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Nails (Ravers)
(Screwball SBX-001 US-77 VG+ 225:-)

The Nails, formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1976, were originally named The Ravers, and recorded an EP in Boulder with Screwball Records. The Ravers moved to New York in June of 1977 and played the showcase clubs CBGB and Max's Kansas City. Shortly after arriving in NY, they changed their name to The Nails (there was a local band named Raver). Early copies of their debut EP are unstamped; later copies of the sleeve & labels stamped The Nails.

Second version of this EP; containg Cops are Punks / Big Star / Another Lesson.
Nirvana - Live
(bootleg EX 200:-)

Nirvana popularized punk, post-punk, and indie rock, unintentionally bringing them into the American mainstream like no other band to date.

This bootleg 7" has a rare electric version of "The Man Who Sold the World" as a A-Side and the long lost Fang cover "The Money Will Roll Right In" on the B-Side. Blistering and brilliant.
No Remorse / Dirlewanger - Desert Storm
Rebelles Européens RE-334092 Fra-92 VG+ 500:-)

No Remorse is a British Nationalist Socialist RAC Band formed in 1986.

Dirlewanger is a
RAC band from Sweden founded 1986. The name is inspired by Oskar Paul Dirlewanger, the founder and commander of the infamous Nazi SS penal unit "Dirlewanger" during World War II.

This split EP contains "We fly the Swastika", "Robert Mathews", "White Power Rock n Roll" and "Honkey Tonk Rebel".'