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Cadogan, Susan - Soulful Reggae
(Victor VICP-64070 Jap-08 200:-)

Susan Cadogan reached the peak of popularity in 1975, when her cover of "Hurt So Good" soared into the U.K. Top Five and "Love Me Baby" returned her to the Top 25. But the singer was unable to follow up those hits, and although Cadogan reignited here career briefly back home in Jamaica in the mid-'80s, she then disappeared from view for years. Cadogan's return to the scene was heralded by the inclusion of her take on "Together We Are Beautiful" for Aiwa's 12th Anniversary compilation.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
v/a - 2-Tone Story
(Chrysalis/2-Tone CCD-5009 UK-89 175:-)

In the 1960s, Jamaican immigrants to Great Britain brought their unique dancehall music with them. They mingled with working-class British kids and a new, hybrid sound was born - "ska" - that predates the Bob Marley-style reggae we're more familiar with today and is both faster and more conventionally danceable, mingling Jamaican percussion and rhythm with an almost amphetamine-crazed Brit sensibility.

2-tone records, a british label formed in 1979, specialized in releases by late 1970s/early 80s SKA revival bands such as the Specials, the Selecter, Madness, the Beat, and so on never, ever released a bad record. here are 23 examples proving that!