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Ulzana's Raid
(1972 Robert Aldrich)

Robert Aldrich pulls no punches in his unrelentingly brutal story of a reign of terror perpetrated on Arizona settlers by a bitter Apache warrior and the cavalry's frustrated attempts to stop him.

Burt Lancaster, a longtime Aldrich collaborator and star of the similar 1954 Western "Apache", brings his laconic, quietly authoritative presence to the role of McIntosh, a blunt-speaking, introspective old army scout with more respect than hate for his enemy. A very young Bruce Davison is the green-as-a-sapling Lieutenant DeBuin, fresh from West Point and filled with Christian ideals, thrown into the field against the vicious, tactically brilliant Ulzana. DeBuin is shocked and appalled at Ulzana's brutality--torturing male homesteaders to death, raping the women, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses--and as he struggles to understand Ulzana his values of Christian charity soon melt into racist hatred
[Good Times] Region 1
Under Suspicion
(2000 Stephen Hopkins)

In hurricane-lashed, carnival-time Puerto Rico, a killer of young girls is on the loose. Three young girls have been murdered in the last month and Harry Hearst (Gene Hackman), a rich and powerful lawyer on the island, discovers the body of the latest victim. When Capt. Victor Benezet (Morgan Freeman), the chief of police, asks Hearst to clear up a couple of points about his discovery, it seems nothing more than routine. Instead, Hearst is given the third degree, with a young cop Detective Owen (Thomas Jane) probing into the dark secrets of the lawyer's private life, especially his sex life and relationship with his young and beautiful trophy wife, Chantal (Monica Bellucci), 30 years his junior. The brash attorney story starts to reveal a number of cracks, that only open wider and wider.
[Lionsgate]Region 2
Union Square
(2011 Nancy Savoca)

Nancy Savoca's first film in nearly a decade, stars Mira Sorvino as Lucy, a hard-drinking party girl from the Bronx who takes a trip into Manhattan to meet with her married lover, and ends up visiting her sister Jenny (Tammy Blanchard), who has cleaned up her life and is engaged to a man running a health-food business.

Jenny has hid the truth about her past from her fiancé; he thinks she's from Maine, and Jenny wants nothing more than to get her out-of-control sister away from their apartment. Lucy, however, doesn't know how to take a hint, ends up spending the night, and soon the two are fighting about old resentments and Jenny finds she can't keep the facade going with her fiancé.
[Lucky Dogs]Region 2
(2011 Olivier Nakache &‎ Eric Toledano)

This French comedy drama charts an unusual friendship.

Paul (François Cluzet), a rich aristocrat and habitual thrill-seeker, becomes quadriplegic after a paragliding accident. Alone in the world and unable to care for himself in even the most basic ways, Paul employs young Senegalese émigré Driss (Omar Sy) as his carer. Despite their very different backgrounds and outlooks on life, the two men quickly form a strong bond, teaching each other important life lessons about acceptance, respect and the true meaning of friendship in the process.
[Entertainment]Region 2