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Arbete och Fritid - ...sen Dansar vi Ut
(Hurv KRLP-3 Swe-77 VG+ 350:-)

Arbete & Fritid was formed in Uppsala in 1969. The band experimented with several different styles changing both members and musical direction with every recording.

"Sedan Dansar Vi Ut" (1977) contained a lot of traditional folk dance tunes and sounds almost like a Swedish equivalent of The Chieftains.
Arbete och Fritid - Arbete och Fritid
(MNW 39P Swe-73 EX 400:-)

Arbete & Fritid experimented with several different styles changing both members and musical direction with every recording. The core group was Roland Keijser, Kjell Westling, Torsten Eckerman and later Tord Bengtsson with Ove Karlsson being the only constant member. Almost everybody were multi-instrumentalists!

The band's 1973 on MNW Records marked the beginning of a new era for the band. The connection to traditional music is still evident but absorbed into the pulsating drone of electric guitars garnished with oriental fanfares. It is a highly accomplished album and may be the band's best ever.

Original Swedish pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded Excellent!
Asta Kask - Aldrig en LP
(Rosa Honung ROSALP-28 Swe-86 VG+ 300:-)

Asta Kask is a Swedish punk band from Töreboda, founded as "X-tas" in 1978.

"Aldrig en LP" är Asta Kask's första fullängdsalbum. Bandet hade tidigare varit emot att släppa en LP, men innan de skulle lägga av bestämde de sig för att ta nya, gamla och några av sina första låtar och spela in denna LP. 2013 släpptes detta album på nytt med ett annat omslag.
Bravado Bravado - Bravado Bravado
(Hawk LP-2121 Swe-89 EX 275:-)

Anders Folke Rönnblom är en av pionjärerna när det gäller att kombinera visor och rock i Sverige. Under tidigt 70-tal tillhörde han de artister som ansågs mest lovande och intressanta för svensk rock. Rönnblom tillhörde aldrig den alternativa musikrörelsen, trots att han verkade under dess storhetstid och trots att många av hans texter präglades av samhällsengagemang.

"Bravado Bravado" från 1989 innehåller bl a en duett med Kajsa Grytt på "Vårregn".

Detta exemplar är signerat av Anders F Rönnblom på baksidan.
Europe - Europe
(Hot Records HOTLP-83001 Swe-83 VG+ 275:-)

Europe is a Swedish Glam metal band. They won a national talent contest in the early '80s, which led to a record contract.

The band's self-titled debut album shows a very different Europe from the later "Final Countdown" era. There aren't any keyboards here, Joey Tempest's voice is less forced and more much natural and not overproduced. Plus it's a relentless guitar attack - there are some killer riffs and solos that a lot of Metalheads could enjoy.
Hansson & Karlsson - Rex
(Polydor LPHM-46264 Swe-68 VG 500:-)

This organ and drums-based duo released three instrumental albums of flowing psychedelic soundscapes with a sound all their own. Jimi Hendrix jammed with them while touring Sweden in 1968 and recorded his own version of "Tax Free", making it the duo's most famous song.

Their second album, "Rex", was recorded live and included the track "I Love, You Love" from Stig Björkman's movie "Jag älskar, du älskar”, where Hansson had a small part.

Original Swedish pressing. The vinyl plays with some background noises, but no skips.
Kaipa - Solo
(Decca ‎SKL-5293 Swe-78
VG+ 275:-)

Hailed by many as Sweden's leading progessive band, Kaipa was formed in Uppsala in 1973 by former San Michael's members Hans Lundin and Tomas Eriksson.

On their third album, "Solo" (1978), guitarist Roine Stolt had become Kaipa's leading creative force. The album was lighter in texture, less pompous and had more emphasis on guitars and vocals than their previous efforts.
Lindblom, Anita - Hej, Hej!
(Fontana 687.401TL Swe-64 VG+ 500:-)

Anita Lindblom var en av Sveriges populäraste schlagerartister under 1960-talet. Hon var en mångsidig artist som passade i revysammanhang och spelade bland annat hos Hagge Geigert i Uddevalla och hos Kar de Mumma på Folkan. Lindblom drog sig tillbaka från rampljuset i början av 1980-talet och kände sig förföljd av media efter skriverier om skatteskulder, kärleksförhållanden och nervsammanbrott.
Made in Sweden - The Best of...
(Grand Prix GP-9997 Swe-71 EX 275:-)

Made In Sweden were probably the first exponents of progressive rock in Sweden, showcasing the jazzy guitar style of George Wadenius (sometimes reminiscent of Alvin Lee in his jazzier moments, although the actual influence was Wes Montgomery).

Original Swedish pressing.
Maggio, Veronica - Satan i Gatan
(Universal 02527-68506
Swe-11 NM 2500:-)

"Satan i Gatan" är Veronica Maggios tredje studioalbum, inspelat i Christian Walz studio på Östermalm i Stockholm. Walz har även producerat albumet, samt medkomponerat alla låtar utom "Vi kommer alltid ha Paris" som Maggio skrivit tillsammans med Markus Krunegård. Maggio står huvudsakligen för all text, medan Walz och Krunegård stått för musiken.

Svensk originalutgåva; limiterad till 1000 exemplar.
Ola & Janglers - Patterns
(Gazell GMG-1204 Swe-66 VG+ 275:-)

Ola & Janglers were a garage rock and beat group from Sollentuna, Sweden, founded in 1962 by Ola Håkansson (vocals), Christer Idering (guitar) - replaced by Claes "Clabbe" af Geijerstam, Johannes Olsson (organ), Åke Eldsäter (bass) and Leif Johansson (drums). The group's 1969 hit "Let's Dance", a cover of the Chris Montez song, reached #92 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Ola went on to form Secret Service and had a succesfull career all over the World.

"Patterns" was their third album.
Samla Mammas Manna - Klossa Knapitalet
(Silence SRS-4627 Swe-74 VG+ 275:-)

SMM was formed in Uppsala in 1969 and fused jazz-rock and music associated with circus and theatre. Their unique sound has made them one of the most internationally acclaimed bands of the Swedish Progressive Movement.

"Klossa Knapitalet" (1974) contains the outstanding track "Liten Dialektik" approaching more serious progressive music (if this expression relates to SMM at all!). Another track, "Ramlösa Kvällar", was used as the name of a future Lars Hollmer project.
Slim's Blues Gang - The Blues ain't Strange
(Sonet SLP-2523 Swe-70 VG+ 375:-)

Per 'Slim' Notini was an early flag-bearer of Swedish blues. He was greatly influenced by piano legends Memphis Slim and Fats Domino.

”The Blues Ain't Strange” is the gang's only album - a very credible effort with a tight and solid backing from Rolf Wikström on guitar, Ola Brunkert on drums, Åke Dahlberg on bass, and Christer Eklund and Olle Frankzén on saxes.
Storm - Stormvarning
(Harvest 4E062-35010 Swe-74 VG+ 275:-)

Famous poet Jacques Werup formed this progressive band in Malmö in 1973. His Swedish-language lyrics on Stormvarning have a socialist message with a poetic, yet violent, touch. The band strove to make the music radical, with most of the music written by Rolf Sersam. The standout cut, "Snart bryter stormen ut", was written by Werup and guitarist Mulle Holmqvist, who really shines here.

Original Swedish pressing, complete with picture innersleeve and lyric insert.
Sven-Ingvars - Te' Dans med Karstatösera
(Philips 08216.PL Swe-63 VG+ 275:-)

Sven Ingvars är en svensk känd musikgrupp som bildades 1956 av Sven Svärd, Ingvar Karlsson och Sven-Erik Magnusson. Bandet har gjort sig ett namn genom att ha kombinerat pop och rock med influenser av folkvisor.

"Te' Dans med Karlstatösera" är bandets debutalbum.
Sändh, Bengt - Skamgrepp
(Rabulist RALP-001 Swe-83 EX 250:-)

Bengt Sändh, född 17 februari 1938 i Borås, är en svensk trubadur, sångförfattare, författare och snusfabrikör. På 60 och 70-talen samarbetade han ofta med kollegan Finn Zetterholm.

"Skamgrepp" är en delad skiva med Ewert Ljusberg. Detta exemplar är signerat av Bengt Sändh!
Tages ‎– 1964-68!
(EMI 7C-138-35954/5 Swe-83 EX 300:-)

Tages formed in the early sixties in Gothenburg. They released a number of singles and LPs in their native Sweden to considerable success, making the Swedish Top Ten more than a dozen times. Though remembered as one of the finest non-English speaking bands of the 1960s, they failed to ever really break into the international markets.

This 2LP set collects material from their albums and singles.
Thörnqvist, Owe - En Box Owe
(Pandorec BOX-812 Swe-90 EX 500:-)

Karl-Gustav Ove Törnqvist inledde sin karriär 1953, och blev senare under samma decennium en av dem som först lanserade rockmusiken i Sverige. Hans stil, med brett musikaliskt anslag och många ordlekar, har jämförts med Povel Ramels.

Owes samlade skivproduktion 1955-1987 i en 12 LP Box; numrerad (#526) och signerad med en 32 sidig booklet!
Wikström, Rolf - Ljudklapp från Studio Decibel
(Decibel dB-7901 Swe-79 EX 275:-)

Blues guitarist and singer Rolf Wikström made his first vinyl appearance by guesting on Underground Failure's album. Wikström was a member of Slim's Blues Gang and Löpande Bandet and also played on sessions for the likes John Holm, Kjell Höglund, Ola Magnell, Risken Finns and Turid.

"Ljudklapp från studio Decibel - Digitalinspelade", was only pressed in 400 copies on RED vinyl and given away as Christmas gifts. It gained a proper release in 1980 as "Digitalis".
Zetterlund, Monica - Waltz for Debby
(Philips 6378.508 Swe-73 VG+ 500:-)

This 1964 date places the Swedish jazz vocalist Monica Zetterlund alongside the Bill Evans Trio (with Chuck Israels on bass and Larry Bunker on drums) and the match is perfect.

Evans’ lyricism is well suited to a breezy, sophisticated songstress like Zetterlund. It is as if Zetterlund were destined to sing with Evans for a career instead of an album. For his part, Evans is very relaxed, allowing the lyrics to feed his musing on the simple, yet elegant harmonics.
Öijer & Brynn Settels, Bruno K - Skugga Kommer
(Mistlur MLR-52 Swe-86 VG+ 275:-)

"Skugga Kommer" innehåller sex spår, alla Öijer-dikter från "Spelarens Sten" och "Giljotin", samt "Skisser Till Ett Av Dödens Tal", som Öijer första gången publicerade i DN, den 11 november 1984.
Brynn Settels har gjort musiken, Bruno står för text och sång, Kenny Håkansson medverkar på gitarr.