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ABBA - Hova's Vittne
(unofficial NM 475:-)

At last! A superb limited edition reproduction of one of the two 'Holy grails' of Abba collecting. The original of this unreleased track on 12" was given away in no more than 200 copies in 1981 at the 50th birthday party of Abba's producer Stikkan Anderson. The near unfindable original can sell for up to 30-40,000 Sek in superb condition and is missing in almost all serious Abba collections.

There is no attempt to fool collectors into believing this is an original copy, as can be seen by the 'collectors re-issue' text on the back sleeve and the different shade of red to the original vinyl.
Babs, Alice - Flicka med Positiv
(Decca SDE-7200 Swe-60 EX 250:-)

Alice Babs slog igenom som swingsångerska i filmen Swing it, magistern! (1940). Hon blev raskt symbol för den nya jazzmusiken, vilket också medförde starka reaktioner från några ur den äldre generationen.

Denna EP, med Bengt Hallbergs Orkester, innehåller "Flicka med Positiv", "Res med Mej", "Primavera" och "I mitt Klapprande Hjärta".
Berglund, Lily - Jag minns det så väl
(Philips 421.586-PE Swe-61 EX 200:-)

Lily Berglund var vid sidan av Alice Babs och Thory Bernhards en av Sveriges populäraste schlagersångerskor under 1950-talet och en bit in på 60-talet.

Denna EP, tillsammans med Per Lindquist, innehåller "Jag minns det så Väl", "Det är gjort nu", "Han ska va - Hon ska va" och "Vår Avskedsvals".
Broberg, Robert - Franska Naturen
(Triola Td-175 Swe-63 EX 275:-)

Robert Karl Oskar Broberg, allas vår Robban, hade en väldigt lång och gränslöst händelserik karriär som för all del också var sporadisk och ojämn i sin intensiva jakt på nya upptåg i pendlandet mellan allvar och lek.

Det här är hans tredje singel; b/w "Knäppen".
Brockstedt, Nora - Hemlös
Joker JEP-8019 Swe-61 EX 250:-

Nora Brockstedt, född 20 januari 1923, är en norsk sångerska, verksam både i Sverige och Norge. Mellan 1950 och 1954 var hon medlem i sångkvartetten The Monn Keys tillsammans med Arne Bendiksen, Per Asplin, Oddvar Sanne och Egil Monn-Iversen.

Hon representerade Norge i Eurovision Song Contest 1960 och 1961 med låtarna "Voi-voi" respektive "Sommar i Palma".

Innehåll; Hemlös, När du kommer väntar jag på Dej, Bom Biribiribo och Adieu Lebewohl Goodbye.
Di Leva - Om Jag Vill
(Stranded REK 038 Swe-83 EX 225:-)

Sven Thomas Magnusson föddes 1963 i Gävle. När han var 14 år bytte han namn Di Leva, inspirerad av sin mors italienska flicknamn.

"Om jag Vill / Up to the Mountain" var Di Leva's tredje singel och den enda på Stranded Records.
Di Leva, Tomas - The Single Man
(Adventure ADVSP-106 Swe-82 VG+ 225:-)

Sven Thomas Magnusson föddes 1963 i Gävle. När han var 14 år bytte han namn Di Leva, inspirerad av sin mors italienska flicknamn.

Di Leva startade sin karriär med bandet Pillisnorks, med vilket EP:n 4 VISITORS blev hans skivdebut 1 januari 1980. Hösten 1981 fick han skivkontrakt som soloartist och året därpå kom debutalbumet, "Marginal Cirkus", som släpptes endast i 1500 exemplar.

Di Leva's andra singel; b/w "Appear of Need". Omslaget är lite nött med ringwear - vinyl är graderad EX.
Europe - Open Your Heart
(Hot HOTS-8417 Swe-84 VG+ 175:-)

Originally a progressive rock group, Europe didn't achieve success until they reworked their sound into bombastic yet melodic pop-metal. The band won a national talent contest in the early '80s, which led to a record contract with Hot Records. After releasing two albums in Sweden, they landed an international deal with Epic Records to pursue a successful career in the glam/hair metal genre.

Original Swedish pressing; b/w "Wings of Tomorrow".
Fältskog, Agnetha - Zigenarvän
(Cupol CS-260 Swe-69 VG+ 375:-)

Although she had made a name for herself as a solo artist in Sweden, Agnetha Fältskog will always be best known as one-fourth of ABBA, one of the most commercially successful and internationally beloved pop acts of all time.

Rare original swedish single; b/w "Som en Vind kom Du till Mej". Side 1 has a small inaudible mark and a piece of tape on the label; otherwise the set is graded VG+.
G-Anx - Far Out
(Finn Records 003 Swe-89 EX 150:-)

G-Anx was a Crust punk band from Jönköping started in 1984. They broke up in 1992 and have been on hiatus ever since.

Original Swedish EP; contains "Nineteenninetyeight", "Stenad", "Äppelskruttar" and "Skitsnack".
Gyllene Tider - Flickorna på TV2
(Parlophone 7C 006-35708 Swe-79 VG+ 200:-)

During a brief period of fame in the early '80s, Gyllene Tider managed to stir up hysteria among Swedish teens, and their first two albums sold extremely well; but the band is now mainly remembered for bringing Per Gessle into the spotlight for the first time.

Rare 1979 Swedish YELLOW VINYL single, b/w "Himmel No 7", die-cut picture sleeve
Heavy Load - Metal Conquest
(Thunderload TMP-811 Swe-81 VG+ 475:-)

Heavy Load formed in 1976 as a trio by the brothers Ragne and Styrbjörn Wahlquist. In 1977, they recorded their debut album, "Full Speed At High Level", which was released in 1978, but the record company, Heavy Sound Records, went bankrupt and the Wahlquist brothers formed their own label, Thunderload Records.

Thematically, "Metal Conquest" might not stray far from their 1978 debut, but in terms of its sheer muscle, the EP is a far better representative of the Swedish veterans' enduring legacy upon the scene to follow them. Meatier guitars, manlier vocals, and a firmer grasp of how to drive home a vocal chorus hook transported this material away from the Judas Priest and Black Sabbath comparisons of the debut towards the realm of molten girth that characterized Anvil, Manilla Road, Manowar and the almighty Thor during the dawn of the 80s.

Original Swedish pressing complete with poster. The sleeve shows some minor wear; the vinyl is graded EX.
Hellacopters - Killing Allan
(Psychout PSYCH-001 Swe-02 EX 225:-)

What the MC5 and Stooges were to the '60s, what Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Radio Birdman were to the '70s, and what the Celibate Rifles were to the '80s -- that's what Sweden's Hellacopters were to the '90s. Young, strapping, and rocking out to almost cartoon-like proportions, the Hellacopters have made quite a name for themselves in Europe and Australia. And a deal with Sub Pop had them targeting the States.

Unofficial reissue of their first single.
Hep Stars - Cadillac
(Olga SO-09 Swe-65 VG+ 175:-)

(Olga SO-06 Swe-65 VG+ 225:-)

The Hep Stars was a formed in 1963 in Stockholm. During 1965-66 the band was the most successful of contemporary 1960s Swedish pop groups performing in the English language. The band is best known as a launching point for the keyboard player and composer Benny Andersson, who went on to enjoy worldwide success with ABBA.

This was Hep Stars fifth single; b/w "Mashed Potatoes". This copy has the second version sleeve with third version label.'
Hep Stars - Farmer John
(Olga SO-06 Swe-65 VG+ 225:-)

The Hep Stars was a formed in 1963 in Stockholm. During 1965-66 the band was the most successful of contemporary 1960s Swedish pop groups performing in the English language. The band is best known as a launching point for the keyboard player and composer Benny Andersson, who went on to enjoy worldwide success with ABBA.

This was Hep Stars fourth single; b/w "Donna". This copy has the second version sleeve with third version label.
Hep Stars - Kana Kapila
(Olga SO-03 Swe-65 VG+ 200:-)

(Olga SO-06 Swe-65 VG+ 225:-)

The Hep Stars was a formed in 1963 in Stockholm. During 1965-66 the band was the most successful of contemporary 1960s Swedish pop groups performing in the English language. The band is best known as a launching point for the keyboard player and composer Benny Andersson, who went on to enjoy worldwide success with ABBA.

This was Hep Stars first single; b/w "I got a Woman". This copy has the reversed cover art and the third version label.'
Hillbilly Five - I feel Better all Over
(SweDisc SWEP-133 PS Swe-64 EX 225:-)

Second EP from the Hillbilly Five; containing "I feel Better all Over", "The Honky Tonk Girl", "Don't worry about Me" and "What am I living for".
Little Gerhard - Little Gerhard
Karusell KSEP-3089 Swe-58 VG+ 300:-

Little Gerhard, artistnamn för Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist, född 17 maj 1934 i Tillberga utanför Västerås, är en svensk rocksångare, som hade stora hits från 1958 till mitten av 1960-talet. Första gången han framträdde med eget band var på Nalen, på nyårsafton 1957. Via den spelningen fick han skivkontrakt hos bolaget Karusell, och han skivdebuterade i början av 1958 med EP:n Little Gerhard. Låten What You've Done To Me på den skivan blev hans genombrott.
Lucas - Go Now
(Polar POS-1036 Swe-67 VG+ 175:-)

Lucas formed 1965 in Gothenburg. In 1967 they won a pop music contest at Nalen and later same year also a contest held by Sveriges Radio. "Go Now" stayed at the Swedish charts for 11 weeks and the same year they were opening act for The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

Original Swedish single; b/w "Parchment Farm". A previous owners name is written inside the sleeve.
Malmkvist, Siw - Du har bara Lekt med Mej
Metronome MEP-9069 Swe-61 EX 250:-

Det Ansvar Du Har är en svensk inspelning av Cleo Laine's hit i England; You'll Answer to Me.

Innehåll; Du har bara Lekt med Mej, Pär var inte där, Bortom Bergen och Det Ansvar Du Har.
Memory Garden - Ta någon hårt i Hand
(Heathendoom PIT-01 Swe-95 EX 150:-)

Memory Garden formed in Kumla in 1992. This band produces some very doom-laden riffs and slow, searing songs.

This 1995 EP features Christmas songs; "Mössens Julafton", "Tomtarnas Julnatt", "Stilla Natt" and "Jultomten är faktiskt Död".
Månbröder - Utanför mitt Fönster
(MEBA Records 101 Swe-86 EX 250:-)

1986 släppte Toni Holgersson en singel tillsammans med Krister Sand under namnet Månbröder. Låtarna på singeln är "tanför mitt fönster", som sedan även kom med på solodebutalbumet i lite bearbetad version, samt "Att Älskas".
Nattkräm - Håll Mig Hårt
(Ö Records ÖR‎–523 Swe-79 EX 275:-)

Nattkräm hann gör a ett par hundra spelningar - både hemma i Åkersberga och inne i Stockholm och ofta tillsammans med kompisband som Docent Död, Travolta Kids och Lustans Lakejer - innan dom gick i graven.

Genombrottet kom 1979 med en egenhändigt utgivna singeln ”Håll mig hårt”. Mats Olsson på Expressen gillade den och gav bandet en halvsida. Längst ned skrev han telefonnumret till bandet, och bara några dagar senare var alla femhundra exemplaren slut.

Original Swedish pressing; b/w "Tåget" and "För Stressigt".
New Bondage - Backseat
(Heartwork HW-02 Swe-78 EX 250:-)

New Bondage came from Lund, in southern Sweden. They started out as a punk band, but moved into New Wave influenced by bands like Pere Ubu. They got to be warm-up act for bands like The Clash and Ultravox at concerts in nearby Malmö. When guitarist Anders Rudsten died in 1978, the band changed their name to T T Reuter.

This was their 2nd single, pressed on RED vinyl, b/w Heartbeats & Heavy Breath. Both vinyl and sleeve are graded Excellent.
Pärlor - Ungdomen Satsar
(Pärlor SS-01 Swe-82 EX 175:-)

Pärlor bildades i Stockholm av Sebastian Sundblad (gitarr/sång), Nicke Johansson (bas/sång) och Peter Forsberg (trummor). Killarna kom från Värmdö, Nacka och Södermalm men spelade på var och varannan ungdomsgård i Stockholm under de två åren de existerade. Nicke och Peter flyttade senare till New York, där de bildade banded Princess Pang som turnérade med Guns n Roses. Det här var deras enda singel, b/w Det gäller Dom eller Oss och en cover på Ruben Nilson's Den Okända Soldaten.
Rogefeldt, Pugh - Föräldralåten
(Metronome J-27.068 Swe-70 EX 250:-)

Anders Sture Torbjörn "Pugh" Rogefeldt debuterade med det grammisvinnande albumet "Ja, dä ä dä" 1969, vilket var banbrytande då det var ett av de första rockalbumen på svenska. Skivan spelades in tillsammans med Jojje Wadenius och Janne "Loffe" Carlsson. Flera framgångsrika album följde på 1970-talet.

Pugh's third single, b/w Sail with Me, Come On and Try - I Love You.
Roxette - Neverending Love (Euro Mix)
(EMI 1362486 Swe-86 VG+ 275:-)

Swedish pop duo Roxette picked up where Abba left off, providing charmingly accented and instantly forgettable dance tunes for rafts of pre-teens in the late '80s. They had a catchy hook up each sleeve, and their boy/girl vocals warmed the mix considerably.

Original Swedish pressing. The sleeve shows minor storage wear - the vinyl is graded EX.
Shanes / Moonlighters - Live!
(Columbia SEGS-138 Swe-65 VG+ 225:-)

The Shanes had about a dozen Top Ten hits in their native Sweden between 1964 and 1967, but were absolutely unknown to listeners who spoke English as their first language. Not that the group deserved any better.

The Moonlighters were a pop-band from Stockholm, featuring Lasse Holm who later became a leading figure in Swedish schlager industry.

Original Swedish EP; containing "Marshall Clayton", "Roadrunner", "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" and "I can't Stand It".
Sten & Stanley - Haver Ni sett Karlsson
(Decca SDE-7229 Swe-62 VG+ 250:-)

1st EP from Sten & Stanley; includes "Haver ni sett Karlsson", "Twist 62", "Jolly Bob från Aberdeen" and "Twist around the Clock".
Sven-Ingvars - Årets Stad
(Expressen [none] Swe-68 EX 200:-)

"Årets Stad" var en utmärkelse som tilldelades olika svenska städer under 1960- och 1970-talen. Arrangör av tävlingen var tidningen Expressen och 1968 utsågs Karlstad - till firandet bidrog Sven-Ingvars med singeln "Grattis Karlsta' - årets stad".
Tages - I Should be Glad
(Platina PA-103 Swe-65 VG+ 200:-)

The Tages were without a doubt, the best Swedish band of the '60s and one of the best '60s rock acts of any sort from a non-English speaking country. Although the group's first recordings were pretty weak Merseybeat derivations, in the mid-'60s they developed a tough, mod-influenced sound that echoed the Who and the Kinks and recorded quite a few originals, making the Swedish Top Ten over a dozen times in all.

Original Swedish single; containing "I Should be Glad", b/w "I Cry".
Tant Strul - Pappas Tant
(MNW 61s Swe-80 EX 200:-)

Tant Strul was one of the best female punk rock bands in Sweden in the 80's. The classic line-up consited of Kajsa Grytt (g/v), Malena Jönsson (p/v), Liten Falkeholm (b/v) and Nike Markelius (d/v).

Original Swedish single (their debut); b/w "Tomheten".
Tavla, Kalle - Lilla Bi, Lilla Ros
(SweDisc SWEP-109 Swe-6? EX 275:-)

Kalle Tavla var verksam som konstnär och under 1960-talet även som grammofonartist. Han gav ut ett antal singlar och en LP-skiva, alla med gräddan av arrangörer och musiker – med största sannolikhet på egen bekostnad. Tavla pratsjunger på skivorna i en stil som för tankarna både till samtida storheter inom visa (han ville säkert framstå som en Carl Anton, Olle Adolphson eller Evert Taube) och en teatral elegant som Jarl Kulle. Resultatet är lika delar fascinerande och förskräckligt. Uppblåst och avspänt på samma gång. Det här är hans andra EP; innehåller "Lilla Bi, Lilla Ros", "Höstens Sång", "Å, Lilla Karin
Wilmer X - Sov, min Älskling
(LARM ‎– ROCK 0002 Swe-80 EX 375:-)

Wilmer X is a Swedish rock band originally formed in 1977-1978 as Wilmer Pitt in Malmö by Nisse Hellberg (guitar and vocals) and Jalle Lorensson (harmonica). The band was rebranded as Wilmer X at the time of the first recording.

Original Swedish single (their debut): b/w "Säj din Mamma & din Pappa".
Zettlers - Skinnie Minnie
(Garageland BF-601 Swe-83 EX 175:-)

The Zettlers bildades på Sandbacka i Umeå, där Rolf "Roffa" Asplund, Leif "Leffa" Eriksson och Rune Ulfhielm bodde grannar. Namnet hittade man i ett svensk-engelskt lexikon, där Settlers förklarades som "nybyggare, dråpslag eller aptitsup". Inför en tidig spelning stavade en arrangör namnet med "Z" på affischen, och det fastnade. Våren 1962 vann bandet en "talangparad" i Örnsköldsvik och kunde då kalla sig Norrlandsmästare.

Återutgåva av deras tredje och sista singel; b/w "Beautiful Delilah".