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Freberg, Stan - A Child's Garden
(Capitol T-777 UK-57 EX 375:-)

Hip and irreverent, Stan Freberg was the last network radio comic, a trailblazing satirist whose work greatly expanded the vocabulary of the comedy form. While most postwar comedians used radio and records merely as a springboard for more lucrative film and television gigs, Freberg pushed the envelope in both mediums, creating high-concept musical comedies and sound collages that revolutionized the audio format while setting the stage for the hallucinatory sonic visions of the Firesign Theatre and the National Lampoon troupes.
Jones, Spike - In Stereo
(Warner Bros WS-1332 US-59 EX 400:-)

Voiceover artist Paul Frees, known for his Dracula and Peter Lorre imitations in cartoons, joins forces with the Jones band here for one of those completely perfect collaborations. Monsters are a rich source of comedy material as well as spine tingles, and Frees adds just the right dramatic continuity to the proceedings. The tracks include much manically tossed-off silliness cooked up by Jones and his arranging buddy Carl Brandt, such as "Teenage Brain Surgeon," definitely one of the Jones band's most rocking numbers.
Mrs Miller - Greatest Hits
(Capitol T-2494 UK-66 EX 375:-)

Who can ever figure this chick out? Mrs Miller was a strange denizen of the bottom level of the music industry food chain – and her stock-in-trade was performing 60s pop tunes with a shrill fuddy-duddy style that was instantly recognizable, and forever annoying! This record is less of a "best of" than just a collection of her versions of 60's pop stuff like "These Boots are Made for Walkin", "Chim Chim Cher-ee", and "Downtown" – all given the mad Miller Sound treatment, with a harsh edge, and a wacky off-kilter sound. Wild stuff, and very goofy!

Original UK MONO pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded Excellent!