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Ulzana's Raid
(1972 Robert Aldrich)

Robert Aldrich pulls no punches in his unrelentingly brutal story of a reign of terror perpetrated on Arizona settlers by a bitter Apache warrior and the cavalry's frustrated attempts to stop him. Burt Lancaster, a longtime Aldrich collaborator and star of the similar 1954 Western Apache, brings his laconic, quietly authoritative presence to the role of McIntosh, a blunt-speaking, introspective old army scout with more respect than hate for his enemy. A very young Bruce Davison is the green-as-a-sapling Lieutenant DeBuin, fresh from West Point and filled with Christian ideals, thrown into the field against the vicious, tactically brilliant Ulzana. DeBuin is shocked and appalled at Ulzana's brutality--torturing male homesteaders to death, raping the women, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses--and as he struggles to understand Ulzana his values of Christian charity soon melt into racist hatred
[Good Times] Region 1
Under Fire
(1983 Roger Spottiswoode)

svensk titel: I Skottlinjen

On assignment, top photojournalist Russell Price (Nick Nolte) covers the civil war in Nicaragua circa 1979. When the rebel forces have Price take a photo of their leader, Rafael, who is thought to be dead, Price finds it difficult to stay neutral. He must evade the government-controlled army, all while negotiating a tricky love triangle with fellow journalists Claire (Joanna Cassidy) and Alex (Gene Hackman).
[MGM] Region 2