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Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees
(Warner Bros 7599-26159-1 Ger-90 VG+ 375:-)

This was the eponymous debut album by the American hard rock supergroup Damn Yankees. A hard rock record that was extremely popular back in its day and one that has surprisingly not faded into obscurity, unlike a lot of its competition at the time.

It is also notable for being the album that revived the popular career of guitarist Ted Nugent.
Deep Purple - Anthology
(EMI ‎EN-5013 EU-91 VG+ 375:-)

Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock. Once listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as "the loudest pop group", they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

"Anthology" is 3-LP set containing material by the Mks I (1968-1969), II (1970–73), III (1974–75) and IV (1975–76) line-ups.
Deep Purple - Who do We think We are!
(Purple TPSA-7508 Sca-73 VG+ 275:-)

Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock.

By the time this album was being recorded, the band was coming apart at the seams. With Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan not on speaking terms, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice trapped right in the center of all of this, tensions ran high as Deep Purple was imploding from it's very center.
Devo - Q: Are we not Men?
(Virgin VP2106 UK-79 EX 375:-)

This is one of best art rock albums of all time – the Eno produced full length debut of Devo – the caustic, sarcastic and fun soundtrack to society's devolution! There's nothing we don't love about Devo at this point, from their unprecedented use of multimedia, to the hard to pull off fusion of sneering social and pop culture satire with good humored fun, and that's just the conceptual stuff. The songs are original and inimitably great, too, with those squeeling synth punk dynamics.

Issued in a die-cut sleeve with bonus flexi-disc "Flimsy Wrap".
Dion - Born to be with You
(Phil Spector Intl 2307.002 UK-75 VG+ 400:-)

Dion Francis DiMucci first hit it big while singing lead for Bronx doo-woppers the Belmonts, a group credited as being one of the best and most innovative Doo-Wop groups of the era.

This is a great album that shows the continuing evolution of Dion's mind-blowing growth as a singer/songwriter during the decade. Produced by Phil Spector – handled in a hip early 70s LA kind of mode – with a trace of sadness that cuts through the mix.
Dire Straits - Live 1978-1992
(Universal 5540596 EU-23 EX 2000:-)

New live album compilation from Dire Straits in a limited edition 12LP box set. The box set features:

Newly remastered versions of "Alchemy" and "On the Night", titles presently out of stock on vinyl. It should be noted that "Alchemy" was last pressed in the mid-80s, while "On the Night" was last available in its original 1993 release.
An expanded version of "Alchemy" featuring the pre-existing digital/CD tracklist, now including 'Love Over Gold' along with extended editions of 'Telegraph Road', 'Solid Rock', and 'Going Home'. Moreover, it presents the full performance of 'Portobello Belle', a segment of which appeared on the 1998 'Money for Nothing' compilation, in addition to previously unreleased tracks from the performance - 'Industrial Disease' and 'Twisting by the Pool'.
An expanded edition of "On the Night", revealing previously unreleased tracks performed during the tour, sourced from multi-track recordings from shows in Nimes, Rotterdam, and Paris, featuring songs like 'Tunnel of Love', 'Telegraph Road', 'Sultans of Swing', 'Two Young Lovers', 'When It Comes to You', and 'I Think I Love You Too Much'.
The EP "Encores", remastered for Black Friday 2021.
The licensed 1995 collection, "Live at the BBC".
The unreleased "Dire Straits Live from the Rainbow Theatre" show from 1979, mixed by Guy Fletcher, highlighting guest performances by Phil Lynott and Tony de Meur in the final four tracks of the set.
A brand new booklet with an insightful essay by journalist Paul Sexton, titled 'Making Milestones: The Momentous Road Years of Dire Straits'.
Dire Straits - On Every Street
(Warner Bros 9-26680-1 US-91 VG+ 350:-)

Dire Straits never made a big to-do about its final run. In classic understated British fashion, the band simply let its music speak for itself. And how.

Released in September 1991, "On Every Street" became the group's swan song – a lasting testament to the influence, musicianship, and integrity of an ensemble whose merit has never been tainted by cash-grab reunions or farewell treks. It remains an essential part of the Dire Straits catalog and a blueprint of the distinctive UK roots rock the collective played for its 15-year career.
Dream Syndicate - Days of Wine and Roses
(Closer CL-0003 Fra-83 VG+ 275:-)

The album where things really come together for The Dream Syndicate – a set that has the band effortlessly fusing psychedelic inspirations with tighter punk-era energy, all at a level that would become a touchstone for other artists for many years to come!

The production is understated and allows for fantastic focus on the guitars and vocals of Steve Wynn, and the equally great vocal contributions of the young Kendra Smith – whose work on bass is also pretty tone-setting too. The whole thing is a great way of paying forward influences from the Velvets and Big Star, while also forging new west coast territory in the 80s.
Ducks Deluxe - Ducks Deluxe
(RCA Victor LPLI-5008 UK-74 VG+ 275:-)

Ducks Deluxe, alongside their close associates Brinsley Schwartz, was part of a ‘back to basics’ underground musical community in London in the 70's. With a fluent amalgam of blues, soul and boogie laden with sex and drug references, they were swiftly welcomed by crowds also buzzing on new US bands such as Little Feat working with a similar template.
Dylan, Bob - Biograph
(CBS 66509 Hol-85 VG+ 800:-)

"Biograph" is a 3 CD set containing 3.5 hours of the best of Bob Dylan. The set features the highlights of Dylan's career from 1961 - 1985; it not only includes well-known hits, but also previously unreleased tracks and rarities. In addition to the 53 tracks included, the box also contains a 42-page booklet with rare photos and commentary.

Original 12" x 12" Box Set; Comes with two booklets.
Dylan, Bob - More Greatest Hits
(CBS S-67239 UK-71 VG+ 275:-)

Bob Dylan is on the short list of the most influential artists of the 20th Century. He coupled a love for all forms of American popular and folk music with a personal and poetic songwriting style, proving that you didn't have to be a technically perfect singer or musician to make brilliant pop music.

Original UK pressing in unipak sleeve.