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Anekdoten - Waking the Dead
(Arcángelo ARC-1094 Jap-05 275:-)

Anekdoten answers one of the great "what if" questions of art-rock: what if King Crimson hadn't broken up in the mid-seventies? Anekdoten is a remarkable sound-alike to Red-era King Crimson, which is hardly surprising given Anekdoten's roots as a tribute band. Its instrumentation of viola, distorted Rickenbacker bass, highly pitched drums, Frippy guitar, and mellotron all evoke this era of art-rock; the smoky English vocals only add to the effect. The performances on this disc recorded before what sounds like a smallish but very enthusiastic audience are, in a word, thunderous, even more dynamic than their studio counterparts. The rhythm section really cuts through, and the bass sound is monolithic. And of course, there are great slabs of mellotron to be heard here.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Fredriksson, Marie - Ber bara En Gång
(EMI 8652882 Swe-97 250:-)

Marie Fredriksson is best known for forming one half of the pop duo Roxette, which she created together with Per Gessle in 1986. She and Per Gessle achieved international success from the late 1980s to the early 1990s with a total of six top 10 US hit songs such as "It Must Have Been Love", "Listen to Your Heart", "The Look", "Joyride" and "Dangerous".

Swedish 2-track single; b/w "Aldrig tillbaka mer"
Gessle, Per - Archives
(Cosmos 33443503 Swe-14 300:-)

Denna box innehåller elva volymer, uppdelade på tio snygga digipack-CDs och en 180 grams vinyl. 'The Archives' tar oss med på en resa genom Per Gessles hela karriär som låtskrivare och artist.

I boxen finns fyra volymer som går under parollen 'Demos & Other Fun Stuff!
Här hör vi tidigare outgivna låtar, låtar som av olika anledningar inte spelades in till Roxette, Gyllene Tider, eller solo-plattorna. Låtar som skrevs för t ex film eller till andra artister. Massor av Fun Stuff helt enkelt!

Fem volymer tituleras 'The Roxette Demos!' och tar oss med till grunden och skapandet till en av Sveriges genom tiderna största grupper - Roxette.
En av dessa volymer ligger i boxen på en exklusiv 180 grams vinyl.

Till sist, två volymer som ger oss samtliga demos till Pers största soloplattor, 'Mazarin' och 'En händig man'.

Med följer också en 52-sidig bok med utförliga texter om alla volymer i boxen.
Soilwork - Living Infinite
(Nuclear Blast 27361-29955 EU-14 225:-)

When a band loses one of its longtime songwriters, it seems almost expected that the band would play it a little safe, testing out the waters before diving in. Not looking to take the path of least resistance, Soilwork, who once again find themselves without the services of guitarist and songwriter Peter Wichers, have done just the opposite. Rather than attempting to steady the ship with a quick album of throwaway tracks, the Swedish band has returned with The Living Infinite, a sprawling double album that finds Soilwork returning to a more distinctly Scandinavian sound in the wake of their more metalcore-influenced 2010 album, The Panic Broadcast. While The Living Infinite is certainly a whole lot of record, it's filled with enough vigor and creativity that it doesn't feel as though it's dragging along, and though fans might be disappointed to see Wichers leave the band yet again, it's clear that Soilwork seem to be getting along just fine without him.
Stora Schlagerboxen Volume II
(Premium Box-017 Swe-08 300:-)

Denna lyxiga 4 CD-box är uppföljaren till den första volymen av "Stora Schlagerboxen"! Även denna gång har man valt 100 av de schlagersångerskor och grupper som presenteras i Stora Schlagerboken. Bland dessa finns även några vassa från Danmark, Norge och Sverige-Finland!

4 tidigare outgivna låtar kryddar boxen som bonusspår!

Varje artist, oavsett popularitet, presenteras med endast en låt vardera. På så vis får vi äntligen höra många artister som aldrig annars spelas i vare sig radio eller funnits utgivna på CD.

En påkostad 48-sidig booklet i färg medföljer - med massor av memorabilia och tidigare ej visade fotografier. Stora Schlagerbokens författare Hans Olofsson har skrivit låtkommentarer till samtliga spår.