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Hell Up in Harlem
(Motown M-802V1 US-74 VG+ 400:-)

An excellent blacksploitation soundtrack - and every bit as funky as any of Willie Hutch's work for other Motown soundtracks at the time!

Larry Mizell and Dennis Coffey help out on the instrumentation - giving the album an extra funky instrumental edge, one that takes it way past Edwin Starr's other work -- and the tracks are a nice mix of vocals and instrumentals.
Italian Job, The
(Paramount SPFL-256 UK-69 EX 800:-)

The great soundtrack from Quincy Jones to the cult UK heist movie The Italian Job starring Michael "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill (Big! Big!).

Quincy Jones has composed a variety of styles to accompany the on-screen action, but the tune we all know and love is the anthemic "Getta Bloomin' Move On!" (The Self Preservation Society) and its accompanying instrumental theme that plays whilst those cute, cool little Mini Coopers race about Turin.
Orions Belte
(Sonet SLP-1495 Nor-85 VG+ 300:-)

Local fishermen/smugglers/tourist guides Tom, Lars and Sverre discover the Soviet Union aren't just mining for coal in the arctic archipelago of Svalbard. This is a secret too big for any of them, and soon they find themselves hunted down by soviet forces and secret agents.

Music by duo Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud, who has composed soundtracks for quite a few Norwegian movies.
Shaft's Big Score!
(MGM 1SE-36ST US-72 VG+ 275:-)

One of the more unusual albums in the Shaft Legacy – put together by director Gordon Parks!

After directing the first Shaft film, and letting Isaac Hayes have such a big hit with the music, Parks decided to handle the music for this sequel himself – and scored the whole thing with just as much skill as Hayes! The music is conducted by Dick Hazard, and produced by jazzman Tom McIntosh – but all the scoring is done by Parks, and he stays very true to the funky vibe set up by Hayes. OC Smith sings the vocal theme.
Sheba, Baby
Buddah BDS-5634-ST US-75 VG+ 500:-)

A nice one! This obscure blaxploitation soundtrack features a hip Monk Higgins score for a Pam Grier film that's supposedly "Hotter than Coffey and meaner n' Foxy Brown".

The music's strong enough, right up there with the best of its kind. Barbara Mason sung the title track and a few more vocal numbers, all in the mode of her hipper work during the time, but the best cuts are the instrumentals, of course!
Some like it Hot
(United Artists UAL-4030 US-59 EX 300:-)

This classic 1959 comedy about two musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) disguised as women on the run from the mob has become one of the world's best loved Hollywood comedies. Marilyn Monroe sings three songs on the swinging soundtrack, including the ever-popular favorite "I Wanna Be Loved By You".

Original US MONO pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded EX.
Story of Star Wars, The
(20th Century T-550 US-77 VG+ 375:-)

This is an excellent rendition of the Star Wars story. Narrated by Roscoe Lee Brown, it is a condensed version of the original movie, with the best parts of the dialogue, sound effects, and music all included in a thrilling rendition of the story.

Includes a 16 page story booklet and a fan club mailer.
Twin Peaks
(Warner Bros 7599-26316-1 Ger-90 VG+ 300:-)

Original score to the 1990 TV series composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

Contains three vocal songs by Julee Cruise, including the hit theme "Falling".
Willie Dynamite
(MCA MCA-393 US-74 EX 600:-)

One of the greatest soundtracks of the blacksploitation era – served up with some incredible grooves from maestro JJ Johnson!

The album's got a non-stop, hard-hitting groove that ranks it with the best of its time – and which is arguably even better, because most of the record isn't nearly as well known as "Shaft", "Superfly", or other classics. Martha Reeves sings some of the deepest vocals of her career on the great title track "Willie D" – an old sample cut that you're sure to recognize – and the instrumental tunes are even better, filled with great percussion and jazzy flourishes from JJ – in a style that really keeps things interesting!

Original US pressing.