern folklore and pop-culture including a young blues musician, the Klan, and bank robber Baby Face Nelson. Soon they are caught up in a vicious gubernatorial campaign that would make Huey Long proud.
[Universal]Region 2
O.C. and Stiggs
(1985 Robert Altman)

Oliver Cromwell Ogilvie, aka O.C., and his buddy Mark Stiggs, are a pair of misfit teenagers whose greatest joy in life is making those around them miserable. O.C.'s ancient grandfather has just had his insurance cancelled, and when he discovers that suburbanite salesman Randall Schwabb is responsible, O.C. and Stiggs swing into a summer-long campaign to get revenge on Schwabb and his family.
[MGM] Region 1
Om Stig Petrés Hemlighet
(2004 Harald Hamrell)

Om man är VD och bor på en liten ort är det inte självklart att man gillar tanken på att gå i gruppterapi. Stig Petré gillar det definitivt inte men tvingas dit av sin kloka läkare - men det måste hållas hemligt!

Stig Ehrling J:son Petré (Michael Nyqvist) är en välkänd profil på den lilla orten. Han driver en fabrik och är en av de ledande i den lokala fotbollsklubben. Men allt är inte frid och fröjd bakom den framgångsrika fasaden. Fabriken går så dåligt att banken hotar att sätta den i konkurs. Stigs mage krånglar och husläkaren påstår att det handlar om panikångestattacker. Läkaren tvingar honom till och med att gå i terapi! Där möter Stig några andra färgstarka figurer: Inger (Gunilla Röör) som allmänt kallas för "Gorillan-i-kassan", Den misslyckade trubaduren Tore (Göran Thorell), Malena (Camilla Larsson) narcisstisk tvåbarnsmor som gärna brister ut i sång. Och så terapeuten Björn (Jonas Karlsson) som är den i gruppen som kanske har de allvarligaste problemen av dem alla... Herrejössesjävlar, Stig går i gruppterapi - han som inte har några problem. Tänk om någon får reda på det! Terapin måste till varje pris hållas hemlig...
[SVT/Pan]Region 2
On the Edge
(2006 Herman Yau Lai-To)

After eight years of undercover work with the triads, officer Hoi San's case brings about the conviction of the crime boss. But now Hoi is detested by the triads and by his fellow officers--and he's forced to run after he's suspected of a crime.
[Universe] Region 0
One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
(1975 Milos Forman)

svensk titel: Gökboet

R.P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), a misbehaved con who shirks authority, finds himself in an asylum after faking insanity to get out of work detail in prison. The vivacious troublemaker soon finds himself in a worse kind of prison--one presided over by the repressed, terrifyingly quiet Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher), whose set of rules and regulations are meant to suppress patients' psychotic outbursts, and their spirits. It's not long before McMurphy is reaching out to his new inmates, trying desperately to bring life to an otherwise dead atmosphere. To Ratched, however, Nicholson's free spirit is dangerous...
[Warner]Region 2
One Take Only
(2001 Oxide Pang)

Bangkok, 2001. In this sprawling metropolis people go about their busy lives in anonymity. Here, it's not unusual for people to live in the same building and never exchange a word, or to ride the same bus but occupy different worlds. When Som and Bank meet for the first time at Center Point, they are strangers: Bank doesn't know that Som is a hooker, and Som doesn't know Bank is a drug dealer. Here, they briefly share their dreams while sunbathing on a rooftop. Soon they become partners, and the drug deals they make bring them a kind of wealth that they have never known. Now Som can afford expensive mobile phones and sunglasses, while Bank can be carefree in his gambling. With a taste for the highlife, they plan a deal that will make them rich beyond their wildest imagination, but they soon find that the price they must pay is far too great.
[Tartan] Region 0