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Doobie Brothers - same
(Warner WPCR-12349 Jap-06 175:-)

One of the most inauspicious debuts by a major rock group, this subdued slice of country boogie might be called the missing link between Moby Grape and the later, revved-up Doobies of "Listen to the Music." Only a handful of West Coast hippies bought this record originally, but it lays the blueprint for the Doobies' future radio-friendly sound: chugging rhythm guitar, stretched-out harmonies, Tom Johnston's joyful R&B vocals, and Patrick Simmons' acoustic picking.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me
(Warner WPCR-12351 Jap-06 175:-)

The Doobie Brothers' third long-player was the charm, their most substantial and consistent album to date, and one that rode the charts for a year. It was also a study in contrasts, Tom Johnston's harder-edged, bolder rocking numbers balanced by Patrick Simmons' more laid-back country-rock ballad style.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Dury, Ian - Laughter
(Victor VICP-64055/56 Jap-08 275:-)

Working with lead guitarist Wilco Johnson, Ian Dury gradually moves away from disco with his third album, Laughter. The steady dance pulse is still apparent, but it's balanced by rockers and pub singalongs that give the album more depth.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 3 bonus tracks and Bonus disc (16 tracks) included.
Dylan, Bob - Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat
(QREcords QR-16/17 EU-97 500:-)

This is one of the better Bob Dylan compilation CD-rs ever released. The performances are great, the vocals and musicianship are tight. The recordings have, while from many different venues, been edited together to create a smooth, flowing, perfect concert listening experience. This example of Dylan nearing perfection will win over even the harshest critic.
Dylan, Bob - Biograph
(CBS 66509 Hol-85 200:-)

"Biograph" is a 3 CD set containing 3.5 hours of the best of Bob Dylan. The set features the highlights of Dylan's career from 1961 - 1985; it not only includes well-known hits, but also previously unreleased tracks and rarities. In addition to the 53 tracks included, the box also contains a 42-page booklet with rare photos and commentary.

Original 12" x 12" Box Set.
Dylan, Bob - Eyes on the Idol
(QRecords QR-13/14 EU-97 300:-)

An incredible audience tape recorded at Stadthalle, Magdeburg, Germany July 12, 1996, one of the best performances of the year. The vocals are up front and in your face and the music is perfectly blended in the mix.
Dylan, Bob - Live at the Warehouse
(Yellow Cat YC-038/39 EU-95 500:-)

Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue of 1975 was unlike any other tour in rock history. His newest album at the time was Blood on the Tracks, and he could have easily packed arenas all over the country, but he opted to play a series of tiny theaters with old friends Joan Baez, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Roger McGuinn with virtually no advance notice. At the same time, Dylan was filming his surreal movie Renaldo and Clara with many of the performers on the tour along with his wife Sara and Allen Ginsberg.

The complete Dylan portion of the show from Louisiana, save for Isis. This is a great show that has been released several times in the past, always incomplete.