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Kelly, Paul - Under the Sun
(Mushroom RML-53248 Aus-87 VG+ 300:-)

Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly is a national institution in his homeland but sorely underappreciated abroad, due in part to the decidedly Australia-specific nature of his work.

"Under The Sun" is characterised by acoustically bright story songs and character-based tales with unlimited substance and displays Kelly’s knack for including history, nostalgia, and life’s little lessons in between his guitar playing . cementing him as one of the best storytellers in music.
Kilburn & the High Roads - Handsome
(Dawn DNLS-3065 UK-75 VG+ 375:-)

No band has ever sounded remotely like Kilburn & the High Roads. They were an oddity at the time, and they sound even stranger decades later, a glorious blend of distinctly British humor, freewheeling vaudevillian pop, musical theater, '50s rock & roll, jazz, and, of course, pub rock, which is the scene where they made their name. Even if you're very familiar with the wit and style of their leader, Ian Dury, through his solo recordings, the Kilburns' lone album will still sound a little strange since the alternately sly and brutal attack of the Blockheads isn't here -- in its place is a puffed-up, campy theatricality, complete with Rocky Horror-esque backing female vocals, that amazingly still feels punk, partially because of its sheer, unhinged, committed weirdness.

Original UK pressing on Dawn, fully laminated picture sleeve. The sleeve shows only a little light wear from storage; the vinyl is graded EX. Nowadays rarely seen!
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
(Island ILPS-9111 UK-72 VG+ 500:-)

An album so heavy, it blew plenty of minds when first released at the end of the 60s!

This set's the first-ever utterance from the King Crimson empire – the initial outing of the group, which featured Greg Lake on vocals, and lots of airy, darkly atmospheric guitar from the legendary Robert Fripp! The song structure is quite unusual – and the overall feel is less academically tangled than some of the later records – a feature that makes this album much more sought out by mainstream rockers looking for an intro to the group than some of the later sets.

1972 UK re-issue on the "pink rim" label.
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
(Island ILPS-9275 Swe-74 VG+ 350:-)

"Starless and Bible Black" is even more powerful and daring than its predecessor, "Larks' Tongues in Aspic", with jarring tempo shifts, explosive guitar riffs, and soaring, elegant, and delicate violin and Mellotron parts scattered throughout its 41 minutes, often all in the same songs.

The album was on the outer fringes of accessible progressive rock, with enough musical ideas explored to make it more than a background for tripping!
Kinks- Face to Face
(Pye NSPL.18149 UK-66 VG+ 1250:-)

Excellent work by The Kinks – cut right on the cusp of their earlier bluesier years, and their perfect picture postcard pop sides of the late 60s!

The album's got a number of groovy little tunes that virtually put the jangle in 60s pop – with impeccable writing by Ray Davies, and all those little twists and turns that make his songs so great. And the themes, styles, and overall presentation of the whole thing are really stretching out nicely – with a sense of wit and critique on British society that really have the group coming into their own!
Kiss - Destroyer
(Casablanca 4E-062-97570 Swe-76 VG+ 375:-)

A landmark album from Kiss - the set that really broke them out of the hard rock underground and firmly put them on the rock and roll map - thanks to an all-great set list, and overall presentation of the group at their best!

Maybe it's the cover image, but there's a rock-solid quality to the record that seems to make this set stand out just a bit more from the group's 70s classics - a balance between hard rockers, crossover cuts, and even the album's lone ballad, "Beth" which certainly won over a few fans who might have been holding out a bit.
Kiss - Kiss
(Casablanca NBLP-7001 US-74 VG+ 350:-)

When Kiss' debut album was released, on February 18, 1974, Kiss had been a band for a little over a year. Much of the material on the album was written by Gene Simmons and/or Paul Stanley, as members of their pre-Kiss band, Wicked Lester.

Third Pressing. Reissue including the track "Kissin' Time" and without Warner Bros. distribution on label.
Knopfler, Mark - Down the Road wherever
(British Grove VBOX-3214 EU-18 EX 800:-)

Mark Knopfler is one of the most successful artists in music history.
Now the mastermind behind the Dire Straits is releasing his ninth solo album “Down The Road Wherever”. In terms of content, he deals with all sorts of topics - both personal and observations of others - and describes them precisely and in a poetic language that is unparalleled. As always, the whole thing is rounded off by Knopfler's velvet voice and his brilliant guitar playing.

Deluxe Limited Edition;
2-LP in Gatefold sleeve
Bonus 4 Track LP
Deluxe CD
Numbered Art Print
Guitar Tablature Sheet for "Back On The Dance Floor"
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Kraftwerk - The Mix (English Version)
(Kling Klang 1C-164-7 96671-1 Ger-91 VG+ 500:-)

This collection of often drastically remixed "greatest hits" offers a good, if slightly skewed, overview of the Dusseldorf legends' career.

Inspired by the band's continuing influence on modern pop, dance, and techno, founders Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter tweak Kraftwerk's sonic foundations with the intention of making their music more club-friendly. While some of the faithful have lamented the tinkering, "The Mix" presents a distinct, typically idiosyncratic take on modern club music. It also represents the way Kraftwerk usually sounds in their infrequent live forays!