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Spriguns - Revel Weird and Wild
(Universal UICY-9516 Jap-05 200:-)

The Spriguns (of Tolgus) were formed as a duo in 1972 by husband and wife,Mike and Mandy Morton playing traditional folk music not dis-similar to early Steeleye Span. Six months after the release of 'Jack With Feather', Mandy formed the new 'Spriguns', dropping the 'Of Tolgus' suffix and signing with Decca Records.The band recorded 'Revel Weird and Wild' in 1975 & released in 1976, which consisted of only of songs written by members of the band, although some of the songs were more or less stolen from traditional songs, produced by Tim Hart. The sound was becoming rockier but they hadn't forgotten their traditional roots just yet.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.
Springsteen, Bruce - Tracks
(Sony 099749-260528 EU-98 225:-)

This handsomely packaged box set goes a long way towards illuminating the darker corners of Springsteen's recording career. Apparently, almost every time the Boss went into the studio he recorded more songs than he could possibly fit onto a record, and most of those extra tracks languished in obscurity.

The four-disc TRACKS aims to change that. The amazing thing about the never-before-heard material here (and the little-known b-sides also included) is that most of the songs are just as impressive as the ones ultimately chosen to go on Springsteen's albums.
Status Quo - On the Level
(Universal UICY-75695 Jap-13 225:-)

If any single song sums up Status Quo in the hearts and the minds of the millions, it's "Down Down." Other songs may have been bigger, others may have more resonance, and some may be so permanently ingrained that it's hard to remember that Status Quo cut anything else. But, if you want to nail the very essence of Status Quo, only "Down Down" will do.

SHM-CD Vinyl Replica Sleeve with 5 Bonus Tracks
Sunday Manoa - Cracked Seed
(Omagatoki OMCX-1176 Jap-07 250:-)

Sunday Manoa was founded by guitarist Peter Moon and two members of the Pahinui Brothers, Cyril and Bla. The group combined traditional Hawaiian slack guitar and percussion with a mainland-influenced rock inflection: the product of Moon's education in North America. The group's Cracked Seed, issued in the 1972, sold an unprecedented 30,000 copies in Hawaii alone.

Vinyl Replica Paper Sleeve.