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Art of Walt Disney
(Harry N Abrams US 1974 HC 225:-)

Way back in 1973, Christopher Finch was given complete access to the Disney Studios and Archives so he could put together a massive, illustrated history of Walt Disney’s career. The enormous hardcover chronicles Disney’s life from birth to death, touching on all of his triumphs and achievements. The bulk of the book focuses on his short subjects and animated features. There is one section on the making of Robin Hood (as that was the film currently in production at the time), as well as a section on his live action films and one on the theme parks.

Each page contains a variety of film stills, rough animation, concept art, backgrounds, photographs and much more. There are 763 illustrations, 351 in full color plates. Nowadays we are accustomed to art books containing 100% full color pictures. But back in 1973, animation wasn’t considered to be the art form that is it today. This book was really the only art book at its time. Finch did an excellent job picking images that best represented the studio. Each page is printed on a heavy-weight, archival-quality matte paper that gives the images a real warm feel. There are several gate-folds that I believe are not in the subsequent editions. The text, while very well-written and interesting, there are a few factual errors, simply due to new information being discovered since its publication.

The book comes in a clear plastic dust cover that has the title and inside flap text printed on it. After almost forty years, this plastic tends to be quite brittle. Many used copies of this book have long lost the dust jacket. There is a thick cardboard cutout of Mickey Mouse that is glued to the cover under the dust jacket.
Mickey Mouse
(Abbeville US 1978 HC 225:-)

To those who only know Mickey Mouse as the cute little character from cartoons, this is an eye-opener. He has many adventures with Minnie, Horace, Dippy (later Goofy), and Donald. Pegleg Pete is a real criminal, involved with gangsters and Communists. Mickey assumes responsibility, shows ingenuity and emerges as a true hero. It's too bad that the,"Walt Disney,"signature kept the work of Floyd Gottfredson, Ted Osbourne or Merril DeMerris shrouded in secrecy until the late 60s - but now a whole new generation of readers can see another side to Mickey Mouse - and understand more about his popularity during the 30s.