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T Rex - Get It On
(Stateside 4E-006-92700 Swe-71 VG+ 150:-)

Fronted by the flamboyant Marc Bolan, T Rex hit big in Britain during the peak of '70s glam rock, influencing acts ranging from alternative to metal.

Original Swedish single; b/w "There was a Time" and "Raw Ramp".
Television - Little Johnny Jewel
(Ork Records ‎NYC- 1T UK-79 EX 275:-)

Television were one of the most creative bands to emerge from New York's punk scene of the mid-'70s, creating an influential new guitar vocabulary. While guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd liked to jam, they didn't follow the accepted rock structures for improvisation -- they removed the blues while retaining the raw energy of garage rock, adding complex, lyrical solo lines that recalled both jazz and rock. With its angular rhythms and fluid leads, Television's music always went in unconventional directions, laying the groundwork for many of the guitar-based post-punk pop groups of the late '70s and '80s.

UK 4-track 12" single, also featuring a Live Version, combining both sides of the original Ork 1975 singles, glossy picture sleeve.
Troggs - Lost Girl
(CBS 20203 Swe-66 VG+ 400:-)

The Troggs were a seminal British Invasion quartet who presaged punk with cave-ready beats on "Wild Thing," but also recorded several pop gems.

Original Swedish issue of The Troggs' debut single, b/w The Yella in Me, in an unique picture sleeve.