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Litter - Distortions
(Hayabusa Landings HYCA-2038 Jap-11 225:-)

One of Minneapolis' most popular '60s bands, the Litter are most well-known for their classic 1967 garage rock single "Action Woman." With its demonic fuzz/feedback guitar riffs and cocky, snarling lead vocal, it was an archetype of the tough '60s garage rock favored by fans of the Pebbles reissue series.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Livin' End - Unreleased Texas Garage Sounds
(Collectables COL-0715 US-98 225:-)

The Livin' End was a 1960s garage rock band from Abilene, TX, USA. They recorded numerous songs, but lacked the management that could get them signed to a label - hence, the group never issued a single during their reign from 1965 to 1968. Their material had been stored in the vaults and was finally compiled on the CD "Unreleased Texas Garage Sounds."