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ABBA - Thank You for the Music
(Polar 523472-2 Swe-94 225:-)

More a phenomenon than a band, Abba's international stardom is untouchable. Their lush instrumentation and perfect vocal harmonies shine like disco lights reflecting off of lip gloss, patent leather pumps and sequins. Their ubiquitous, exuberant sound symbolized the glamour, hedonism and excesses of the 1970s. Their hits create moments of pure joy for losing yourself in the movement, sights and sounds of the crowded disco.

But amidst the ecstasy came overwhelmingly sorrowful songs that brought you sympathy while you buried your lonely tears in a pillow. While their orchestrations are complex, their lyrics are written in the international pop language of English that "anyone" can sing, expressing sentiments everyone feels.
Kent - Box 1991-2008
(Sony 86971-15852 Swe-08 375:-)

Kent is considered as one of the most popular Swedish rock/pop group of the 90's. With origins rooted in distorted rock, the band found mainstream success through their alternative rock albums of the mid-1990s, 2000s and 2010s, the latter decades during which they adopted elements of synth-pop.

10-CD Box Set. All albums + 26 bonus tracks. 133 tracks in total + 96 pages book with interview by Jan Gradvall. Private pictures, tour history and lyrics.
Ramel, Povel - Ramel's Klassiker
(Knäppupp KNÄPPBOX 1 Swe-92 275:-)

A retrospective box set, limited to 5000 copies, of Povel's first 50 years as a recording artist. This box also contains an exclusive CD single, a 48-page CD-sized book "Om Povel", and a poster (3×4 CD size) with a chronology.
Soilwork - Living Infinite
(Nuclear Blast 27361-29955 EU-14 225:-)

When a band loses one of its longtime songwriters, it seems almost expected that the band would play it a little safe, testing out the waters before diving in. Not looking to take the path of least resistance, Soilwork, who once again find themselves without the services of guitarist and songwriter Peter Wichers, have done just the opposite. Rather than attempting to steady the ship with a quick album of throwaway tracks, the Swedish band has returned with The Living Infinite, a sprawling double album that finds Soilwork returning to a more distinctly Scandinavian sound in the wake of their more metalcore-influenced 2010 album, The Panic Broadcast. While The Living Infinite is certainly a whole lot of record, it's filled with enough vigor and creativity that it doesn't feel as though it's dragging along, and though fans might be disappointed to see Wichers leave the band yet again, it's clear that Soilwork seem to be getting along just fine without him.
Vreeswijk, Cornelis - Mäster Cee's Memoarer
(Warner 906922 Swe-05 225:-)

Cornelis Vreeswijk var en nederländsk-svensk trubadur, kompositör, poet och skådespelare verksam i Sverige. Här blev han en folkkär vissångare och räknas i Sverige som en av landets största trubadurer.

"Mäster Cee's Memoarer" är en 4-CD-box innehållande 139 sånger som Cornelis spelat in under sina yrkesverksamma år som trubadur och vissångare åren 1964-1987.