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Davis, Tyrone - Ladies Choice
(Edsel FBOOK-20 UK-98 275:-)

This 3CD set is a must-have for all lovers of classic soul music. This bag of musical gems includes all of TD's classic albums on the Dakar label between 1968 and 1975.

For those listeners that know of Tyrone's one-of-a kind singing voice only through the two big pop crossover hits- "Can I Change My Mind" & "Turn Back The Hands Of Time", there is in this 63 song set, much more of the great Chicago Soul sound & the underrated musicians from the Windy City that provided such a funky & mellow cushion for TD's vocal wizardry.
Franklin, Aretha - Queen of Soul
(Rhino R2-71063 US-92 225:-)

"Queen of Soul" trumps all other collections of Aretha's recordings for Atlantic by adding dozens of album tracks to a selection of epochal singles ranging from "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)" and "Respect" to "Spanish Harlem" and "Rock Steady".

Aretha is emotional, impassioned, triumphant, wistful, but always truthful about her condition and our own.
Peebles, Ann - St. Louis Woman/Memphis Soul
(Hi Records HiBOOK-13 EU-96 275:-)

A diminutive singer with a powerful voice and an even stronger attitude, Ann Peebles was one of the artists who defined Willie Mitchell's legendary Memphis soul label Hi Records, along with Al Green and, later, O.V. Wright. Easily the best female singer in the Hi stable, Peebles ranked among the finest deep Southern soul singers of the decade.
Step by Step - I always wanted to be in the Band!
(Victor VICP-64287 Jap-08 225:-)

Quite possibly the greatest soul band ever to come out of Milwaukee – and a tight little ensemble who've got a really great sound! The overall feel of their work is a bit hard to peg – as the group are equally great at mellow midtempo group numbers as they are at tighter, clubbier tunes that snap with a bit more of a horn-heavy sound – and throughout the record there's a really playful feel that shows that whatever the sound, whatever the setting, these guys just had a heck of a great time working with each other! That quality can be heard especially well on the title track "I Always Wanted To Be In The Band" – a great little number that's almost an updating of the TSU Tornadoes sound for the 70s – but the whole set's great, and other tracks move into some great super-dope production that we really love! Titles include "I Am A Lonely Man", "People", "Cool Days Are Out Of Style", "I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go", and "Cash Money".

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