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Paradise Lost - Anatomy of Melancholy
(Century Media 997770-9 EU-08 225:-)

Happily a much more rounded affair than Paradise Lost’s previous foray into the realms of visual entertainment, ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ 2-CD/2-DVD Box set offers up two discs and a complete reproduction of the band’s anniversary concert at London’s Koko club. Recorded just prior to the release of the well-received ‘In requiem’ album, the concert found the band on fine form and tackling songs that hadn’t seen the light of day for many a year previously including the evergreen classic ‘Gothic’ which receives a rapturous response from the crowd.
Pink Floyd ‎– Massed Gadgets Of Hercules
(Godfather GRBOX-09 EU-12 999:-)

10CD Box incl a 28-paged booklet, 1972 US tour book replica and five double CDs, each in a unique, tri-fold carboard sleeve.

CDs 1 & 2: Meistersinger Halle, Nuremberg, Germany, March 14, 1970

CDs 3 & 4: Student Union Bar, Technical College, Farnborough, Hampshire, England, February 13, 1971

CDs 5 & 6: Township Auditorium, Columbia, South Carolina, April 16, 1972

CDs 7 & 8: Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, October 12, 1973

CDs 9 & 10: Colston Hall, Bristol, Somerset, England, December 14, 1974
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
(Columbia 88875020102
US-14 200:-)

"The Endless River" represents a return to the creative principles that informed the writing process that produced Pink Floyd classics like "Echoes", "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and "Animals".

David Gilmour describes the record as follows: "'The Endless River' has as its starting point the music that came from the 1993 "Division Bell" sessions. We listened to over 20 hours of the three of us playing together and selected the music we wanted to work on for the new album. Over the last year we've added new parts, re-recorded others and generally harnessed studio technology to make a 21st century Pink Floyd album. With Rick gone, and with him the chance of ever doing it again, it feels right that these revisited and reworked tracks should be made available as part of our repertoire". Stylistically, "The Endless River" includes all of the musical elements that characterize Pink Floyd: mellifluous keyboards, jazz-tinged drums, musique concrete, ethereal vocals, and distinctive, emotional lead guitar.
Pochakaite Malko - same
(Arcángelo ARC-7181 Jap-06 250:-)

Pochakaite Malko's sound is pretty wild, but not in a raw, primitive sort of way, but in that it releases a high dose of energy that rock the listeners. Influenced by two seemingly opposing styles, you can hear an influence of Zeuhl in their albums as can be heard with the bass work. This is not surprising given the two founding member’s background in the Magma Copy Band and the relation to Koenji Hyakkei. However this is not a net Zeuhl album given other heavy influences which appear in the music. There is also a notable influence of ELP sounding keyboard work, which is not surprising given the lineup as was mentioned above. Happy Family also comes to mind, with the dense and aggressive nature of the sound.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Police - Regatta de Blanc
(Universal UICY-93835 Jap-08 250:-)

The career of the Police was planned, controlled and timed to perfection. The three talented individuals probably always knew that they would attempt to conquer the world and then disappear to pursue their own musical interests. This is the second of their five albums and contains two number 1 hits. Both are interesting little vignettes from the mind of Sting; 'Walking On The Moon', where he pleads 'I hope my legs don't break', and 'Message In A Bottle', which has a similarly desperate theme, with Sting observing 'seems I'm not alone in being alone, 100 billion castaways looking for a home'. Sting's theories do still hold water.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Police -Synchronicity
(Universal UICY-93838 Jap-08 250:-)

Simultaneously more pop-oriented and experimental than either GHOST IN THE MACHINE or ZENYATTA MONDATTA, SYNCHRONICITY made the Police superstars, generating no less than five hit singles. With the exception of "Synchronicity II," which sounds disarmingly like a crappy Billy Idol song, every one of those singles is a classic.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve
Presley, Elvis - Collector's Gold
(RCA/BMG PD-90574 Ger-91 275:-)

This now hard to find Presley collection is absolutely true to it's title. "Collector's Gold," is a goldmine of rare material for the serious Elvis collector. I can't say enough about Disc Three, which includes highlights from his 1969 run at the International Hotel in Vegas. Not only does it include the infamous laughing version of, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?," but also, cuts you simply would never find on another Vegas release (Rubber Neckin', Inherit The Wind, and This is the Story...I rest my case). Mix this disc with the original '69 Vegas release, and you've got one helluva comp. As far as the other two discs, they include alternate takes of Elvis' 60s material (Hollywood on Disc One and Nashville on Disc Two).
Presley, Elvis - Fame and Fortune
(Follow That Dream 74321-92856-2 EU-02 275:-)

Limited Edition CD on the official Elvis collector's label, Follow That Dream/BMG Denmark, comes packaged in digipak.

27 unreleased studio outtakes from Elvis' 1960 "Elvis Is Back" sessions at RCA Studios. Features alternate versions of 'Stuck On You', 'His Hand In Mine', 'Fame And Fortune', 'The Girl Of My Best Friend', 'Surrender' and more.
Presley, Elvis - From Nashville to Memphis
(RCA/BMG 43211-54302 EU-93 400:-)

Unlike its predecessor The King of Rock n Roll, the '60s box set From Nashville to Memphis does not include all of Elvis Presley's recordings from a single decade. To whittle the set down to a manageable five discs, RCA reissued Presley's movie soundtracks and gospel recordings separately, focusing this set instead on Elvis' secular single and album releases. The set wraps up with the King's triumphant American Studio recordings, which include the hits "In the Ghetto" and "Suspicious Minds." Even Presley's lean years yielded their share of great recordings, making this an essential addition to any serious music fan's collection.

This is the original issue in a 12" x 12" Box with a 48pg Booklet.
Presley, Elvis - King of Rock n Roll
(RCA/BMG 7863-66050 US-92 500:-)

This five-disc set was the first release in BMG's effort to present Elvis's recorded legacy in a manner befitting the most important musical artist of his time. The strategy was simple--showcase, in chronological order, remastered versions of the King's 1950s output, from his sessions with Sam Phillips at Sun Studios (where they arguably invented the very notion of rock & roll) through his 1958 Army induction. Not everything Elvis recorded in the '50s was great (just as not everything he recorded in Hollywood was rotten), but there are dozens of tracks here that, quite simply, can make a bad day seem all that much better. Which surely still makes him the king of something. Suffice it to say this is one box set that lives up to its title.

Original US issue; still Sealed in its original Shrinkwrap!
Principal Edwards - Round One
(Universal UICY-9518 Jap-05 175:-)

This UK band was formed in 1968 at Essex University, England. The artistic hippie co-operative revolved around Belinda ‘Bindy’ Borquin (vocals/recorder/violin/piano), Root Cartwright (guitar/mandolin/recorder) and David Jones (percussion) who were initially joined by Jeremy Ensor (bass) and vocalists Martin Stellman, Monica Nettles and Vivienne McAuliffe. Numerous dancers, technicians and stage hands took the line-up number into double figures and, having recorded Soundtrack for John Peel’s Dandelion Records label, the group abandoned university to establish a commune. Second album The Asmoto Running Band, produced by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, preceded an ambitious season at London’s Hampstead Theatre Club. The residency exacerbated an internal dispute over ultimate direction, and the unit disintegrated in December 1971. Bourquin, Cartright and Jones reshaped the band around Nick Pallett (guitar/vocals), Richard Chipperfield-Jones (bass/vocals) and Geoff Nicholls (drums) and completed the rock orientated Round One, again under the aegis of Mason.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve