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(1985 Ettore Scola 80:-)

Ettore Scola directed this light comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Marcello Mastroianni that Scola calls "a story about two men who have reached the age where you look back and take stock." Lemmon plays business executive Robert Traven, who returns Naples for the first time since 1946, when he had an affair with an Italian girl named Maria. The girl's brother, Antonio Jasiello (Marcello Mastroianni) recognizes Robert and they sit around, catch up with old times. But when Antonio takes Robert to visit Maria (Giovanna Sanfilippo), Robert discovers Antonio has been writing letters to her in Robert's name for years, building up Robert to legendary status. Since the letters were not kept secret, everyone who knows Maria and Antonio greets Robert as if he were a living legend.
Mask, The
(1994 Chuck Russell 50:-)

He's a new kind of hero, one you may not want to call on for help! When Stanley finds an ancient mask, he believes his luck is finally going to change.
He might even get the girl, supermodel Cameron Diaz, but by putting on the mask, he gets more that he bargained for… The relic fuses to his face turning him from a meek, normal man into an indestructible, wise-cracking hero. He contorts his body; moves at warp speed; knows your every desire; satisfies your every whim; and dances like Fred Astaire, Gumby and Barishnikov rolled into one!
Men of Respect
(1990 William Reilly 80:-)

The Mafia meets the Bard in this William Reilly adaptation of Shakespeare's "Macbeth." Mike Battaglia (John Turturro) is a made man who's won the respect of the New York mob. But when his ambitious wife (Katherine Borowitz) encourages him to grab the proverbial crown from his godfather by killing him, his act of treason leads to his own undoing. Co-stars Peter Boyle, Dennis Farina, Vincent Pastore, Nicholas Turturro and Stanley Tucci.
Midwinter's Tale, A
(1996 Kenneth Branagh 50:-)

In Kenneth Branagh's loving tribute to actors and the theater, a London actor named Joe (Michael Maloney) finds himself in a rut. His career is going nowhere, his life seems on hold, and he's beginning to lose touch with the reasons he became an actor in the first place. Faced with the prospect of spending a miserable Christmas season alone and unemployed, Joe has a flash of inspiration: He vows to produce, direct, and star in the production of HAMLET he's long dreamed about. Assembling a ragtag cast mostly made up of actors who also couldn't find work, Joe finds himself with only a few days to mount the greatest play in the English language in an empty church. Along the way, Joe and the cast rediscover the joy in performing live theater that is often lost in the cynicism of trying to forge a career. Now they have only one question: Will they be able to find an audience?
Mighty Aphrodite
(1995 Woody Allen 50:-)

A superior late-career effort from Woody Allen, Mighty Aphrodite posits the story of a happily married family man (Allen) who, years after adopting a baby boy, becomes obsessed with learning about the child's birth mother. Mira Sorvino won a much-deserved Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as the floozy in question, and Allen's tart screenplay also copped an Academy Award.
Mission: Impossible
(1996 Brian de Palma 50:-)

Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt, a secret agent framed for the deaths of his espionage team. Fleeing from government assassins, breaking into the CIA's most impenetrable vault, clinging to the roof of a speeding bullet train, Hunt races like a burning fuse to stay one step ahead of his pursuers... and draw one step closer to discovering the shocking truth.
Moscow on the Hudson
(1984 Paul Mazursky 50:-)

MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON is a warm and funny story about a Russian defector who sees both the good and bad aspects of his new home in New York City, finding that things are very different from what he expected.
Mr Saturday Night
(1992 Billy Crystal 50:-)

Actor-director Billy Crystal gives a searing portrayal of fictional comic Buddy Young Jr., a classic borscht belt stand-up comedian whose skills can't sustain a career undermined by his acidic self-loathing. A character study with bite, Mr. Saturday Night features the underrated David Paymer as Buddy's loyal, long-suffering brother and Helen Hunt as the new agent reluctantly assigned to Buddy.
Mr Wonderful
(1993 Anthony Minghella 50:-)

When his plans for restoring a neighborhood bowling alley hit a financial snag thanks to the alimony he's paying his former wife (Annabella Sciorra), Con Edison electrician Gus (Matt Dillon) tries to solve his money woes by finding her a new hubby. But will lining up a host of potential mates for her rekindle buried feelings instead? The fine supporting cast includes William Hurt, Mary-Louise Parker and Vincent D'Onofrio.
Much Ado about Nothing
(1993 Kenneth Branagh 80:-)

svensk titel: Mycket Väsen för Ingenting

Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson star as Benedick and Beatrice, two marriage-phobic rivals in Florence, Italy, in a lively plot involving complications, pranks and peerless wordplay. This must be Shakespeare! Hero (Kate Beckinsale) and Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) try to hook up the two B's despite tenacious resistance. Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton and Keanu Reeves round out a cast that cavorts amid sumptuous Tuscan scenery.
Murder in the First
(1995 Marc Rocco)

Inspired by a true story, Henri Young (Kevin Bacon) is a 1930s convict who has been sent to prison for stealing five dollars. When caught trying to escape, Henri is placed in solitary confinement for several years, emerging as a tortured mad man with a tormented and persecuted soul. In a deluded rage he murders an inmate but when faced with execution he and his lawyer (Christian Slater) must convince the jury that his horrific treatment is to blame, as they attempt to bring down the whole of Alcatraz.
My Father's Glory
(1991 Yves Robert 50:-)

Based on the best-selling memoirs of French novelist and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol, this humorous and captivating recollection of a young boy's life in turn-of-the-century southern France focuses on his memorable summer holidays. Mystified by nature, Marcel turns to his father for an education on the ways of the wild. But his father comes up short in Marcel's eyes when Uncle Jules, an experienced woodsman, proves to be far more knowledgeable.
My Mother's Castle
(1991 Yves Robert 50:-)

This film based on the humorous best-selling memoirs of French novelist and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol highlights the alluring, magical country life of turn-of-the-century Provence. Young Marcel's mother longs for the tranquility of Bastide Neuve after spending a summer holiday there and encourages her family to make the 9-mile trek on foot. They try to shorten the journey by cutting across a private estate, which lands them in a bit of trouble.