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Lambchop - Aw C'mon / No You C'mon
(City Slang 24359-58900 EU-04 225:-)

Nashville's Lambchop have been making alt-country, neo-soul, indie-rock records for over ten years now. 'Aw Cmon', their eighth release, contains lush instrumentals, rousing rave-ups, & thoughtful ballads. This record is coupled with its companion, 'No You Cmon'. While the albums aren't dramatically different in style, they do serve as a conceptual call & response to each other. Whether enjoyed as a set or as two completely different pieces, Lambchop have created two of the most diverse & creative albums of their illustrious career.

Exclusive European pressing features both albums each packaged in a standard jewelcase & housed in a slipcase.
Led Zeppelin - Coda
(East West AMCY-2442 Jap-97 175:-)

An odds-and-sods collection assembled after John Bonham's death, Coda is predictably a hit-or-miss affair. The best material comes from later in Led Zeppelin's career, including the ringing folk stomp of "Poor Tom," the jacked-up '50s rock & roll of "Ozone Baby," and their response to punk rock, the savage "Wearing and Tearing."

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Led Zeppelin - III
(East West AMCY-2433 Jap-97 175:-)

The third in Led Zeppelin's spectacular run of early albums – each one either matching or topping its predecessor, depending on one's personal favorite – and a record with an influence that's as massive as the sound! The record's got a pair of of Zep's best-remembered songs in "Immigrant Song" and their take on the traditional "Gallows Pole", but the whole thing is great – and a great balance of their earlier bombast with a lot more acoustic moments.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Led Zeppelin - In through the Outdoor
(East West AMCY-2441 Jap-97 175:-)

Marshalling their strength after the dark interlude of "Presence" - a period that extended far after its 1976 release, with the band spending a year in tax exile and Robert Plant suffering another personal tragedy when his son died -- Led Zeppelin decided to push into new sonic territory on their eighth album, "In Through the Out Door". A good deal of this aural adventurism derived from internal tensions within the band. Jimmy Page and John Bonham were in the throes of their own addictions, leaving Plant and John Paul Jones alone in the studio to play with the bassist's new keyboard during the day. Jones wound up with writing credits on all but one of the seven songs!

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
(East West AMCY-2436/7 Jap-97 175:-)

Led Zeppelin at their most sprawling – in both ambition and in the pacing – on the gargantuan "Physical Graffiti"! This is the album where they started bringing some odd synth textures to the sound, and it's to Zeppelin's eternal credit that this doesn't compromise their blues-reverent hard rock one bit! There's no better Zeppelin album when it comes to giving the fans what they want, while chasing the band's adventurous muses at the same time.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Led Zeppelin - Presence
(East West AMCY-2438 Jap-97 175:-)

Created at a time of intense turmoil for Led Zeppelin -- they scrapped a planned international tour in the wake of Robert Plant's car accident in Greece in August 1975 -- "Presence" is a strange, misshapen beast of a record that pulls upon its own tension. With Plant somewhat on the sidelines -- he recorded many of the vocals while in a wheelchair -- Jimmy Page reasserted himself as the primary creative force in the band, helping steer "Presence" toward a guitar-heavy complexity, perched halfway between a return to roots and unfettered prog.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Lennon, John - Double Fantasy
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-70399 Jap-07 175:-)

The most distinctive thing about Double Fantasy, the last album John Lennon released during his lifetime, is the very thing that keeps it from being a graceful return to form from the singer/songwriter, returning to active duty after five years of self-imposed exile. As legend has it, Lennon spent those years in domestic bliss, being a husband, raising a baby, and, of course, baking bread. Double Fantasy was designed as a window into that bliss and, to that extent, he decided to make it a joint album with Yoko Ono, to illustrate how complete their union was.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve with 3 Bonus Tracks
Lennon, John - Milk and Honey
(EMI Toshiba TOCP-39400 Jap-07 175:-)

The sessions for 1980's Double Fantasy were supposed to yield two albums, the second to be released at a future time, but Lennon's assassination tragically halted the project in its tracks. A bit over three years later, Yoko Ono issued tapes of many of the songs planned for that album under the title Milk and Honey, laid out in the same John-Yoko-John-Yoko dialogue fashion as its predecessor. Not unexpectedly, it's a rougher, less polished product, lacking the finishing touches and additional takes that Lennon most likely would have called for. Nevertheless, Lennon's songs at this point in their development were often quite strong, tougher than those on Double Fantasy in general, and the ad libs and studio chatter that might not have made the final cut give us more of a glimpse of Lennon's delightfully quirky personality.

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Litter - Distortions
(Hayabusa Landings HYCA-2038 Jap-11 225:-)

One of Minneapolis' most popular '60s bands, the Litter are most well-known for their classic 1967 garage rock single "Action Woman." With its demonic fuzz/feedback guitar riffs and cocky, snarling lead vocal, it was an archetype of the tough '60s garage rock favored by fans of the Pebbles reissue series.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Livin' End - Unreleased Texas Garage Sounds
(Collectables COL-0715 US-98 225:-)

The Livin' End was a 1960s garage rock band from Abilene, TX, USA. They recorded numerous songs, but lacked the management that could get them signed to a label - hence, the group never issued a single during their reign from 1965 to 1968. Their material had been stored in the vaults and was finally compiled on the CD "Unreleased Texas Garage Sounds."