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Searchers - It's the Searchers
(Pye NPL-18092 UK-64 VG+ 275:-)

The Searchers were one of the most popular British Invasion bands in the mid 60's and this is perhaps their best studio album, with classic hits like "Needles and Pins" and "Don't throw Your Love away". It also features some of their best LP cuts, on which they applied their famed harmonies to American material that was both strong and obscure.

Original UK MONO pressing; the vinyl has a few superficial marks - the sleeve has a previous owners name on the back.
Sex Pistols - Never mind the Bullocks
(Virgin V-2086 UK-77 VG+ 500:-)

The only real full length album ever issued by the Sex Pistols – an album that's still gone on to have a hell of a place in rock and roll history! There's no denying the power of these songs, even all these many years later – and together, this mix of important singles and key album cuts offers up a bleak picture of modern life that still resonates pretty darn strongly all these many years later!

Third UK variant of the 12 track original UK sequence master including "Submission" as B3. Dayglo sleeve with titles on the rear omits "Submission", blue/white labels, no timings. "EMI" credits erroneously include Vicious, producers credit to "Chris Thomas Or Bill Price"; "A7/B7" matrix.
Shok Paris - Steel and Starlight
(IRS Records ILP-460452 Hol-87 375:-)

Shok Paris was a blip on the 80s metal radar, managing three albums that were decent but definitely second-tier in the grand scheme of things.

They’re most famous for the over-the-top vocals of frontman, Vic Hix. The man sounded like Blackie Lawless hopped up on discount Super Soldier Formula and 5 Hour Energy while trying to channel Danzig and Messiah Marcolin simultaneously.
Simon, Paul - Concert in the Park
(Warner 26737-1 Ger-91 VG+ 375:-)

Throughout his solo career, Paul Simon has loaned his unique songwriting voice to a host of different global and ethnic musical styles. Simon's cross-cultural pollinations work so well because he makes sure that his musical interests match his personal vision.

Paul Simon returned to the scene of one of his most distinctive successes with Simon & Garfunkel on August 15, 1991. This time, roughly 600,000 people turned out to watch a set stuffed with classic hits and intermingled with newer numbers.
Simon, Paul - Negotiations and Love Songs
(Warner Bros 925789-1 EU-88 SS 500:-)

In his career, Paul Simon has had an impeccable ability to bring together melody and lyric with various global styles, creating some of the smartest pop around. Ever since he left behind the rigid musical borders of Simon & Garfunkel's folk-rock, Simon has built upon that fertile base. And as NEGOTIATIONS AND LOVE SONGS, a Warner Brothers-era greatest hits compilation, clearly shows, Simon expanded his cultural horizons and sent his musical appetite into overdrive to separate his compositions from those of his contemporaries.

Rare promotional vinyl in a single pocket picture sleeve and housed in a custom title printed cloth sleeve which remains stitch sealed around the edges - an unusual promo rarity!
Simone, Nina - Nina Simore and Piano!
(RCA Victor LSP-4102 Aus-69 EX 300:-)

A strong back to basics session for Nina, one that featured her piano and vocals only, a very spare approach that was markedly different from her work a few years previously for other labels. Nina's tone on the piano is incredible – and she's working with some striking modern jazz changes that offset the folksiness of her vocals in a fantastic way, creating a sound that's a lot fuller than you'd expect!

Original Australian pressing; black/silver label.
Simple Minds - Ghost Dancing
(Mixeye 198-60128 Bel-86 VG+ 300:-)

From their beginnings as a raw, glammed-up New Wave band in 1977 to their complex Alternative Rock of the present, Simple Minds has maintained a dramatic flair and a deep complexity in their constantly changing sound.

Side A to E: Copenhagen, Tuesday 28th Jan. 1986.
Side F: Sydney, Friday 9th Dec. 1981.
Simple Minds - Selfluminous
(Mixeye 240-31984 EU-84 VG+ 300:-)

From their beginnings as a raw, glammed-up New Wave band in 1977 to their complex Alternative Rock of the present, Simple Minds has maintained a dramatic flair and a deep complexity in their constantly changing sound. Jim Kerr's vocals leap effortlessly from raw Punk raspiness to urgent emotional release while the rest of the band pits guitar distortion against saxophone leads and vaulting Gospel vocals against bubbling Synth Pop keyboards.

This 2LP set was recorded at Falkonerteatret, Copenhagen, on March 26th, 1984.
Sinatra, Nancy - Greatest Hits
(Private Stock 7C-062-99318 Swe-77 VG+ 300:-)

Nancy Sandra Sinatra Jr is the daughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra and his first wife Nancy Barbato. Her career as a singer peaked in the late 1960s with a string of pop music hits.

Rare Swedish pressing, with unique artwork only used in Sweden and the Netherlands.
Smith, Patti - Horses
(Arista ARTY-122 UK-75 VG+ 375:-)

Patti Smith was in many ways the original punk rock chick. A ferociously inventive artist who was by turns political, inspired, overhyped and underrecognized, Smith came up in New York's fertile early '70s punk rock scene. Teaming up with guitarist Lenny Kaye in the early '70s, she produced spoken word pieces set to music. The collaboration eventually led to the formation of the Patti Smith Group.

Patti Smith’s stunning debut will go down in history as one of the most iconic LPs to come out of the New York punk scene. In fact, you’d have a good argument to suggest that this album was one of the scene’s very foundational stones. The record wasn’t only a sonically incredible experience, full of visceral moments of spoken word rock, but its cover has remained one of the most iconic images of the 1970s.

Original UK pressing on the blue/white Arista label.
Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
(Rough Trade ‎TM/RT-76 Por-84 VG+ 300:-

The Smiths were one of the great bands of the '80s, driven equally by Johnny Marr's dexterous guitar riffs and Morrissey's fiercely witty wordplay.

"Hatful of Hollow" is a collection of singles, many recorded live for various radio shows. More-muscular versions of most of the tracks here can be found on the collection "Louder Than Bombs", but "Hatful..." has a vitality to it that the studio-bound, somewhat antiseptic "...Bombs" lacks.
Soft Machine - Softs
(Harvest ‎SHSP-4056 UK-76 VG+ 300:-)

Soft Machine are an English rock and jazz band from Canterbury formed in mid-1960's.

"Softs" is the first Soft Machine album which featured a guitarist that leads the band and the first Soft Machine album having the Jazz Rock style fully developed. On "Softs" John Etheridge takes over the guitar duties from Allan Holdsworth. While he might barely ring a bell to anybody, he is nonetheless totally capable of filling Allan's shoes.
Springsteen, Bruce - The Demo Tapes
(unofficial release VG+ 400:-)

No rock performer has spoken with more authority on the human fallout of the American Dream than Bruce Springsteen. "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and "Nebraska" are American Gothics haunted by star-crossed lovers and noble souls hag-ridden by fate into crime, depression, and worst of all, ordinariness. But lest we forget, the original denim rocker has also written some of the most uplifting songs in AOR: every line of "Born to Run" and "Glory Days" offers an ideal place to hang your troubles out to dry.

Recorded around the same time as "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.", in June or July 1972, these ten recordings are part of what are known as the "London Publishing Demos." Intended to promote cover versions by other artists, they feature Springsteen alone, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar or piano.
St John, Bridget - JumbleQueen
(Chrysalis CHR-1062 UK-74 VG+ 400:-)

For several years in the late '60s and early '70s, Bridget St. John was one of the leading lights of the British folk scene, a gifted vocalist and guitarist who also wrote intelligent, impressionistic songs that impressed many of her contemporaries.

Bridget St. John's final album fell somewhere between vintage British folk-rock and the kind of singer/songwriter approach used by an early Joni Mitchell. A low-key, agreeable affair of sophisticated romantic ruminations.
Stanley, Paul - Kiss: Paul Stanley
(Casablanca NBLP-7123 US-78 VG+ 400:-)

The front man of the legendary rock band Kiss, Paul Stanley, released this underrated solo album in 1978. An album that reflects his many strengths: great hooks, solid vocals, catchy riffs and his trademark soft acoustic intros into powerful hard rock riffs.

Complete with picture innersleeve, a poster and Kiss Army/merchandise order form.
Steely Dan - Royal Scam
(ABC ABCD-931 US-76 VG+ 350:-)

"The Royal Scam" contains some of the Dan's most accomplished and enjoyable music.

The core of the Steely Dan sound is the interplay of sharp, even grating, lead guitar (most often that of Denny Dias) and the cushion of Fagen’s various keyboards, always smooth, gliding, pulling the rest of the composition along. It has always been the hard nasal edge of both the lead guitar and Fagen’s vocals that rescued the band from slickness, and on "The Royal Scam" this contrast is more obvious and effective than on any previous record.