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X-Ray Specs - Germfree Adolescents
(EMI Intl INS-3023 UK-78 EX 500:-)

X-Ray Spex is notable for a number of reasons. Chiefly, it was one of the very few bands UK punk bands with female members. One of the group's distinguishing characteristics is their decidedly un-punk use of saxophones. Most importantly, though, X-Ray Spex's first effort is actually a good record! Fronted by Marion Elliot, who called herself Poly Styrene in those days, Spex managed to capture something that many punk rock bands missed; they always sounded like they were having a really great time.

Original UK pressing with 'Mastered At Abbey Road - Nick' etched in the run-out, fully laminated picture sleeve complete with thick card lyric inner.
Young, Neil - Forever Young
(Not On Label [none] EX 500:-)

Neil Young has never been one to eschew change, and this 1982 concert certainly found him in a transitional mode. Recently signed to Geffen Records, he had released TRANS, an album that, with its computerized tracks and electronically altered vocals, remains one of the oddest (and more underrated) in his entire catalog.

He was also touring with a band drawn from virtually all phases of his career, with bassist Bruce Palmer (from the Buffalo Springfield), drummer Ralph Molina (from Crazy Horse), guitarist Nils Lofgren, steel guitarist/keyboardist Ben Keith and others.

2LP set recorded live in Göteborg, Sweden, October 8, 1982. Limited Edition of 1000 [#604].
Young, Neil - On the Beach
(Reprise R-2180 US-74 VG+ 275:-)

Following the 1973 "Time Fades Away" tour, Neil Young wrote and recorded an Irish wake of a record called "Tonight's the Night" and went on the road drunkenly playing its songs to uncomprehending listeners and hostile reviewers. Reprise rejected the record, and Young went right back and made "On the Beach", which shares some of the ragged style of its two predecessors. But where "Time..." was embattled and "Tonight..." mournful, "On the Beach" was savage and, ultimately, triumphant.

Original US pressing.
Young, Neil - Ragged Glory
(Reprise 7599-26315-1 Ger-90 VG+ 400:-)

Having re-established his reputation with the musically varied, lyrically enraged "Freedom", Neil Young returned to being the lead guitarist of Crazy Horse for the musically homogenous, lyrically hopeful "Ragged Glory". The album's dominant sound was made by Young's noisy guitar, which bordered on and sometimes slipped over into distortion, while Crazy Horse kept up the songs' bright tempos. Despite the volume, the tunes were catchy, with strong melodies and good choruses, and they were given over to love, humor, and warm reminiscence.

Original German pressing; both sleeve and vinyl are graded VG+.
Young, Neil - Trans
(Geffen GHS-2018 US-82 EX 275:-)

"Trans" was a bold and bewildering move into the 'modern age' for Neil Young. While it's been called his 'Electronic' album, "Trans" doesn't transport Neil into Depeche Mode territory. Instead, it finds him experimenting with an array of computers, keyboards and vocoders along with his standard guitar/bass/drums backbone.

Original US pressing with lyric inner and stickered picture sleeve. This first press lists 'If You Got Love' on the sleeve and the inner, but the track is NOT on the album (there is a sticker on the back explaining its absence) - still in the original [opened] shrink!
Z Z Top - Eliminator
(WEA W3774P UK-85 EX 275:-)

In the more than thirty years that they have been together, ZZ Top have mutated from a hard rocking boogie band into pop culture icons. Some might say, that they are also forward thinking musical geniuses whose appropriation of MTV and melding of Hard Rock to Dance rhythms put them so far ahead of the curve that -- for a while in the mid-1980s -- they seemed poised to take over the world.

"Eliminator", with its churning guitars and synthesizer hooks, was on the album charts for over a year. The album and its accompanying videos were ubiquitous in 1983, on television ZZ Top was seen on MTV, St. Elsewhere, even on the Tonight Show.

UK PICDISC in clear PVC sleeve.
Zappa, Frank - 200 Motels
(United Artists UDF-50003 UK-71 EX 300:-)

200 MOTELS is the soundtrack to Frank Zappa's wacky 1971 motion picture of the same name, which starred Ringo Starr and Keith Moon, among others. Although it enjoyed success as a "midnight movie" in the '70s/early '80s, 200 MOTELS is a difficult movie to comprehend, since the storyline is very abstract (some have hinted that it was made up on the spot!). But even when his music is difficult to understand, Zappa includes many interesting twists and turns, and the soundtrack for 200 MOTELS is no different.

Original UK 2LP set; comes with a superb 16-page full colour booklet packed with stills from the film (the poster though, is missing). The sleeve has shows minor wear; the vinyls are graded EX.
Zappa, Frank - Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza
(Mushroom FZ-0972 bootleg EX 375:-)

Mega rare double album capturing Frank Zappa with his 20-piece Grand Wazoo band/orchestra live at the Felt Forum in New York City on September 23rd 1972. Original 1975 issue on Mushroom Records (FZ0972) comes pressed on red vinyl (disc one) & white vinyl (disc two).
Zappa, Frank - Thing-Fish
(EMI 24.0294-9 Hol-84 EX 250:-)

Although this work carries the words "Original Cast Recording" it never supported a stage work or film. Originally conceived by Zappa as a Broadway musical the concept was first revealed, over numerous pictorial spreads, in 'Hustler' magazine in April '84 - the vinyl box-set following some 6 months later.

Dutch only CASSETTE edition in a 12" x 12" box with a 20 page lyric book, outlining scenes/acts, including 10 black & white photos. The cassette is STILL SEALED!
Zappa, Frank - Uncle Meat
(Reprise MS-2024 Ger-69 EX 400:-)

Just three years into their recording career, the Mothers of Invention released their second double album, Uncle Meat, which began life as the largely instrumental soundtrack to an unfinished film. It's essentially a transitional work, but it's a fascinating one, showcasing Frank Zappa's ever-increasing compositional dexterity and the Mothers' emerging instrumental prowess.

Original German issue on the orange/brown Reprise label.
ZZ Top - Passaic Theatre, NJ, 1980
(Rock Solid RSR-102 unofficial EX 275:-)

ZZ Top formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The band has, since 1970, consisted of bassist/vocalist Dusty Hill, vocalist/guitarist Billy Gibbons, and drummer Frank Beard. "As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers", according to critic Michael "Cub" Koda. "Gibbons is one of America's finest blues guitarists while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section".

This is a recording from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, on May 4th, 1980.