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Faces - Ooh La La
(Warner K-56011 UK-73 VG+ 400:-)

The final full album from the legendary Faces – a group who've got all their best elements sharply in focus here, in a way that really stands apart from the growing solo fame of Rod Stewart! Rod the god is still at the helm on vocals – and really sounds incredible – but the group energy of performance is what really drives things throughout – the vibe that makes you realize that these guys play together as well as they party together! Ronnie Wood is sublime on guitar, Kenny Jones tears up the drum kit, and Ronnie Lane's sense of timing holds the whole thing together beautifully.

Original UK pressing in die-cut sleeve; complete with poster.
Family - Anyway
(Reprise RSX 9005 UK-70 VG+ 350:-)

Family's were active from late 1966 to October 1973. Their style has been characterised as progressive rock, as their sound often explored other genres, incorporating elements of styles such as folk, psychedelia, acid rock, jazz fusion, and rock and roll.

"Anyway" was a stopgap album between "A Song for Me" and "Fearless", evenly divided between a concert side and a studio side.

UK tan 'steamboat' label LP, wraparound picture sleeve with lyrics inside within a textured gold titled PVC envelope sleeve.
Farlowe, Chris - 14 Things to Think about
(Immediate IMLP-005 UK-66 VG+ 300:-)

Chris Farlowe's debut LP for Immediate Records actually offers one a lot to think about and even more to enjoy, while pondering how this white Englishman could pour forth such convincing gutbucket soul. One of the finest soul albums to come out of England (or anywhere else) that year.

Original UK Vinyl; the sleeve has a previous owners name in ballpoint on the back; the vinyl is graded Very Good+.
Fields - Fields
(CBS ‎S-69009 UK-71 VG/VG+ 600:-)

An overlooked trio from the glory days of the UK prog scene! The a group is named after its keyboardist Graham Field, who first rose to fame in Rare Bird! The approach here is a bit similar – a nice lean take on prog styles – with fantastic work on drums from Andrew McCulloch, and vocals, bass, and guitar from Alan Barry – a singer who's soaring sound really fits the style of the record!

Original UK pressing. The sleeve shows normal wear and is graded VG; no poster...
Fish - Vigil in a Wilderness
(EMI 793634-1 EU-90 VG+ 375:-)

Derek William Dick is best known as the original vocalist and lyricist with Marillion.

After Fish and Marillion parted ways, Fish released "Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors" which was a triumph in so many ways. Musically this would mark the new direction for Fish, deviating away from the jester montages and taking a fresh new and yet still very progressive avenue.
Frehley, Ace - Trouble Walkin'
(Megaforce 82042-1 US-89 VG+ 375:-)

Paul Daniel Frehley is best known as the original lead guitarist of Kiss. He took on the persona of the "Spaceman" or "Space Ace" when the band adopted costumes and theatrics.

"Trouble Walkin'" featured guest performances by former Kiss drummer Peter Criss, as well as Skid Row members Sebastian Bach, Rachel Bolan and Dave Sabo.
Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
(Polydor Special 2343-094 UK-78 VG+ 275:-)

"Evening Star" demonstrates how quickly Eno and Fripp evolved - it's confidently serene where "No Pussyfooting" was brashly assertive.

Robert Fripp's guitar is less often recognizable as such; we frequently hear what resembles clouds of bowed strings drifting through each other. When it is recognizable, as on the title track, the guitar phrases seem deeply interwoven with the surrounding sounds rather than roaring over them.

1978 UK re-issue on the Polydor label.
Fripp & Eno - No Pussyfooting
(Island HELP-16 UK-73 VG+ 500:-)

The first appearance of the Frippertronics delay line built by Fripp and Eno out of a couple of tape decks. Somehow even though this is nearly pure process music, it manages to sound far from dated, cliched or boring – ambient bliss meets only slightly noodly prog guitar in a hall of mirrors. 2 long tracks – "The Heaveanly Music Corporation" and "Swastika Girls" – both sidelong numbers coming in at around 20 minutes.
Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip
(Third Mind TMLP60 Hol-90 VG+ 375:-)

The mid-1980s saw a great convergence of cool, synth-driven dance music infused with the dark menace of Industrial, and Front Line Assembly were one of the brightest sparks at this collision.

"Caustic Grip" creates the perfect vision of a cold, dark industrial reality. The album builds a brilliant momentum through songs that favour a razor-sharp mechanical beat structure interspersed with staccato bass/synth lines and strings occasionally layered on top of that.